5 Best Mozilla Firefox VPN Extensions in 2024

Justice Ekaeze  - Tech Expert
Last updated: February 28, 2024
Read time: 13 minutes

This guide explores the universe of VPNs, their browser extensions, and the one best suitable for the Mozilla Firefox browser. Also find one free VPN add-on for your browser.

Mozilla Firefox browser is a business veteran and a pioneer. Among the many industry standard features it is responsible for introducing are extensions or add-ons. Every software today has a browser extension, and VPNs are included. Knowing the best VPNs for your Firefox browser is tricky, but we have simplified it with ardent and thorough research and provided details in this guide.

Online privacy is a genuine and ever-growing concern for online users today. As a result, Mozilla Firefox offers its users complete privacy. Although the Firefox browser is safe, adding a VPN extension ensures extra security and privacy.

A reliable VPN keeps your IP address and online activities hidden using private channels. It also gives you access to geo-restricted content.

Thankfully, most major VPN services are compatible with Firefox, with extensions tailored to suit the browser, each with different features and quality. However, the abundant choice of impressive browser extensions makes selecting the one that meets your browsing habits challenging.

Therefore, to help you find your best pick, this guide explains the different VPN extensions, their features, and how to install them to ensure secure browsing on Mozilla Firefox.

5 Best Mozilla VPN extensions – Quick list