How to Get Instagram Unblocked at School in 2023

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: November 13, 2023
Read time: 19 minutes

Can’t access Instagram at school? Learn how to get Instagram unblocked at school without being caught. Stay connected with your friends.

Using Instagram is the latest craze among teens as it readily connects them with their kith and kin during their precious moments. However, schools often block this platform on their networks to restrict students to academic activities. While that’s understandable, a blanket ban on using Instagram at school is cruel. A VPN can help students bypass such restrictions and unblock Instagram even at schools. (Students must ensure responsible use of the platform and shouldn’t let it meddle with their studies.)

The magic of Instagram has spellbound almost every person globally, but it’s more of a necessity for teens. However, unfortunately, you won’t usually find Instagram unblocked at school.

That’s because, from parents to the teachers and the school administration, nobody encourages using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram at school.

However, as a student, there would be countless moments when you would need to use Instagram. But you can’t do it because your school has blocked the service on the school network.

Does it mean you’ll remain disconnected from your social network for hours daily?

Certainly not!