The 12 Best Private Torrent Sites Still Working in 2023

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: June 18, 2023
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Discover the 12 most reliable private torrent trackers and sites for downloading diverse digital files alongside the best VPNs to access them.

Private torrent sites are the safest source for downloading torrents, providing quality content with minimal friction. However, joining them is almost always difficult since most private torrent sites are invite-only. Though this practice helps keep malicious users at bay, it also blocks those harmless users who merely want a safe torrenting site for downloading their desired content. This guide shares details about private torrenting and lists the best private torrent tracker sites to help you enjoy safe torrent downloads.

Torrenting emerged in April 2001 to minimize the long wait times that characterize downloading files from a central server or another person’s computer. It eliminated this problem by making every downloader an uploader, establishing a P2P file-sharing arrangement.

Since its launch, torrenting has been widely adopted as the preferred method of obtaining massive and private files. Torrent files, or “torrents,” can be downloaded from torrent websites, saved, and opened.

Public torrent sites are accessible by anyone and are often the targets of government agencies and other organizations. Private torrent sites have stricter registration and membership rules and use specific effective approaches to keep approved members active.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a list of the most reliable torrent private sites and trackers. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular 13 private torrent sites across different categories. This includes those that allow downloading and watching movies online. We’ve also discussed the highest-quality VPNs for torrenting.

Top 12 best private torrent sites – The quick list

Below is a quick overview of the 13 best private torrent sites:

  1. IPTorrents – The best general-purpose private torrent site. IPTorrent’s massive library has earned it the title “Private The Pirate Bay.”
  2. Bibliotik – A private torrent website exclusively for ebooks. This site was established in 2009 and is more popular than many public torrent sites.
  3. PassThePopcorn – Most popular private torrent site for downloading movies. PTP has been discussed in many torrent forums and has made many lists as the best site for downloading movies.
  4. Redacted – The site’s logo is a pair of headphones, indicating it’s a torrent for music. On it, you can find and download different genres of music and music-related files, such as live recordings.
  5. Gazelle Games – A highly rated torrent site for games. Gazelle is known for its extensive catalog of games and dedicated community members who help keep the site active.
  6. Nyaa – A popular anime-dedicated torrent index. Nyaa helps you watch anime of different genres, mangas and other Aast-Asian media.
  7. BroadcastTheNet – The largest and most popularly known torrent site for TV shows. Relatively difficult to join, but it’s an entire paradise of TV series and shows once you’re in.
  8. AudioNews – Another popular music-themed private torrent. However, AudioNews may be more useful to producers, composers and DJs than music listeners.
  9. AnimeBytes – Another private torrent website and tracker dedicated to anime. Hard to declare which is better between this and Nyaa, but both offer premium anime and manga content.
  10. MyAnonaMouse – A large torrent site and tracker dedicated to audiobooks. Alongside audiobooks, you can also download ebooks of various sizes and also find musicology and radio content.
  11. Karagarga – The classiest site and tracker for movies. Getting an invite to join KG’s exclusive community is so difficult and staying there is even more challenging.
  12. SpeedApp – A dedicated tracker and site for media and entertainment files. On SpeedApp (formerly TorrentBits), you can download movies, TV shows and games and find other interesting content.

What does torrenting mean?

Torrenting is a way to share files on the internet quickly and securely. It’s a decentralized peer-to-peer network for downloading and uploading files without any central server or network.

A “torrent” is a file containing information about a program, application, or another file you wish to download.

Unlike traditional downloading, a file or an application is sent to your device in bits and streams from a server. Torrenting creates a network of downloaders and uploaders sharing pieces of a desired file with themselves.

It works due to a server called “tracker,” which analyzes the torrent file from your computer. The torrent file, or simply torrent, contains numerous information, including the pieces left to complete your download so that you can have your whole file.

The tracker then finds others called “peers” having pieces of the same file to download to your computer. As your download progresses, you also become a source, sharing your pieces of the file with other computers which may desire them.

This principle of making every downloader an uploader removes the constraints associated with traditional server download systems and makes torrenting suitable for massively large files.

Read our complete guide here to learn more about torrenting, how it works, and how to remain safe when downloading torrents.

How to use private trackers safely with a VPN – A quick guide

To ease how you use a VPN with a private tracker, you may follow our quick guide below:

  1. Register with a reliable VPN – You may choose from any of our VPNs as these have been carefully selected based on their strong torrenting support and privacy and obfuscation features.
  2. Launch the VPN and connect to a server – Most VPNs have a smart location feature that helps you automatically connect to the fastest and most reliable server, but you can still select manually.
  3. Start browsing – Close the VPN and visit any private tracker containing your desired file.

The 12 best private torrent sites today – Detailed analysis

Below, you can find detailed information about our best private torrent trackers for downloading any file you desire: