21 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives in 2023 (All Working)

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: November 8, 2023
Read time: 24 minutes

Popcorn Time went officially offline in January 2023. This article offers a variety of alternatives to Popcorn Time in the legal and not-so-legal niches.

Popcorn Time was a video streaming platform that turned the BitTorrent network into an available streaming system. It was popular enough to give Netflix something of a scare. It’s gone now, but there are many other video streamers (legal and otherwise) that you can use, so you don’t miss Popcorn Time ever again.

Popcorn time is history now. The project shut down in January 2022. But now there must be alternatives to Popcorn Time for you to use, right?

When free video streaming websites are successful, the usual thing is for many mirrors to pop up all around the web so that even when the original website goes offline, the mirrors remain around, using the same source code to stream illegal content.

That hasn’t happened with Popcorn Time. The app’s service is based on an engine that requires much more expertise than cloning a website. However, three clones appeared as an open-source project, but they haven’t gathered the momentum that made the original project famous.

And using Popcorn Time always entailed a risk. Firstly, torrenting copyrighted material is illegal almost everywhere, and some jurisdictions actively pursue this type of cybercrime. Second, some fake apps appeared over time, spreading malware.

The threat to users is real. In 2015, the German authorities managed to extract the IP addresses of the app’s users and had them face a legal process for illegally spreading copyrighted material.