How to Get a YouTube Premium Discount (Save Money) in 2023

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: April 25, 2023 Read time: 11 minutes Disclosure

The YouTube Premium marketing strategy assigns different prices to each country. This allows users to arbitrage the service's fee with the help of a VPN. This article explains how.

YouTube Premium gives you many advantages over the standard version. For example, it does away with ads, allows for video downloads, and can run in the background, even on locked devices. Of course, these advantages don’t come for free, but you can minimize the cost significantly with a VPN.

How much fun is it to watch YouTube videos? If your answer is an enthusiastic “a lot!” you’re not alone. The video platform has 1.7 billion monthly individual users, so a sizeable chunk of the world’s population agrees with you. Of course, the only thing better than binge-watching YouTube is to do it without ads. YouTube knows that. That’s why it has set up a dedicated YouTube Premium facility for you.

YouTube has always counted on you getting fed up with ads at some point. Thus, it offers a YouTube Premium free trial available for users to test the feature first before spending their money. And once you try it, you get used to it. Soon you’ll forget the insane number of ads you had to swallow as a YouTube watcher in the past.

So yes, YouTube Premium is there to enhance your user experience. But it has a cost, and it could be a bit much for some users, especially if they already have monthly commitments to pay.

So, are you interested in saving money on your YouTube Premium fee? Here is the right guide for you!

Due to recent updates in YouTube Premium’s credit card approval process, this method no longer works for everyone. Despite being able to have an active VPN connection to get a discounted subscription price, you will need a Mastercard or Visa with a corresponding billing address from the country you’re signing up through. And everyone cannot manage all that. At PrivacySavvy, we are constantly developing new solutions, so keep checking back.

The YouTube Premium service

But let’s get the basics right before we move on. Here is what YouTube Premium gives you:

  • Ad-free viewing. You’ll never have to see those ads at each video’s beginning and middle. However, the platform is fraught with other types of publicity. So your fee will spare you those ads distributed by YouTube only. But that’s enough.
  • Offline viewing. You can download videos to your device to watch them without an internet connection. Mind you. The videos are available within the app or the website only. Unfortunately, you don’t get files you can manage.
  • Background play. When you have a Premium service, the content keeps playing while you do other things, even while your phone or tablet is locked.
  • YouTube Music Premium. It is like Google’s Spotify, so there’s plenty of music for you to enjoy, even in the background.

Going Premium is a good idea if you’re an avid YouTube user. Of course, the YouTube Music part could be redundant if you are on Amazon Music or Spotify, but the other advantages could still be significant. Please note that your YouTube TV subscription doesn’t include YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium pricing plans for different countries

YouTube’s reach is global, as you probably suspected. And so is the Premium plan, but the pricing is not. The monthly fee you pay depends on your country. So, for instance, in Argentina, you have to pay 1.20 USD, while in the UK, the price is 16.54 USD, which is more than ten times higher.

Jurisdiction Local price USD price
Argentina 119 $1.20
Australia 14.99 $11.19
Austria, France, Germany, Italy 11.99 $13.95
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg 6.99 $8.13
Brazil 20.9 $3.75
Canada 11.99 $9.70
Czech Republic 179 $8.17
Hong Kong 68 $8.74
India 129 $1.71
Portugal 8.49 $9.88
Romania 26 $6.11
Singapore 11.98 $8.90
South Africa 71.99 $4.94
Sweden 69 $8.01
Switzerland 15.9 $17.25
United Kingdom 11.99 $16.54
United States 11.99 $11.99
Currency conversion rates and pricing are subject to vary as these variables tend to get updated frequently.

The thing to notice here is that all the users in every country get the same service and content. So why should you pay a fee that is orders of magnitude higher? Why should you be punished for living in your country? So let’s consider this problem and find a solution.

How to get a much cheaper YouTube Premium subscription

You can sign up for the free trial if you’d like to see how YouTube Premium works. Then, if you like it, you may subscribe.

However, before randomly joining the Premium version, try to research the subscription costs in different countries to ensure you have to pay a minimal amount.

1. Search for free trial offers

A standard one-month free trial is available for every new subscriber on YouTube. But don’t rush in. Sometimes you can find unique three-month free trials.

Remember: your free trial Premium account will automatically roll over to a paid version unless you cancel your Premium status before the trial ends.

Log into your Google account and go to YouTube Premium to find out if you qualify for a free trial and how long.