The 5 Best VPNs for YouTube and YouTube TV in 2023

Aliu Isa  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: November 30, 2023
Read time: 16 minutes

Here are the best VPN services offering impressive features and seamless performance to unblock YouTube and YouTube TV anywhere.

While YouTube and YouTube TV are available almost globally, they come with location-based content libraries, barring users from accessing content from abroad. Also, these services frequently face blocking at local or regional levels. But using a VPN can help you bypass all such restrictions. Through this guide, you’ll discover the top 5 VPNs for accessing YouTube and Youtube TV from anywhere in the world. These VPN services offer reliable and fast connections and strong security features to protect your online privacy while streaming content on these platforms.

The YouTube experience is not the same everywhere. Videos available to people in the US may vary slightly from those outside the US due to the geo-locking restrictions. Sometimes, content creators or YouTube restrict which local audience can see their videos to comply with licensing regulations and local laws.

Typically, videos that are not available in your location will not show up on your feed. But, if you encounter such content, you might get one of these two error messages:

  • This video is not available in your country.”
  • The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps you hide your IP address, network identity, and location from YouTube. Instead, a VPN gives you a decoy IP address and location, allowing you to evade geo-locking restrictions to access video content that would otherwise be unavailable in your area.

While many VPNs offer unique offers, the best VPNs for YouTube and TV ensure you can also have a high-speed connection and identity security while accessing geo-restricted content. We researched and highlighted the best VPN services for YouTube and YouTube TV based on their safety, speed, and reliability.