How to Get a UK IP Address Outside the UK (2024 Guide)

Aliu Isa  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: January 15, 2024
Read time: 18 minutes

Want to feel at home even when far away? Learn easy ways to get a UK IP address and experience all the British world’s excitement and fun.


The importance of having a British IP address becomes evident when one travels from outside the UK boundaries. Once you cross the borders, you lose access to all your favorite content, apps, and even your online banking privileges, leaving you helpless while performing day-to-day activities. However, thanks to tech advancements today, you can use numerous methods to spoof your online location to the UK by getting a local IP address from there, even when abroad. This guide elaborates on this stuff in detail.

If you are a British ex-pat, an Anglophile, or an enthusiastic traveler outside the UK, you might have lost access to the shows and channels you enjoyed back in the UK. Why? Because most UK-based websites restrict access to anyone outside the country. So, when you try to connect with an IP address from your resident country, you get blocked.

But with a UK IP address, you can watch your favorite shows and channels again without going back.

Wondering how to get this UK IP outside the UK? Don’t worry; that’s precisely what this article will cover.