The 5 best VPNs for Germany in 2022

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: September 11, 2022 Read time: 26 minutes Disclosure

Germany is a heavily legislated country when it comes to digital technology. That's why having a good VPN could be vital for every user based in Germany. In this article, we show you who the best providers are.

Sneak peek at Germany VPNs

Germany has employed the most liberal and globally appreciated pro-consumer data protection laws for its internet users. However, some bitter facts were later unveiled concerning governmental interference and data surveillance. Besides, the government has implemented data retention laws, making it challenging for the netizens to protect their sensitive information. Furthermore, Germany has declared P2P file-sharing of copyrighted content completely illegal, directly affecting BitTorrent users. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a VPN for anonymous and secure internet surfing. Spoofed IP, encrypted online traffic, and robust security features of quality Germany VPNs will make it impossible for everyone to sense your activities.

Very few countries are so well aware of individual rights and protect them as thoroughly as Germany. Consequently, it’s where we find some of the world’s most progressive pro-consumer and data protection laws. Also, the German people trust their government very much by international standards. But, at the same time, they expect nothing less than an excellent performance from the authorities.

But when Edward Snowden came forward and revealed some of the worst realities in data surveillance, digital privacy, and governmental interference, even Germany came out looking bad, and its citizens were aware. It turned out that the German foreign intelligence agency had a history of close partnerships with the NSA.

Cooperation in intelligence matters between the two foremost NATO members came as a surprise to nobody. The shock came because of how much of that activity was directed against domestic citizens. To make things worse, the government tried to implement data retention laws.

Also, let’s not forget that Wikileaks came into being at the Berlin Hacker Club. So this is a country of law-abiding citizens that, nevertheless, hold their officials to the highest standards and expect them to meet them every time.

In this context, German Internet users are turning to VPN services to help them fight the battle for individualism (a core German value) and because VPNs offer increased convenience in many online activities.

The German jurisdiction is also notable in that most digital scenarios are already considered and encoded legally. For instance, P2P networks are legislated, and sharing copyrighted material is illegal, which is terrible news for many BitTorrent users.

While the rule against P2P copyright infringement is quite clear, there is also a fair use policy that remains somewhat fuzzy – it’s supposed to allow using copyrighted material for educational or artistic purposes without explicit authorization from the copyright holder.

In the meantime, some German ISPs have no problem joining forces with law firms to go against torrenters. This situation itself is reason enough to think about using a VPN in Germany.

So should you or should you not sign up for a good, paid VPN service as a German domestic Internet user? The answer, in our book, is a resounding yes. And we don’t mean that just German BitTorrent users should get a premium VPN.

On the contrary, every user in every country should use a VPN if you ask us. The advantages regarding privacy, security, and anonymity, and even just convenience are too significant.