35 Ways to Prevent Hacking in 2024

Samuel Walker  - Technology Policy Researcher
Last updated: January 24, 2024
Read time: 24 minutes

Securing your devices and accounts do not only require using passwords or antiviruses. You need to take several precautionary steps and adopt the best security practices to avoid getting hacked today.


Hacking is the fastest-growing cybercrime that can compromise your online security and privacy within a few moments. Hackers can readily exploit the weaknesses in the devices or networks’ security systems to access confidential data, which can be misused in multiple ways. Hence, it is crucial to use the basic cybersecurity guidelines to avoid unauthorized intrusion into your device. Here, we have listed the best possible ways to prevent hacking and enhance overall internet privacy and security.

Privacy and security should be a priority, especially in our digitally inclined world.

Many people think that having strong passwords or using an antivirus is enough to prevent hacking. However, there’s a lot more that you need to do and practice to protect your accounts and devices from hackers today.

The University of Maryland conducted a study in 2007 where it concluded that hackers attack every 39 seconds. That was back in 2007; imagine how fast hackers’ operations might have gone by now.

If hacking happens that frequently, how can you keep yourself safe online? Luckily, that does not require a fortune.

All you need is to take steps and consider your internet security. We list 35 practical ways to keep hackers at bay. Let’s dive in.

The quick checklist to minimize the risk of getting hacked

  • Update frequently: Regularly update your device’s OS and applications. These updates usually ship with fixes to bugs and vulnerabilities. Therefore you must be running the latest firmware and app version.