13 best KissCartoon alternatives for 2022 (all working)

Aliu Isa Last updated: September 7, 2022 Read time: 18 minutes Disclosure

Watching cartoons is such a great hobby! These tested KissCartoon alternatives will let you enjoy all the cartoons, comics, and animes you want online.

If you are one of those users who like to indulge their inner child by enjoying cartoons even as an adult, then you surely know about KissCartoon already. It’s a fantastic website that offers many animated series free of charge. Moreover, it doesn’t need an account or a registration process.

Top KissCartoon alternatives in 2022 – The quick list

If what you want from this guide is to locate the best option for you in the fastest possible way, this section will give you our top five KissCartoon alternatives so you can just visit them and start watching your cartoons. If you want a more detailed list describing our top choices, then you can move to the following section.

So the best five KissCartoon alternatives on the web for us are:

  1. KissAnime. The original KissCartoon website. Its clones remain popular with millions of users.
  2. Crunchyroll. It is known for the high speed with which it releases new anime content, only a few hours after the original new episodes have aired.
  3. WatchCartoonsOnline. A cartoon and anime website whose minimalistic approach has made it resilient over the years.
  4. WatchSeries. One of our top picked websites with the close resemblance to KissCartoon, and quick releases of new material.
  5. AnimeToon. Like both Toonova and KissCartoon, it promptly releases new episodes and hosts an extensive catalog.

The basics about KissCartoon

KissCartoon is one of the best animated series streaming websites on the Internet. The site’s design is elegant and tailored to provide a straightforward user experience for those cartoon enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite content in high definition.

KissCartoon hosts no content within its servers, as it’s the case with most other streaming websites on the web. Instead, the site’s strength is in the correct curation of a massive cartoon collection so that it’s well-categorized and straightforward to navigate for its users. As a result, it’s fast, flexible, and one of the best streaming websites out there, regardless of the category.

Most of the best-known free video streaming websites have checkered past suffering for bans, blockages, disappearances, and come-backs. KissCartoon has a history too. It started as KissAnime several years ago, then went offline for a while. The site then came back under its current incarnation. Several mirrors and proxies have popped out during that time, imitating the original KissCartoon concept.

However, the demand for cartoon streaming websites has gone down over recent years. That happened because a good chunk of the anime/cartoon enthusiast crowd turned to BitTorrent and other P2P file-sharing alternatives instead of streaming their favorite shows from websites such as KissCartoon.