How to Create Strong Passwords (Complete Guide)

Tiziana Piatos  - Streaming Reporter
Last updated: December 18, 2023
Read time: 17 minutes

You know you must create strong passwords. Good. But how? This detailed guide will help you come up with secure passwords and remember them.


Ensuring good password strength for your accounts is inevitable to alleviate the chances of potential brute-force, password guessing, and dictionary attacks. Creating strong passwords isn’t difficult if you learn to never use passwords depicting your personal data, use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, store passwords safely (such as in password managers), and never share them with anyone.

Passwords are the key to your online protection. Thus, it is imperative always to create strong passwords to secure your online integrity. According to LogMeIn, the organization behind the password manager LastPass, if you count all your social networking, streaming, bank accounts, and applications, you might at least have 85 passwords for all your accounts.

On the other hand, weak passwords may have severe implications, such as identity fraud, financial losses, and more.

Wondering how to create a strong password in 2021 to fend off cyber threats? Don’t worry. This guide will tell you how to develop the correct passwords for your accounts and be warned if they are broken. You will also discover vital tips to make your logins even more secure.

How to create a strong password- Quick Guide

  1. Build your password from a phrase – Make your password memorable by using the first letter of each word in an easy-to-remember sentence or phrase. And add numbers and symbols, of course. For example, ‘I am going home today’ becomes “IAght/23#@Hm.”
  2. Use combinations from your keyboard – Ensure that the password is a unique combination of creatively placed letters and number digits from your keyboard. You can also use initials or a favorite constellation pattern to create random, unique passwords creatively.
  3. Avoid using emotions in your password – Involving emotions when creating passwords can reveal patterns from personal associations. Never do any combination of adding personal names or events that a person close to you can easily guess or crack.