Who is My ISP? Understanding Your Internet Service Provider

Ademilade Shodipe Dosunmu  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: November 17, 2023
Read time: 11 minutes

Ever wondered what an ISP is? Who is yours? This guide explains how it works and what it does in easy-to-understand terms.

Think of an ISP – short for Internet Service Provider – as your gateway to the web. With a good ISP, you’ll be sailing through your downloads, uploads, and streams in no time. But remember, they can usually see what you’re up to online. Want to avoid that? A VPN can help. Keep reading; we’ll explain everything you need to know about ISPs on top of how to check your ISP.

In today’s fast-paced technological world, the internet undeniably plays a crucial role in our lives. It cuts across how we communicate, browse the web, send emails, stream videos, and access information in general. But have you ever wondered how all these activities are possible? That’s where the power of our unsung heroes, ISPs, comes into play.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are organizations responsible for creating the connection between your hardware and a larger network system. Thus, allowing you to access the internet on your devices. To use an ISP, you must subscribe to its proprietary data plan, and a modem or router is usually given to you for connection purposes.

In any case, you need to understand the role of your ISP’s role and the importance of speed, uptime, reliability, and customer support before making a financial decision. To this end, this article will dive into what an ISP is, how to identify who your ISP is, the types of ISPs, and how they impact your overall internet experience.

How to check your ISP

Below are steps you can use to know who your current broadband provider is;