The 15 Best Browsers for Netflix (Safe, Hassle-free Streaming)

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Last updated: May 25, 2024
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Discover the top-notch browsers for secure Netflix streaming and choose the one that fits your needs.


Many internet browsers promise the highest quality, but most aren’t what they say. In today’s digital era, choosing the most suitable browser for streaming your favorite movies and shows without interruption is difficult. We have checked plenty of browsers deeply; Chrome and Safari are our top calls. Read this article to explore more options to watch your desired content on your favorite streaming platform. We have done your homework for you.

Netflix is one of the top-rated streaming platforms, available in more than 190 countries worldwide and offering its users the most in-demand movies and shows. However, streaming can sometimes depend on the resources. Using Netflix with a browser to stream videos instead of an application is wise.

However, not all web browsers handle video streaming equally well. This article will guide you through the most reliable browsers for safe and effortless Netflix streaming.

Quick overview of the top 10 best browsers for Netflix

  1. Google Chrome: This popular browser boasts various video quality options, allowing you to stream Netflix movies at different resolutions. Google Chrome serves 720p video quality at lightning speed on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also watch your videos in 1080p resolution on Chrome OS.
  2. Safari: Safari prides itself as one of the best browsers for Netflix in 2024 on the iPhone because of its fast speed. It also allows viewers with macOS 10.11 to 10.15 to view movies in resolutions up to 1080p.
  3. Chromium Browser: The technology behind Google Chrome comes from the Chromium browser. Get ready for a lightning-fast connection as you watch your favorite Netflix shows on Chromium.
  4. Opera Web Browser: It has a Battery Saver mode that helps to extend your battery life. Opera Web Browser is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, and mobile devices.
  5. Mozilla Firefox: This user-friendly browser prioritizes your privacy and ensures security from cybercriminals. Mozilla Firefox also has numerous extensions that you can easily customize as you like.
  6. Waterfox: This browser uses little processing power and is fast. Moreover, it’s available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android operating systems, making it easily accessible on a wide range of devices.
  7. Tor Browser: Tor Browser has built-in privacy and security features. Interestingly, most of the Firefox extensions are compatible with Tor Browser, fostering seamless integration.
  8. UR Browser: Although unpopular, this browser packs a ton of security features, including an in-built VPN, allowing you to enjoy privacy while streaming Netflix. Its minimal desktop interface and Chromium engine allow it to work at a high speed.
  9. Torch Browser: Torch Browser comes with an integrated torrent downloader. If you use multiple devices, it helps you sync your data across all of them.
  10. Vivaldi Browser: Vivaldi allows you to customize your browser workspace easily. Beyond that, its sync feature lets you sync your browsing data across multiple devices.

15 best Netflix browsers today – Detailed list

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Our Rating


Compatible with various devices

Chrome occupies a lot of storage on devices

Download Google Chrome

If you want a lightweight browser where you can watch Netflix videos at maximum speed, then Google Chrome is for you. An impressive fact about this browser is that it doesn’t compromise your video quality. Also, on Google Chrome, you can explore a large library of free extensions. You can add the Netflix Flip plugin to watch videos in different positions without physically rotating your phone.

To enjoy extra fun, you can download Chrome’s Watch Netflix Together extension to watch your favorite movies and shows online with your friends and family. What’s more? You can even chat and give your loved ones emojis while streaming together.

With Google Chrome, you can synchronize your Netflix data across multiple devices. However, as a new user, you’d have to enable the Widevine Content Decryption Module plugin so you don’t experience any viewing restrictions or receive an error message.

2. Safari

Our Rating


Mobile extensions are supported by Safari

Limited compatibility

Download Safari

There is no competition to the fact that Safari stands out as an excellent option to watch Netflix in the iOS browser because it blends well with the MacBook’s integrated graphics. It is also the best browser for Netflix 4K streaming for macOS 11.0 and above. Because Safari allows you to run Netflix natively, you won’t need too many resources, ultimately protecting your battery life.

Safari’s graphics are top-notch, and its HTTP protocol gives you a good user experience. Its scrolling feature also lets you find your preferred videos easily.

In addition, this browser has got you covered for privacy and security concerns. Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) feature protects third parties from accessing and tracking your personal data.

3. Chromium Browser

Chromium Browser
Our Rating


No browser data tracking

Manually download and install updates

Download Chromium

You can’t talk about the Chromium browser without mentioning speed. The major idea behind its design is creating an open-source browser that is safe, fast, and stable for every user, irrespective of their devices. So, if you use Linux, Windows, macOS, BSD, or Android, you can use Chromium to watch videos on platforms like Netflix.

Chromium is the technology behind Google Chrome, which is why it has numerous features similar to Chrome. You can sign in with your Google account to sync your settings, history, login details, and bookmarks. It also allows you to store your Netflix account data on the cloud. Chromium plugins like social media integration and ad blockers can elevate your streaming adventure.

4. Opera Web Browser

Our Rating


Fast and consistent speeds

Doesn’t support WebRTC and CSS animations

Download Opera

Just like Google Chrome, Opera uses the Widevine DRM feature for you to watch Netflix videos securely. Using its built-in social media tool options, you can stay active on your social media handles while still on the browser.

One thing that separates this browser is that it doesn’t consume too much processing power compared with other browsers. For example, a tab needing 2 GB memory to stay open on Chrome would need just 400 MB on Opera. Nonetheless, the browser still provides video quality of up to 720p.

You can explore the Battery Saver mode on Opera to extend your PC’s battery life by up to 50%. In this mode, the browser limits background activities and adjusts the video playback. It also stops animations so that the CPU does less work.

Opera’s unique streaming experience is excellent because it has a built-in ad block option to restrict intrusive ads on your movies. You can also use the built-in VPN for streaming movies and shows that might not be available in your current location.

5. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox
Our Rating


Efficient memory usage

Some compatibility issues

Download Mozilla Firefox

If you want a fast browser that takes privacy and security a little more seriously, then Mozilla Firefox will win your heart. Its Enhanced Tracking protection prevents other websites from tracking your activities. You can also check the Protection dashboard to view blocked trackers and the sites they come from.

The built-in password manager on Mozilla Firefox gives you access to your password across multiple devices. With many extensions, you can customize the browser and improve its functionality. Firefox is also considered one of the most secure browsers to use today.

For example, the pop-up video feature keeps your video streaming at the corner of your screen as you do other things on your computer. The Turn Off the Lights extension also dims the light around your videos to create a more cinematic experience.

6. Waterfox

Our Rating


Has good speeds

Limited features

Download Waterfox

Waterfox is a light browser, so you can expect to stream Netflix videos smoothly without lagging. You don’t have to worry about your data’s safety because it doesn’t collect your browsing information, let alone share it with external parties. However, to ensure your Netflix web browser log in, you must install the Widevine extension.

The browser serves different operating systems, including Linux, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. And as you can tell from its name, it operates using Firefox’s engine. To describe Waterfox in one sentence, we’ll say it is fast, safe, and easy to use.

7. Tor Browser

Tor Browser
Our Rating


Encrypts and relays data

Can slow down browsing

Download Tor Browser

Being one of the best free browsers for Netflix in 2024, Tor Browser comes with inbuilt privacy; as such, you might not need a VPN to stream your videos. Whether you own a Windows, macOS, or Linux, you don’t need an extra installation to enjoy Tor and its onion services. Android users are also not left out on the value of this browser because it has a mobile version.

You can use Firefox add-ons on Tor to boost your streaming adventure. If you want to view shows or movies unavailable in your location, you can change your IP address to unlock them. For users who like personalization, the themes, fonts, and colors on the browser’s interface can be customized to suit their preferences. Moreover, you can use a VPN service with Tor for enhanced security and privacy.

8. UR Browser

UR Browser
Our Rating


Fast browsing and download speed

High battery consumption

Download UR Browser

UR Browser might not be the most popular, but it has earned a spot on our list because it has proven fast and secure. Also, both Windows and macOS users can enjoy the value it serves. A built-in VPN is an excellent option if you want the ideal anonymity as you stream on Netflix.

UR Browser ensures that your internet service provider (ISP) and third parties cannot monitor your location or digital footprints. As such, you can access Netflix content that might be unavailable in your location.

Alongside hiding your online data, UR Browser protects you from downloading malware. Thankfully, none of these security features affect the browser’s speed. Also, since there are no ads, cookies, or trackers to slow down your pages, expect Netflix to load without buffering or lagging.

9. Torch Browser

Torch Browser
Our Rating


Built in search

Has ads

Download Torch Browser

With its sleek and user-friendly design, you’ll find this browser easy to navigate as a Windows and Mac user. Torch is also based on the Chromium platform, so you are safe from malware and viruses as you stream videos on Netflix. It has media-focused functionalities like torrent downloaders and media grabbers to make your viewing experience exceptional.

Additionally, Torch has a social media share feature. As a result, you don’t need to close or switch tabs to share your thoughts on X (Twitter) or Facebook when you’re watching a show on Netflix. Like other Chromium-based platforms, you can import your saved passwords and history between multiple devices.

The fast speed you should expect when using the Torch Browser is worth mentioning. Additionally, the platform is VPN-compatible. If you want to deal with restrictions on some Netflix content, you only need to download a good VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN to start viewing.

10. Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser
Our Rating


Built-in ad blocker

No advanced security features

Download Vivaldi Browser

This browser’s adaptive user interface is one of its most impressive features. It might not seem like much, but the aesthetic way it blends with Netflix’s site is satisfying. Vivaldi has a tab and address bar, which you can easily customize. The fact that you have access to Chrome’s extension gives the browser a more versatile edge.

Its speed is exceptional, and it doesn’t use too much memory. As such, you’ll have a super amazing time watching your favorite Netflix movies without experiencing buffering or lagging.

The split-screen option on the browser can boost your productivity. Also, the browser ensures privacy because it doesn’t track browsing data or sell your information to third parties.

11. Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser
Our Rating


Has extra protection

Doesn’t support password managers

Download Epic Privacy browser

This browser should be your first choice to stream Netflix safely. Epic Privacy Browser is built on Chromium and has private browser functionality that helps you block adverts, trackers, and fingerprinting to ensure no tracking is done. This means your data remains safe online.

This browser is fast, and its extra privacy feature means you won’t see options like auto-suggest, password saving, third-party cookies, and Google sync. Epic uses an encrypted proxy to hide your details from third-party companies and servers. However, you’ll need the Internet Explorer extension to watch Netflix without restrictions.

12. Puffin TV Browser

Puffin TV Browser
Our Rating


Faster loading time

Doesn’t support extensions

Download Puffin TV Browser

Puffin TV browser is a free and fast way for Android, iOS, and Windows users to watch movies on Netflix. It supports Flash player and has functions like an on-screen keyboard, automatic pop-up blockers, virtual gamepad, and trackpad.

This browser has an aesthetic interface with cloud support, an incognito tab, a sidebar, and toolbar color themes. You can access Netflix regardless of location because it supports Virtual Private Network (VPN). Simply download one of our recommended VPNs to change your IP address and start catching up on the latest series on Netflix.

13. Microsoft Edge 

Microsoft Edge
Our Rating


Fast and efficient speed

Interface isn’t impressive

Download Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge provides the best quality and high-speed streaming because of its Chromium engine. However, to get the best out of Microsoft Edge as a Windows user, ensure your device is at least an Intel’s 7th-gen core capable of a 4K display. Also, it must be a Windows 10 version 1607 or above.

Microsoft Edge’s hardware-based DRM gives you access to higher video quality. The InPrivate mode prioritizes your safety by ensuring no one can access personal information like your passwords, site data, or address information. Also, if you want to visit sites other than Netflix, the SmartScreen feature protects you from clicking on untrusted web pages.

14. GNU IceCat

Our Rating


Provides a safe browsing experience

No proprietary software

Download GNU IceCat

Like Mozilla, GNU IceCat prioritizes safety by encrypting your network while watching videos on Netflix. It protects your browsing activity from third parties during normal and private streaming. Rest assured that no one can steal your login details through your browser cookies because it blocks the activities of privacy trackers.

GNU IceCat has a large library of free plugins that you can install to improve your streaming moment. Irrespective of the number of add-ons installed, the browser remains lightweight, so you do not experience any issues loading your Netflix videos.

15. Brave Browser

Brave Browser
Our Rating


Impressive speeds

Can’t access certain websites

Download Brave Browser

As interesting as it sounds, Brave is three times faster than Chrome and provides very good security. With its built-in trackers and ad blockers, you don’t have to deal with annoying ad pop-ups when streaming. Also, your Netflix pages load faster since there are no extra unwanted pages to load.

Brave uses Chromium Core and Blink technology, that’s why it’s fast. There’s no such thing as your videos buffering when enjoying your best Netflix series. Additionally, Brave helps you hide your IP address and browsing history, adding an extra layer of security as you stream your favorite shows.

Which browser supports Netflix 4K?

This depends on the type of device you’re using. For Windows, Microsoft Edge is the best browser that supports Netflix 4K playback. The Safari browser is the most suitable option for macOS for Netflix 4K.

Which is the best browser for streaming?

Our top pick for the best browser for streaming is Opera, and it’s the best for many reasons. First, it has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t consume too much processing power. As such, there is no such thing as lagging as you stream your favorite Netflix shows.

Also, it has a social media integration feature and a 360 video player characteristic that virtual reality gamers can leverage. However, if you want a more macOS-specific browser, your best bet is Safari 14.


The fastest browser for streaming videos depends on the streaming service, your device, and your preferences. For Windows, Microsoft Edge takes the lead for fast streaming in 4k on platforms like Netflix on Windows. Safari takes the lead for macOS.

Yes, they are. Most browsers have extensions like ad blocking, video downloading, and other plugins to boost your Netflix streaming adventure.

All the Netflix browsers on our list have one form of built-in privacy and security. For example, Epic Privacy Browser and Firefox have ad and tracker blockers to give you a good experience while protecting your online privacy.

This depends on your devices and the streaming site. For Windows, Chrome will serve you better. On the flip side, Safari will come in handy for Apple users.

None of these two browsers is better than the other for streaming because they both have their unique features. For example, Firefox stands out for security and privacy. On the other hand, Chrome is fast and doesn’t hog your system’s resources. Furthermore, there are different plug-ins you can leverage on each of these platforms to elevate your viewing experience. 

Absolutely! In fact, it is good practice to try as many browsers as possible to see the one that suits your preference and is most compatible with your device.

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