How to Watch ViaPlay Outside Denmark (Abroad) in 2024

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Last updated: January 24, 2024
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Are you a ViaPlay user stuck in a foreign country? Here is how to watch ViaPlay outside Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Finland without hassle.


ViaPlay is popular in Denmark for streaming premium quality content, satiating its Nordic viewership. However, the service isn’t accessible globally due to copyright and content licensing restrictions. But it doesn’t mean users must necessarily miss the fun when traveling abroad. This guide explains how to unblock and stream ViaPlay anywhere outside Denmark with a simple workaround – using a VPN.

Geo-restrictions annoy people who travel to other regions because they block them from watching their favorite content. This is in addition to the avid video lovers across the globe who simply want access to ViaPlay to watch their favorite Nordic shows.

So, continuing with our guides for all readers who don’t like geoblocking, here we explain how to get ViaPlay unblocked anytime, anywhere.

How to watch ViaPlay outside Denmark: Quick guide

Eager to watch ViaPlay right now? No problem! If you have been through our previous guides, you would know what it takes access restricted content. In a flash for you, here is how to unblock ViaPlay anywhere in just three steps:

  1. Select a VPN provider: Our number one recommendation is NordVPN for streaming ViaPlay. These guys have proven themselves the best in unblocking content restrictions with little to no risks. This service can not only unblock ViaPlay but other major streaming services as well.
  2. Install the VPN: Subscribe to your chosen VPN service. Then download the VPN on your device and install it accordingly. Since you need to watch ViaPlay, you can select the server from any Nordic country to change your IP location.
  3. Access ViaPlay: Simple as that. Since your online location is now changed, you will face no problems in accessing ViaPlay. Gear up to enjoy your favorite media.

Here is a quick list of top VPNs to watch ViaPlay from anywhere

  1. NordVPN: The best Denmark VPN that always provides a viable Danish IP – thanks to its 70+ servers in the region.
  2. ExpressVPN: Its huge server network spread across 94 countries ensures you can always enjoy your favorite stuff from any region outside Denmark.
  3. Surfshark: The cheapest VPN provider offering numerous Denmark servers. It is a budget-friendly option to stream ViaPlay anywhere safely.
  4. Private Internet Access (PIA): A reliable VPN dedicated to privacy. It has over 20,000 servers worldwide and excellent speeds for streaming ViaPlay content.

What is ViaPlay, and why can’t I watch it outside Denmark?

ViaPlay outside Denmark

When you have reached this article, it means you know well what ViaPlay is.

But, for those who don’t know about it yet, ViaPlay is a video streaming service. It features on-demand videos and supports online streaming.

ViaPlay started back in 2007, essentially relying on movies and sports. However, as time passed, the service gained traction and featured more content.

Today, ViaPlay enjoys tremendous popularity with a massive user base in Nordic countries. The platform, however, has limited its focus on this region during all this time. That’s why people outside the Nordic region cannot directly use the service.

Although, it doesn’t mean that the service won’t ever be available to people globally.

The parent company behind ViaPlay, Nordic Entertainment Group, is gradually aiming to expand its footprints.

In May 2020, NENT Group announced its plans to launch ViaPlay in Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia) in early 2021.

And recently, in November 2020, they pledged to become the European streaming champion in the next five years. They aimed to launch ViaPlay in Poland and the United States in 2021 and 5 other markets by 2023.

It means that people can soon enjoy ViaPlay in the Baltic and the United States. However, watching ViaPlay outside the US and other countries might remain problematic. Specifically, people will face trouble if they wish to watch ViaPlay outside Denmark, Sweden, and other Nordic countries.

ViaPlay’s diversified content primarily focuses on the people in these countries. However, the geographic limitations on its content availability mean that besides locking out non-Nordic customers, it also prevents their usual subscribers from these areas from watching their favorite videos while traveling to other regions.

Is there a way to unblock ViaPlay abroad?

However, enjoying ViaPlay streaming abroad is difficult since the service provider doesn’t allow it.

But it doesn’t mean you must miss your favorite shows simply because you have had to travel to another country.

We have one working solution for you – use a VPN!

A virtual private network (VPN) is the key to evading content censorship and geo-restrictions. It reinstates your internet freedom by allowing you to browse and access whatever you desire.

Although VPNs do not explicitly distinguish the use and abuse of their services. The bad actors can always exploit VPNs for malicious purposes as well. That’s why some restrictive nations have marked VPNs as illegal to use.

But using a VPN isn’t illegal if you use it for legitimate purposes.

Therefore, as a responsible internet user, PrivacySavvy expects the users to use VPN responsibly, clearly knowing this beautiful facility’s white hat and black hat use.

Regarding using a VPN for accessing ViaPlay, it isn’t illegal unless you intentionally use it that way.

For instance, if you are a subscriber of this service, you have the right to access it anywhere in the world. Simply because you relocated to another country doesn’t mean you should be slapped with a block.

Likewise, more loyal users can subscribe to the service with a VPN, which they can’t do otherwise because the service isn’t available in their countries.

So, using a VPN to watch ViaPlay from abroad and other Nordic countries isn’t harmful.

But… there is a catch!

Since streaming services like ViaPlay know that the users, including the bad actors, can use VPNs to access their services illegally, they frequently detect and block VPNs, too.

So, you don’t need an ordinary VPN to access ViaPlay when away from Denmark and other Nordic states. Instead, you need a good VPN – something smart enough to bypass such VPN detection.

If you’re confused about which VPN you should use, feel free to go through our extensive guide on the best VPN services.

Best Viaplay VPNs compared

VPN providerNordVPNExpressVPNSurfsharkPIA
ReviewNordVPN reviewExpressVPN reviewSurfshark reviewPIA review
Free trialYes, 7-dayYes, 7-day for mobile devicesYes, 7-dayYes, 7-day
Starting Price (per month)$3.39/month$6.67/month$1.99/month$2.03/month
LoggingZero logs, independently audited twice by PwCZero logs, independently audited by Cure53Zero logs, independently audited by DeloitteZero logs, independently audited by Deloitte
Servers6,000+ servers in 60+ countries3,000+ servers in 105 countries3,200+ servers in 100 countries35,000+ servers in 84 countries
StreamingHulu, Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and moreHulu, Netflix, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and moreNetflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and moreNetflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more
Simultaneous connections86UnlimitedUnlimited
Best forStreaming, security, torrentingStreaming, security, browsingStreaming, security, torrentingStreaming, security, browsing

Best VPNs to watch ViaPlay from anywhere worldwide – Detailed list

1. NordVPN

NordVPN for Streaming

The best Denmark VPN that never fails to provide a viable Danish IP – thanks to its 70+ servers in the region. That means you can always use NordVPN to unblock ViaPlay anywhere.

servers More than 6,000+ speedy VPN available in more than 60 countries
P2P optimized servers Allows Peer to Peer connections
encryption Robust encryption (AES-256)
Zero-logs policy Does not retain any data
Kill switch Customizable kill switch
MultiHop mode MultiHop feature
protection Impressive protection for DNS/IPv6 leak
simultaneous connections Connects up to six simultaneous devices
money-back guarantee Money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • Easily unblock geo-restricted sites including ViaPlay
  • Good connection speed
  • Strong ad/malware blocker
  • Users find desktop app a bit complicated

When it’s about unblocking Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming content, our number one recommendation is NordVPN. This service has been around for years and has demonstrated its resilience to geoblocking.

NordVPN presently has over 6,000 servers in 60+ countries. So, while they offer fewer locations than ExpressVPN, you can get more servers from the same country.

This feature is particularly beneficial for streaming services as you can get uninterrupted access to them from the exact location.

In the case of ViaPlay, NordVPN can be very useful since it has servers in all Nordic countries. Moreover, it also offers a double VPN facility with Sweden servers. You can easily watch ViaPlay from anywhere by choosing one of the relevant servers before streaming.

If in doubt, feel free to check its suitability by availing yourself of their 30-day money back guarantee.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN new features block logo 120 by 120 now

Its huge server network spread across 94 countries ensures you can always enjoy your favorite stuff from any region inside Denmark. As for ViaPlay, it seamlessly unblocks it abroad via its resilient Denmark servers.

servers More than 3,000 blazing-fast VPN servers across 105 different countries
encryption Military robust encryption; AES-256 bits
protection Strong defence against DNS/IPv6 leak
Zero-logs policy Uncompromising no logging policy
P2P optimized servers Especially optimized servers for P2P connections
network lock feature Network-lock by default
Trusted servers nord Reliable TrustedServer technology
simultaneous connections Connects up to five simultaneous devices per account
money-back guarantee Trusted money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • Blazing-fast servers
  • Numerous servers available in Japan
  • The MediaStreamer SmartDNS
  • Expensive plans compare to its rivals

The next on our list of recommended VPNs to watch ViaPlay is ExpressVPN. They are also an old player in this niche and have a vast customer base, indicating their wonderful services.

ExpressVPN offers all the great features needed to evade content restrictions. It provides superior anonymity with diversity, boasting over 3,000 servers in 105 countries. You can change your virtual location to almost any country worldwide with a single click.

You know that ViaPlay is specifically available in the Nordic region. With ExpressVPN, you can quickly move yourself to this region virtually. It has servers in all five countries.

Besides offering a colossal server list, ExpressVPN provides robust encryption to secure your data. Still, this data encryption doesn’t compromise the speed, making it perfect for streaming and watching videos.

On top of everything, ExpressVPN also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, feel free to create an account and try its services.

3. Surfshark


The cheapest VPN provider offering numerous Denmark servers, Surfshark, is a budget-friendly option to stream ViaPlay anywhere safely.

servers More than 3,200 VPN servers available in 100+ countries
encryption Strong AES-256-bit encryption
P2P optimized servers Allows P2P sharing (torrenting)
MultiHop mode Double VPN feature
protection Impressive safety for DNS leaks
Kill switch Kill switch mode is customized
Zero-logs policy Implements no data log policy
Camouflage mode Reliable Camouflage mode
simultaneous connections Connects as many simultaneous devices as you want
money-back guarantee Offers money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • Has impressive CleanWeb feature
  • Top-notch security
  • In-pocket plans
  • Prompt captchas when using a mobile app

Surfshark also boasts a massive network as the above two services, with 3200+ servers. And it has maintained its footprints across 100 different countries, thus giving you more choices to relocate virtually to any region.

For ViaPlay users, Surfshark works excellently since it also has servers across the Nordic region.

Moreover, besides IP addresses, it also offers private DNS and Camouflage Mode with all these servers, alongside its general features, including anti-malware and phishing protection and blocking ads.

So, with Surfshark, you can enjoy an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Suppose you are skeptical about whether it will benefit you in particular. You can subscribe to it to test its suitability since it offers a 30-day trial with a money-back guarantee.

4. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private internet access pros cons block logo

A well-maintained VPN vendor that provides robust unblocking features and unbreakable encryption

servers A large network of over 20,000 VPN servers scattered worldwide
P2P optimized servers Peer to Peer connection supportive servers
encryption Secure connection with reliable encryption; AES 128-bits and 256-bits
Ad Blocker feature Robust protection against malware and adware with in-built MACE
Zero-logs policy Enforces a policy of zero logs
Trusted servers nord Runs on RAM-only VPN servers (benefits privacy)
Split tunneling feature The split tunneling feature works as expected
Kill switch Boasts a feature-rich kill switch
simultaneous connections Each account allows connection to ten simultaneous devices
money-back guarantee 30 days no-questions-asked money-back guarantee
  • Exceptional value for money with multi-device protection
  • Boasts uncompromising privacy policy with no logs kept
  • Has built-in effective ad-blocking and malware protection
  • Distant servers have slow speed

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a popular VPN brand for its reliability and dedication to privacy. The provider has over 20,000 servers worldwide, including Denmark, which is more than a combination of Surfshark, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN.

It has streaming-optimized servers for various regions, which improves connection speeds and the overall streaming experience. The extensive network reduces the load on each server, which improves performance.

The VPN secures your connection using AES-256 Encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, OpenVPN protocol, and IP masking. Additionally, it does not store user data even though it is registered in the USA, which has strict privacy laws.

PIA offers a 30-day money back guarantee and allows infinite simultaneous connections. The VPN has solid apps for various operating systems and devices with different features.

Methodology of finding the best VPN for Viaplay

A VPN is an ideal tool to unblock ViaPlay from anywhere worldwide. A reliable VPN will secure your connection and ensure privacy without sacrificing your connection speed. When choosing a VPN to unblock ViaPlay, consider the following factors.

  • Value for money: The price of a VPN is not always directly proportional to its capabilities. Some expensive VPNs have few features and poor unblocking capabilities, while others, like Surfshark, are cheap with excellent streaming features. Find a balance between a VPN’s price and capabilities before deciding. Also, find the VPNs with the best seasonal offers and coupons to save money.
  • Ease of use: A VPN’s usability cannot be ignored whether you are a first-time or experienced user. Choose a VPN with user-friendly mobile and desktop applications and live chat and email support.
  • Privacy: A reliable VPN should keep your data and browsing activities private. Choose a VPN that enforces a strict no-logs policy, meaning they do not store your sensitive data on their servers. Additionally, the VPN should protect you from IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.
  • Security: Privacy and security are the major reasons why people use VPNs. A reliable VPN encrypts your data with military-grade protocols, which ensures no one can intercept your data. Also, ensure the VPN has a kill switch feature that disconnects your device from the internet when your VPN connection drops.
  • Network size: When you choose a VPN with a large server network, you will find one close to you. This ensures low latency and excellent speeds when streaming ViaPlay content. Additionally, a large server network provides more server options, reducing server load and improving performance.
  • Speed: Streaming quality content on ViaPlay requires excellent speeds; otherwise, you will experience buffering and video lags, which can be frustrating. A premium VPN also has unlimited data and bandwidth caps to ensure an uninterrupted streaming experience.
  • Servers in ViaPlay countries: You need an IP address in Norway, Finland, Sweden, or Denmark to access ViaPlay. Therefore, choose a VPN with many servers in those countries if you want to unblock ViaPlay from anywhere worldwide.

Can you stream ViaPlay outside Denmark using a free VPN?

Free VPNs are also options when streaming ViaPlay from outside Denmark. However, they have many limitations and vulnerabilities, including a lack of Danish servers. Also, free VPNs have a small server network, which is not ideal for unblocking ViaPlay from abroad.

Additionally, Free VPNs lack the advanced features and sophisticated technology used by premium VPNs to bypass detection by anti-VPN software on streaming platforms. Most free VPNs store the user data on their servers, compromising user privacy. They then sell the data to third parties who use it to track your browsing behavior and target you with personalized browsing. Therefore, when using a free VPN to stream ViaPlay, your security and privacy can easily be compromised, and ultimately, the streaming experience will likely be disappointing.

A step-by-step guide to unblocking ViaPlay anywhere in the world

Now that you know how to watch ViaPlay from countries other than Denmark and other Nordic countries, let’s get to the step-by-step process of how to do it.

1. Check for ViaPlay compatibility

The first thing you should check is whether your current devices support ViaPlay or not. ViaPlay isn’t a global service like YouTube that can play on almost all devices.

Yet, despite having a limited focus, ViaPlay still offers excellent device compatibility.

It supports all major platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. You can access ViaPlay on your PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

You can watch it on Smart TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

Whereas, ViaPlay also supports Xbox One and PlayStation 3 and 4.

Though, with web browsers, you may have to use the primary browsers only to watch ViaPlay, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (on Windows), and Safari (on macOS).

Since you will likely have one or more of the devices listed above, you won’t possibly face any trouble accessing ViaPlay.

2. Install VPN on your device

After ensuring you have the suitable device(s) ViaPlay supports, the next thing is to protect your connection with a VPN.

If you’re trying to watch ViaPlay outside Denmark, Sweden, and other Nordic countries, you inevitably require a VPN for masking your IP address.

So, carefully review your desired VPN service provider, check if its features meet your requirements, and subscribe. Here again, our number one recommended ViaPlay VPN is NordVPN.

After that, install the right VPN client according to your device.

Since you may like to watch ViaPlay on different devices, choose a VPN that supports multiple connections with a single account to set it up across all your devices simultaneously.

3. Choose an appropriate server

Now that you have the VPN installed, the next step is to choose the right server to access ViaPlay.

Since you know you cannot watch ViaPlay from anywhere, you should choose a server from Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, or Sweden.

It means you can choose any of the five server locations. However, make sure that the one you choose supports fast speeds. Your VPN client would indicate the connection strength while selecting a server.

If you face speed issues, choose the server from a location nearest to your physical location. Still, make sure that it belongs to the Nordic region.

4. Visit ViaPlay from your device

Once you have chosen the server, it’s time to enjoy ViaPlay streaming on your device. Just visit the platform and start streaming.

How to create a Viaplay account outside Denmark

  1. Download and install a reliable VPN from our recommended list and connect to a Denmark server.
  2. Launch your browser, navigate to ViaPlay’s official website, and click ‘Sign in.’
  3. Click ‘Don’t have a ViaPlay account? Create one Here’, which will take you to another page.
  4. Choose a Subscription package.
  5. Enter your Email ID and set your password. Then tick that you are 18+ years old and click ‘Confirm and Create an account.’
  6. Enter your payment details.
  7. Confirm your payment and start streaming.

How much does Viaplay cost?

ViaPlay users have two subscription plans to choose from depending on their preferences: ViaPlay Total and ViaPlay Movies and Series. The table below summarizes the prices and available content of the two subscription plans.

Subscription planContentMonthly cost
ViaPlay TotalMovies, series, sports, FightingDKK 449/mo (USD64.02/mo)
Viaplay Movies & SeriesMovies and SeriesDKK 119/mo (USD16.97/mo) (1-week free trial)

ViaPlay Movies and Series has a free seven-day trial, allowing you to test their services risk-free. Additionally, it allows you to add 11 channels to your ViaPlay Movies & Series plan and 15 channels to your ViaPlay Totals subscription plan.

What are Viaplay-compatible devices?

Here are the devices that work with Viaplay:

  • Android (mobile and tablets)
  • iOS gadgets (iPhones and iPads)
  • Smart TVs (TCL TV, Philips TV, Sony TV, LG TV, Hisense TV)
  • Web browsers (Windows and Mac)
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Google TV
  • Android TV
  • Kodi
  • Amazon Fire TV

How to watch Viaplay on different devices

There are many methods to stream your favorite Nordic shows on Viaplay outside of Denmark since it works on multiple devices.

Router (The best way to watch Viaplay on Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, and LG Smart TV)

You may set up a VPN on your router directly to stream Viaplay on all your Wi-Fi-connected devices. Here are the steps to follow to configure a VPN with your Smart TV:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN provider compatible with your Wi-Fi router, such as NordVPN.
  2. Sign in to your VPN service using any device connected to your router’s network.
  3. Connect to a server based in the country where Viaplay is accessible, such as Denmark.
  4. Open Viaplay on your streaming device and begin watching.

Android TVs, media players, and Google-based smart TVs

This works for Google and Android TV-based smart TVs, such as Sony, Hisense, Philips, Nvidia Shield, TCL, Google TV, Chromecast, and more.

  1. Download and install a reputable VPN app from the Google Play Store. We recommend NordVPN as it offers easy-to-use apps.
  2. Launch the VPN app and log in using your credentials.
  3. Connect to a server in Denmark.
  4. Launch the Viaplay app on your smart TV or streaming gadget.
  5. Begin streaming your favorite shows!

Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Cube

Subscribe to a trustworthy VPN service. NordVPN offers a native app for Amazon Fire TV devices, which you can download from the Amazon app store.

  1. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  2. Log in to your VPN using your credentials.
  3. Open the VPN servers list and look out for the server in Denmark.
  4. Launch the Viaplay app and begin streaming!

PC (macOS & Windows)

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service. We recommend NordVPN because of its fast speeds and UHD streaming.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your Mac or Windows devices.
  3. Open the VPN app and sign in using your credentials.
  4. Connect to a Danish server.
  5. Launch the Viaplay app or log in to the Viaplay website to stream.

Smartphones (iOS & Android)

  1. Sign up for a top-notch VPN service with user-friendly mobile apps like NordVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN service from the App Store or the Google Play store.
  3. Launch your VPN app and sign in using your credentials.
  4. Connect to a Denmark-based server.
  5. Launch the Viaplay app and stream your favorite shows.

How to watch ViaPlay on Kodi

How to watch ViaPlay outside Denmark on Kodi

Kodi is a famous digital media player who jazzed up the streaming experience. You can install it on almost every device, from your computers to mobile phones, as it supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iPhones.

Kodi, the open-source media player software, hosts not only rejuvenates your video experience but also supports most-used streaming platforms to let you watch your favorite shows in high-quality visuals.

If you have this software, you can turn your smartphone, desktop, laptop, or gaming console into a home theatre. And, if you have it on your Smart TV, the experience becomes worth cherishing.

Since it supports all major streaming sites, it means you can also use it to watch ViaPlay on your device. All you need is the dedicated add-on for ViaPlay.

Can you get it? Certainly, yes!

We have already told you above how to watch ViaPlay anywhere with a VPN.

Now, when it’s about Kodi, you simply need the combination of a VPN and the add-on to watch ViaPlay.

Here, we elaborate on it in a stepwise manner:

  1. Ensure you have the VPN running on your device with the right server selected as your location. This is especially important for anyone watching ViaPlsy outside Denmark, Sweden, and other Nordic countries.
  2. Ensure you have the latest Kodi version running on your device, which you can download from the official Kodi website for free.
  3. Open Kodi and go to the “Add-ons” tab.
  4. Click on the “Enter add-on browser” button on the pop-up window.
  5. In the next window, click on the option “Install from repository.”
  6. Choose the option “Kodi add-on repository” on the next screen.
  7. Select “Video add-ons” to reach the respective add-ons library for video streaming platforms.
  8. Find “ViaPlay” from the list of add-ons appearing on the next screen. Tap on it and then click the “Install” button to proceed.
  9. Once installed, visit the “Settings” menu and choose a country from the options “Denmark,” “Sweden,” “Norway,” or “Finland.” Since you already have your internet connection rerouted through the Nordic region via your VPN, you should ideally face no problems at this step.
  10. Now login to the ViaPlay add-on using your ViaPlay account credentials.
  11. Go back to the Kodi home screen and select ViaPlay to start streaming.

It was not so tricky… was it?

What to Watch on Viaplay

There are two categories of content you can enjoy on ViaPlay.

Viaplay movie rental

ViaPlay has a Movie rental service where you can download and watch your favorite movies and series offline within a limited period. Any video downloaded under the movie rental service is only accessible within 30 days after downloading. Also, once you start watching a downloaded movie under this service, finish it before 48 hours, after which it will be unavailable. The service has amazing Hollywood content, including action, romance, comedy, and Drama.

Best ViaPlay shows and movies in 2024

The table below summarizes the best movies and shows you can watch in 2024.

The X-FilesThe SwarmLa La Land
The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyZootopiaMoana
FrozenWalker: IndependenceStar Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens
Darkness: Those Who KillNorth Sea ConnectionCoco (I)
Marie AntoinetteThe Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Billy the KidLethal WeaponAva (IV)

Yes, VPN services are legitimate for streaming Viaplay from abroad. However, most streaming sites flag and block VPN services. As a result, pick a reliable VPN provider like NordVPN to access Viaplay easily and without issues.


ViaPlay is a great streaming platform from the Nordic region. Though it isn’t as popular as Netflix, it suffices to provide quality content from diversified niches to its customers. That’s why ViaPlay has attracted a vast customer base from specific countries.

Unfortunately, this incredible platform is not yet available to users globally. The vendors plan to expand their footprints to other locations in the coming years.

However, people may not watch ViaPlay outside Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, or Iceland so easily until then.

Nonetheless, it isn’t entirely impossible, either.

That’s why we have shared this detailed guide on unblocking ViaPlay with a VPN to watch it anywhere globally. If you are eager to watch ViaPlay abroad, follow this guide and evade all restrictions immediately.

Good luck!


Yes, you can. ViaPlay is available in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. They recently expanded their footprints to Iceland, covering the entire Nordic region. So, if you are outside Denmark but in any other Nordic country, you can enjoy seamless access to ViaPlay. However, if you’re outside the Nordic region, you need a workaround to watch ViaPlay.

If you aren’t using VPN to access any illegal content, using it to watch ViaPlay is not unlawful. However, ensure that your country allows VPNs; otherwise, users in countries where VPNs are illegal must exercise caution.

Definitely! ViaPlay offers dedicated clients for Android and iOS devices. It means that both Android and iPhone users can access the platform on their phones. Make sure you have a VPN running on your phone if you are not physically present in any Nordic country.

ViaPlay is currently unavailable in the USA, but they have plans to expand to Canada and USA in 2024. However, you can use the VPNs in this article to access ViaPlay from any US location.

Like other major streaming platforms, ViaPlay uses sophisticated VPN detection software that detects and blocks VPN connections. This is why you must use a complete VPN solution that can bypass VPN detection software like NordVPN.

ViaPlay is a paid streaming service with a free seven-day subscription plan where you can test their services. Simply create an account and a subscription under the Movies and Series plan, then unsubscribe before your trial ends.

Viaplay content is available in several countries, including Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. However, you can watch it from anywhere worldwide by subscribing and connecting to a reliable VPN with exceptional unblocking capabilities like NordVPN.

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