How to Watch Sky Go Abroad (Outside UK) with a VPN in 2023

Justice Ekaeze  - Tech Expert
Last updated: November 20, 2023
Read time: 13 minutes

This article offers helpful tips on using a VPN to access Sky Go for viewers outside the UK and Ireland, listing the best VPNs.

Sky Go offers an impressive collection of over 70 channels dedicated to various forms of entertainment programming. All of these are available to users who are residents of the UK and Ireland. However, using a premium VPN is a relatively simple way to do it if you wish to access this fantastic platform abroad. This article will detail the best VPN services for watching Sky Go abroad.

Sky Go is the foremost video streaming channel in the United Kingdom with all the on-demand, top-quality exclusive, and trending shows. The service is available to users in the UK and Ireland, meaning that if you were outside these locations, you would be blocked from accessing it.

With so many goodies in store when you subscribe to Sky Go, you are probably wondering if there is a way to watch it from outside the UK and Ireland — well, the good news is, there is! You can use a VPN outside the UK or Ireland and trick the platform into believing you are within the designated locations. 

However, it is recommended that you refrain from rushing into purchasing any VPN without verifying its authenticity. As always, we’ve done the necessary work for you and selected only the best VPNs to allow you to watch Sky Go outside the UK and Ireland.

Watching Sky Go with a VPN anywhere – Quick guide

Want to catch up on all your favorite shows on Sky Go while on vacation outside the UK? All you should do is follow these simple steps: