49 best safe alternatives to CouchTuner in 2023 that work

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: March 11, 2023 Read time: 40 minutes Disclosure

If you're looking for information on whether CouchTuner is safe and legal, and what are the best alternatives to it, this article should help. I have put together 49 different options from the many alternative platforms - all with functional web links!

Sneak peek at using Couchtuner alternatives

CouchTuner is among the popular streaming platforms offering numerous movies and TV programs without requiring registration or subscription fees. Nonetheless, watching pirated content may indulge you in copyright infringement issues because it is illegal in many countries. Moreover, accessing CouchTuner may infect your devices with malware and viruses via malicious ads and links. Therefore, using a reputed VPN shield is crucial for visiting this site safely. Or, you may also switch to secure alternatives of CouchTuner, mentioned in this guide, that support seamless content streaming with minimum cybersecurity risks.

Since you’re here to read this guide on the best alternatives to CouchTuner, you might already know what this platform is. (Every binge-streamer does.) Nevertheless, here’s a quick brief of it if you haven’t heard about CouchTuner yet or want to refresh your memory.

Couchtuner is a streaming website that came online eleven years ago. It has since gained popularity and a huge user base around the world. The site features an enormous collection of movies and TV shows that users can watch without undergoing any registration process or paying any fees.

Does it sound too good to be true? While that’s all the truth, maybe, you should ask, does it sound too good to be legal and safe to use? This article answers these vital questions regarding CouchTuner and presents an extensive list of the best CouchTuner alternatives you can use in 2023.

Top 10 CouchTuner alternatives – Quick list

Running short on time to go through the entire list? No worries. Here is a quick list of the 10 best services you can use instead of CouchTuner.

  1. Putlocker – tremendous collection of movies and shows; free to use but requires registration
  2. Flixtor – free to view service with no ads; doesn’t require registration
  3. Popcorn Time – requires download; source code available on GitHub; interesting to use but still in beta
  4. Cinebloom – various movies and shows; no registration required; free but shows ads
  5. Crackle – well-categorized content; requires registration for additional features; shows ads and limited to US only
  6. Tubi – free to use; requires registration; supports parental control; available in US only
  7. Solarmovie – includes Asian content with some British and French media too
  8. Netflix – huge content library; tremendous user base; regional restrictions on content availability; premium service
  9. Hulu – paid streaming service; streams content on-demand
  10. Rainierland – huge content database; free to use; too many ads

In most countries, copyright-protected material is not supposed to be freely broadcasted without the explicit permission of the copyright owners. In this regard, CouchTuner is a pirate site – downright illegal.

If you use it frequently, you have probably noticed that it keeps getting blocked and frequently switches its subdomains to keep going. This shows, like popular torrent sites, the site stays on the radar of surveillance authorities that have adopted a hostile gesture towards it.

Therefore, using Couchtuner can get you in trouble. You are at risk of civil and criminal prosecution if you live in a jurisdiction where the government pursues such matters.

And yes, you are responsible for it!

See, the terms of use you didn’t read while streaming your favorite movies and shows from the site clearly state that the liability is shifted to you – the user.

That is why having a VPN is a good idea when you go to Couchtuner or its alternatives. This tool can not only protect you from governmental surveillance, but it can also help you stay anonymous, bringing up security.

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Of course, using VPNs for watching streaming videos can be tedious because not all VPNs support this functionality. Yet, it’s better to bear this effort and find a good VPN instead of risking legal issues. Or, you should look for other legal alternatives to CouchTuner.

Your ISP could throttle and monitor your internet activity when using streaming websites. If your identity is revealed, you could face a cease and desist notice from the provider or even face legal charges. 

As such, reviewing local laws and regulations is recommended to ensure you do not fall victim to copyright infringement. The table below presents a quick summary of countries with privacy legislation:

Stance on Piracy Countries
Legal (Personal use) Spain, Poland, Switzerland
Illegal Germany, Australia, France, China, Italy, Britain, Finland, Portugal, Russia, United States, South Africa
Illegal but users are not prosecuted Denmark, Argentina, Czech Republic, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Israel, India, Greece, Egypt, Iran, the Philippines, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Uruguay, Singapore, Brazil, and Slovenia

Does using CouchTuner risk online safety?

Yes, it does!