What is 2-factor authentication, and why should I use it?

Rob Githinji  - Tech Expert
Last updated: November 17, 2023
Read time: 12 minutes

Using a VPN and password manager is not enough to ensure data safety. You should enable 2-factor authentication (2FA) to maximize all your accounts' security.

Two-factor authentication adds an additional verification step during account sign-ins. Since it works on top of your password, your account remains inaccessible even if an adversary somehow manages to steal your password. Today, numerous 2FA options exist, such as using one-time passwords (OTPs), biometric scans, and authenticator apps.

Today, many people have adapted to the whole online lifestyle due to unforeseen circumstances and the advancement of technology. However, the more technology advances, the more circumstantially and online vulnerability keeps turning into the masses’ prime concerns.

As the importance of securing online accounts keeps growing, more and more people keep hearing about 2-factor authentication (aka 2FA). As you are here, chances are you, too, are one of them.

Worry no more, here you will discover an easy-to-digest answer to your question, “what is 2-factor authentication?” alongside its benefits. So let’s get straight to that all.

Understanding 2-factor authentication

Whether you open an account on a website or app, you must input your credentials. Login credentials consist of a username or email and password.