Is the Vivaldi Browser Safe to Use in 2024?

Jorge Felix  - Cybersecurity Expert
Last updated: January 1, 2024
Read time: 14 minutes

The Vivaldi web browser is an exciting new web browser with the best customization and privacy features.


The Vivaldi web browser is one of the newest and most advanced tools. It’s known for its efficiency and low impact on a device’s overall performance, privacy features, and customization options. It is also one of the safest web browsing options like Brave and DuckDuckGo. Join us as we tell you all about it in this article.

Vivaldi is a unique web browser. It’s highly customizable, fast, safe, and privacy-friendly.

The browser’s engine is built on Chromium. However, it’s more similar to Opera than to Google Chrome, which makes sense when you learn that this project is the brainchild of Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, who used to be Opera’s CEO.

Vivaldi is a great browser if you are an intensive multitasker. And it has so many built-in tools that you’ll never want to install an extension again. Also, it’s among the fastest and more reliable browsers on mobile devices. 

But is it safe?

Join us as we have a look at Vivaldi. We explore its performance, security, and other features, besides comparing it with the popular web browser Google Chrome. Vivaldi differs from every web browser, and this article will explain why.

The Vivaldi web browser: An introduction

Vivaldi came to life as Tatsuki Tomita, and Tetzchner came together to start their new project in 2016.

The two founders knew each other from their time at Opera Software. So they had the idea to create a browser that would give the user total control over the browsing experience. That’s why Vivaldi’s is so highly customizable. There’s almost nothing you can’t change to suit your taste. Tab positions, gestures, themes, you name it. Vivaldi lets you fiddle with it until you’re happy with the result.