7 Best VPNs for Kindle Fire in 2024

Aliu Isa  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: January 8, 2024

Avoid cyber spying or attacks when using your Amazon Tablet. Protect your privacy alongside unblocking geo-restricted content worldwide with a Kindle Fire VPN.


Amazon Fire or Kindle Fire Tablets are not just reading tools. Fire Tablets also support internet browsing, streaming, a wide range of applications, and other content. Nevertheless, there can be limitations while accessing all the content due to geo-restrictions. The only solution for this is using a VPN. You may find a plethora of VPNs available today, but not all of them can work on Fire OS. This guide lists the best Kindle fire VPNs with fire OS compatibility, fast-speed servers, robust security features, and content unblocking capabilities.

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are popular because of their convenience and the enormous variety of supported apps. Besides reading, you can use your device to browse and stream your favorite online content.

However, many internet service providers practice bandwidth throttling to discourage excessive data usage. This means doing activities such as streaming may become an issue. Furthermore, streaming services use geo-blocks to limit access to specific geographic locations.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will encrypt your traffic and hide your IP address, preventing your ISP from seeing your activities. Also, by connecting to a server in another country, you’ll be able to access blocked content. Therefore, installing a VPN on your Kindle Fire tablet is certainly a step in the right direction.

Quick summary of the best Kindle Fire VPNs

  1. NordVPN – The very best VPN for Kindle Fire tablets, as a whole. The provider uses advanced security features, and the servers produce fast speeds.
  2. ExpressVPN – Our top recommended VPN with blazing fast servers scattered all around the globe. It has stealth protection and top-notch features
  3. Private Internet Access – A high-value VPN with thousands of servers in over 80 countries. You can customize most of the features to fit your needs.

Comparison of the best VPNs for Kindle Fire

Ratings 9.8/109.6/109.5/108.9/109.1/108.5/108.3/108.3/10
Monthly Plan $3.71-$11.95$6.67-$12.95$3.71-$11.95$2.69-$9.95$2.49 – $12.95$2.50-$$9.99$3.33-$10.95$2.45-$9.95
Split tunneling No
Kill switch ✔ (Network Lock)✔ (Connection Guard feature)✔ (Only for Windows)
Unblocks Netflix 
Adblocker✔ (CyberSec feature)No✔ (CyberSec feature)✔ (CleanWeb feature)No✔ (Content filter)No
Money-back guarantee 

When compiling our list of the best Kindle Fire VPNs, we based our research on the following criteria:

  • Compatibility with Amazon Fire tablet
  • Fast speed servers
  • privacy and security
  • Unblocking capability

In-depth analysis of the top VPNs for Kindle Fire

1. NordVPN

NordVPN for Streaming

Surely the perfect VPN for Kindle Fire tablets. With it super-fast services and top-notch security, there’s no other service near to it.

servers Offers above 5,000 VPN servers in 60 countries
P2P optimized servers Servers are especially P2P optimized
encryption Strong AES-256-bit encryption
Kill switch Two-way kill switch
simultaneous connections Connection for six devices on one account
protection Solid Web protection
MultiHop mode Owns multiHop-mode
money-back guarantee Money-return guarantee of 30 days
  • Extremely fast
  • Massive global server network
  • Strong security and privacy
  • The android app lacks a kill switch

NordVPN is our top pick VPN for the Kindle Fire tablet. For instance, it values your privacy, employs advanced security, and unblocks streaming websites.

Server network

The company boasts an extensive network of over 5,393 servers in more than 59 countries. It has the most prominent coverage in the US and UK, but you’ll also get multiple servers in the other locations. One important thing to note is that the VPN does not have virtual servers and only uses physical servers.

All of NordVPN’s servers do not support torrenting. Instead, it offers several optimized servers purposely designed for P2P sharing. They provide faster speed than the rest of the servers, which means you will torrent without any issues.

The obfuscated servers will hide your VPN traffic to make you look like you aren’t using a VPN. This will help you to get past even the strictest firewalls. It is an excellent feature if you live in countries that restrict VPN usage.


Why does a massive server network matter? The distance between your location and the server you are using affects the speed. Noticeably, it takes a shorter time to send information to a nearby server than a faraway one.

NordVPN is a fast Kindle Fire VPN as it offers reliable and consistent speed. Although it took a while to establish a connection, the speed is awe-inspiring once connected. You’ll be able to stream in Ultra HD and make quality video calls without buffering or lags. The high speeds can be attributed to its proprietary NordLynx protocol.


Many VPNs are unable to bypass the restrictions of primary streaming services. However, NordVPN will give you easy access to any streaming website you want. The majority of the US servers we tested work well with Netflix, offering reliable speeds to stream high-quality video. It also unblocks other sites with tough geo-blocks, such as NBC, Disney +, BBC iPlayer, etc.

Security and privacy

NordVPN goes above and beyond to safeguard your data and connections when using the internet. Its encryption specification includes AES 256-bit encryption, 3072-bit RSA key exchange, and SHA384 authentication. In addition, it uses perfect forward secrecy to change your encryption key every time you start a session.

The provider is incorporated in Panama, a privacy haven like the British Virgin Islands. Moreover, it does not keep logs that can identify its users. These claims have been independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and NordVPN makes the reports publicly available for transparency.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN new features block logo 120 by 120 now

Great weapon to unblock any geo-restricted content anywhere in the world. Undoubtedly, the best VPN for Kindle Fire to read your favorite writer’s stuff without limitations.

servers Network of over 3,000 speedy-VPN servers in over 88 countries
encryption Government-grade AES-256-bit encryption
protection Boasts IP leak protection
P2P optimized servers Allows P2P sharing on servers
Kill switch Network Lock (kill switch)
Zero-logs policy No logging at all
simultaneous connections Maximum connection for five devices at once
money-back guarantee Money-back policy of 30 days
  • Easily unblocks streaming sites
  • Cutting-edge security and privacy
  • Fast speed across all servers
  • Somewhat expensive than competitors

ExpressVPN earns a spot on the top three VPNs for Kindle Fire for many reasons. It offers exceptional speed and has a long-standing reputation for security and reliability. 

Server network

The VPN has a massive network of over 3000 servers in 94 countries across over 160 locations worldwide. It has more servers in some locations, with the US having the best coverage. This makes it easy to access blocked sites and apps in the country.


Obviously, speed is essential regardless of what you are doing online. However, the VPN encryption process slows down internet connections. ExpressVPN uses superior servers and the latest technology, and the speed loss will be barely noticeable. For example, it has recently introduced the Lightway protocol that doubles or sometimes triples the speed of other protocols.

The Smart Location feature will enable you to establish a VPN connection automatically with just a click of a button. It will measure your speed, latency, and distance to present you with the fastest server on the network. There is also an option to choose and connect to the servers manually.


Does ExpressVPN unblock popular streaming sites? ExpressVPN is one of the few VPNs that can reliably bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions. We tested the US library with Washington and New York servers, and everything worked perfectly.

If you get an error, you can always switch to another server. It also unblocks Netflix libraries in other countries such as Canada, the UK, Japan, and France. Moreover, ExpressVPN works well with other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, PeacockTV, and more.

Security and privacy

You’ll be pleased to know that ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. In addition, it doesn’t belong to 14-Eyes Alliance or share intelligence information with any country.

The VPN will protect your traffic with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. It also supports perfect forward secrecy (PFS) that changes the encryption keys frequently to prevent security compromises. Additionally, the kill switch feature will prevent your data from leaking if the VPN fails.

ExpressVPN’s privacy policy explains the company’s position against retaining personally identifiable information. However, like other VPN services, ExpressVPN collects diagnostic data, including data usage, server connection time, and the app version installed. This information is only for diagnostic purposes and cannot be traced back to you.

3. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private internet access pros cons block logo

Solid VPN service for Kindle Fire with impressive features. It has a massive server network so that you can read your favorite stuff from anywhere globally.

servers Thousands of servers in over 80 countries
encryption Solid AES-128/256 data encryption
P2P optimized servers Full P2P support
Zero-logs policy Zero logging on users
Ad Blocker feature MACE ad blocker
simultaneous connections Ten connections at a time
protection Promises no DNS leaks
money-back guarantee Pay-back policy of 30 days
  • Highly customizable
  • Effective kill switch
  • Genuine privacy policy
  • It does not offer split tunneling.

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a high-value VPN with lots of exciting features. It is lightweight, and you can customize most of the features to fit your needs.

Server network

This is the biggest network on this list. Private Internet Access has over 33,463 VPN and Proxy servers in 97 countries. The servers are placed in Europe, North America, South America, and Australia, and Africa.

However, some of PIA’s servers are virtual, which is a major concern if you value your privacy. For example, a VPN server can be indicated to be in the UK, but it is actually located in the US.


As we have mentioned earlier, a large network is good for speed because there is less crowding. On top of a decently huge pool network, PIA has a quick connection that automatically connects you to the nearby servers for best possible speeds.

The provider lists the servers by country, so you can also establish the VPN connection manually. However, finding the right server may be a hassle due to the high number of servers.


Connecting to a Netflix VPN will give you access to all of your favorite content. We started our test with the US since the majority of PIA’s servers are based there. Bypassing Netflix and other popular streaming services’ content geo-restrictions was relatively easy on most of the servers we tried. BBC iPlayer in the UK didn’t unblock at first but worked after several attempts.

Security and privacy

PIA allows you to customize the security features so you can get the best connection. For example, the apps have AES 128-bit encryption by default, but you can easily switch to AES 256-bit encryption. Also, there is the option to choose between OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. The MACE feature blocks ads as well as malware and trackers.

In terms of privacy, PIA does not keep users’ traffic or activity logs. Although the provider has not been independently audited like its competitors such as NordVPN, it claims to be verified. The provider’s claim was proven in court cases where it had been served with subpoenas to provide users’ information. PIA did not have any information to hand over.

4. Surfshark


One of the top VPNs for Kindle Fire that possess high-quality features just like any other top VPN at very low-cost.

servers Has 3,200 VPN servers in above 60 countries
encryption Military-grade AES-256-bit encryption
Kill switch Strong kill switch feature
Zero-logs policy Implements no data logging policy
MultiHop mode Boasts multiHop (doubleVPN) feature
Camouflage mode Reliable Camouflage mode
simultaneous connections Can have connection for unlimited number of devices on one account
money-back guarantee Refund your money within 30 days
  • Simple to use apps
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Responsive support
  • Connection issues on some servers

Surfshark is the most affordable VPN for Kindle Fire. It has grown exponentially within a short time giving established services a run for their money.

Server network

The VPN operates more than 3,200 servers in 65 countries. This isn’t the most extensive network compared to its competitors like PIA. Also, although ExpressVPN has fewer servers, it covers more countries. Nonetheless, all Surfshark’s servers offer strong, fast, and reliable connections. Unlike its competitors, Surfshark provides physical servers in countries with heavy censorship, like Russia and UAE.


We tested several of Surfshark’s servers and didn’t experience significant slowdowns. The Faster Server feature will connect you to a server closest to your location. Usually, a nearby server tends to be faster because your traffic travels a shorter distance. The international servers of most VPNs are extremely slow. However, with Surfshark, you won’t notice any significant slowdown.


Surfshark has the ability to bypass notorious geographic restrictions. This will make it easy for you to unblock Netflix libraries in whichever country you want. Besides, the VPN also bypasses restrictions of other popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hotstar, and more.

Security and privacy

Surfshark is headquartered in the Netherlands. However, its privacy policy affirms that Surfshark does not keep personal or location-identifying data. This includes your IP address, session information, and browsing history. However, it stores the email address and password you use when registering your account.

Surfshark uses AES 256-bit encryption together with perfect forward secrecy to protect your connections. In addition, it gives you the freedom to choose between 4 protocols. While OpenVPN and IKEv2 are pretty standard, the provider adds WireGuard and Shadowsocks into the mix.

5. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN small

Another user-friendly VPN for Kindle Fire. It boasts super-speed with top-notch privacy so that what you read remains private to you.

servers A network of above 200 nodes in 60+ countries
encryption Solid standard AES-256 data encryption
P2P optimized servers Unrestricted P2P sharing
Kill switch Kill switch with effectiveness
Zero-logs policy No data keeping
simultaneous connections Maximum ten devices connection on one account
money-back guarantee 30-day refund guarantee
  • Robust protection
  • Impressive speeds
  • Does not keep logs
  • Small server network

PrivateVPN’s network may not be the largest, but it is perhaps the simplest-to-use VPN for Kindle Fire. It provides high speeds, excellent privacy, and quality in-house support.

Server network

The major letdown with PrivateVPN is its small server network. Currently, it has only 200 servers in 63 countries, which is dwarfed by established services like ExpressVPN and NordVPN. The good news is that the company is continually expanding its network.


A small network means that the servers are congested easily, causing slow speeds. However, PrivateVPN maintains consistent speed and reliable connections than some VPNs with bigger server networks. Unfortunately, it does not have a quick connect feature like most of its competitors. This means you will have to connect to the servers manually through trial and error until you find the fastest. Preferably, use a server closer to your location to get better speeds.


Despite the small server network, PrivateVPN can unblock many streaming services. Only a handful like ESPN+ and Fox Sports Go detected we were using a VPN and blocked our connection. It does not have specialized streaming servers, but an agent guaranteed that all the servers are good for streaming.

During our tests, PrivateVPN unblocked our local UK library without any problem. You may notice reduced image quality and buffering when you are using international servers to stream Netflix. However, it is effortless to switch servers if your connection is blocked.

Security and privacy

PrivateVPN offers plenty of applicable security features to keep you safe. The AES 256-bit encryption is sufficient protection to hide your data from spying government and other third parties.

It reinforces the encryption with a 2048-bit RSA exchange key, SHA256 authentication, and perfect forward secrecy. The list of tunneling protocols is also impressive. You can choose between OpenVPN TCP/UDP, IPsec, L2TP, IKEv2, and PPTP. Better yet, you can easily switch the protocols in the settings.

6. PureVPN

PureVPN small logo

A well-established and affordable VPN service to go for Kindle Fire. Its stable connections and huge choice of locations empower you to access your favorite material without glitches.

servers Offers over 6,500 VPN servers in more than 75 countries
encryption Bit encryption AES-256
P2P optimized servers Servers especially designed for P2P connections
protection No DNS leaks
Split tunneling feature Owns split tunneling
simultaneous connections Up to ten devices connection at a time
money-back guarantee Money-return policy of 31 days
  • Stealth VPN browser
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with several devices
  • Excellent speeds and stable connections
  • Unblocks several websites in China
  • 24/7 support
  • Poor user interface
  • No free trial

PureVPN has been growing steadily since 2017 and is now competing with established brands. The service comes with a comprehensive list of premium features at an affordable rate.

Server network

The VPN has more than 6,500 self-managed servers in over 78 countries. However, some servers are virtual, which means the IP address and server are in different places. Nonetheless, PureVPN has one of the most expansive networks in terms of servers and locations, competing with big VPNs like CyberGhost VPN.


Many online activities such as streaming, torrenting, and gaming require high-speed connections. When using a VPN, it is normal for your speed to drop slightly, especially if you connect to international servers. However, premium services employ appropriate measures to make the difference barely noticeable.

We tested PureVPNs on several servers to see the speed they produce. The general assumption is that local servers offer faster speeds. Our speed dropped by only a small margin, enabling us to do all online activities impeccably.


Like with many other VPNs, PureVPN claims to give prompt access to your favorite content online. We tested it to confirm the claims. Even though our connection was sluggish at first, we could stream local UK Netflix movies and TV shows. It also unblocks other streaming sites such as Hulu, Rai TV, Crackle, and many others.

Security and privacy

On the security and privacy front, PureVPN fares well. It uses 256-bit encryption together with a 2048-bit RSA key exchange. In addition, you can pick between OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, and IKEv2. Extra security features include Private DNS servers, NAT network, and DNS leak protection.

The provider was previously based in Hong Kong, which raised privacy concerns because of China’s increasing interference. Also, in the past, the company tainted its reputation when it allegedly collaborated with the FBI, leading to the arrest of a Massachusetts resident. However, PureVPN has revised its policies. It is now based in the privacy-friendly jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands and implements a strict zero-log policy.

7. Ivacy VPN

Perfect privacy VPN small logo

Another low-price option for Kindle Fire. It offers some impressive features with good connection speed so that you face no interruptions when reading your favorite book.

servers Server network of 5,700+ nodes present in 66 countries
encryption Strong bit encryption AES-256
P2P optimized servers Unlimited P2P torrenting
Zero-logs policy Does not retain data
live chat Customer support available every time via live chat
simultaneous connections Allows connection for maximum 10 devices at once
money-back guarantee Pay-back policy of 30 days
  • Highly affordable
  • Can unblock Netflix and other streaming sites
  • Strictly follows a no-logs policy
  • Mac app lacks many features

Ivacy is the best cheap VPN for Kindle Fire. It offers quality features at an extremely low monthly price, so you won’t have to resolve for less secure VPNs.

Server network

It has over 5,700 servers in more than 100 locations with over 12,000 IP addresses. Some of the servers are optimized for specific activities such as P2P sharing.


The VPN delivers decent upload and download speeds for most online activities. We saw a drop of only 6% from our London base. You will also notice improved speed if your internet service provider is throttling your bandwidth. However, the ping rate may increase if you connect to international servers, which is terrible for activities such as gaming.


On its website, Ivacy boasts that it will enable you to stream anything from anywhere. This is not just a malicious marketing tactic, as its apps have specialist streaming servers. It means you’ll get a smooth streaming experience on Netflix and many other streaming services like Disney, YouTube, etc.

Security and privacy

Ivacy has a straightforward privacy policy. It spells out that it doesn’t record connection logs, IP addresses, browsing history, or any identifiable data. In simple words, the provider does not retain any information that can be traced back to you.

It will encrypt your connections with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, making it impossible to intercept your traffic or data. If OpenVPN is not working for your connection, you can switch to PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, or IKEv2 protocols.

Why you need a VPN for Kindle Fire

VPN for Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is available in more than 170 countries, but due to copyright and licensing issues, availability of content varies. This means you can pay the full price and still get limited apps, books, and other content in your country.

Amazon will trace your IP address to ensure you are accessing from the right country. Fortunately, a virtual private network (VPN) is an easy way to bypass these geographic restrictions. It will hide your IP address to make it seem like you are connecting from a different country.

A VPN can do much more

Apart from unblocking geo-blocked content, a premium VPN can come in handy in many other ways. Let us explain the key ones in brief below:

WiFi protection

Nowadays, free WiFi is almost everywhere, making it highly convenient to access the internet. However, these public hotspots are often unsecured, which can easily compromise your privacy when using them. If hackers manage to intercept your traffic, they can steal your credit card information, bank account details, and login credentials. A VPN will encrypt your traffic to keep you safe from these dangers.

Shielding your activities

By encrypting your traffic and hiding your IP address, a VPN will anonymize your digital footprint. Your internet service provider (ISP), government agencies, and other third parties cannot monitor or snoop on your activities.

Prevent bandwidth throttling

Have you ever noticed that your speeds slow down significantly when doing intensive activities such as streaming or torrenting? This is because of bandwidth throttling, a typical technique internet service providers use to limit excessive data usage.

They do this to ensure the bandwidth is distributed uniformly to all users. The VPN encryption process will prevent your ISP from seeing your online activities. It won’t know whether you are consuming more bandwidth no matter what activity you are doing.

Secure torrenting activities

Although torrenting is a legitimate activity, it can be dangerous if you are not careful. You see, the swarm members can see your IP address when you are downloading or uploading a torrent file.

In other words, unwanted strangers can trace your country and potentially the location you are connecting from. What’s more, remember torrenting can be outlawed depending on your country. A VPN will mask your IP address to keep your torrenting activities private.

Improve your gaming experience

A virtual private network will make your online gaming better in many ways. For example, you will be able to play banned games from whichever jurisdiction you want. Moreover, it will help you to avoid unfair IP bans and protect you from DDoS attacks

Mask your kodi stream

Kodi works well with Kindle Fire. It will help you to stream a wide range of content from movies, music to TV shows from around the world. You will only need to install Kodi on your Kindle Fire tablet and download the right Kodi add-ons. The problem is that many ISPs perceive Kodi as an unfavorable application and may block your traffic. However, a VPN will enable you to use Kodi with utmost privacy.

What makes a VPN great for Kindle Fire?

Currently, there are a plethora of VPN services on the market, but not all of them support Amazon Fire devices. So, here are some of the things you should consider when looking for a VPN for Kindle Fire.

Fire OS compatibility

This should be top of your list when choosing a Kindle Fire VPN. The best VPN should have a Fire OS dedicated client. This will enable you to download the app easily from the app store and get frequent updates. A number of providers have a manual configuration option. Avoid them as it is a lot of hassle, and you can face challenges installing the software.

Number of quality servers

Generally, a VPN with an extensive server network provides a broader reach. Additionally, there will be less crowding, which translates to better speeds, although not always. Fortunately, many VPNs show the number of available servers on their websites. However, you have to sign up to test the speed of the servers at your end.

Unblocking ability

Amazon Fire tablet is a great streaming device. So, choose a VPN with the capacity to unblock popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Channel 4 On Demand, etc. When you connect to a server, it will assign you a new IP address, enabling you to access geo-blocked content.

Cross-platform compatibility

Typically, many VPNs allow simultaneous connections on a single account. This means you can use the VPN on a variety of other devices besides Kindle Fire. So, ensure that it supports all the major operating systems, such as Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux. With that said, you will protect your connections on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and more.

How to set up a VPN on your Kindle Fire device

You can install a VPN on your Kindle Fire tablet with different methods. Choosing a VPN whose app is available on the Amazon App Store is the easier way to start using a VPN on your device. Use the following steps to set up a VPN on your Amazon Fire tablet in no time:

  1. Subscribe to your preferred VPN. Our number one recommendation here is NordVPN.
  2. Go to the Amazon App Store and download it.
  3. Install the app on your device.
  4. Connect to a server and wait for the connection to establish (a few seconds only).
  5. That is it; you can now unblock region-restricted content and browse securely on your Amazon tablet!

Can I use a free VPN with Amazon Kindle Fire?

Do a quick search on any app store for free VPNs, and you’ll get thousands of available apps. However, we don’t recommend them because they present numerous issues, so they aren’t worth your time. For example, most of them have few servers that are extremely slow because of congestion. This is particularly problematic when doing intensive activities such as streaming.

Furthermore, it is now widely known that the majority of free VPNs are embedded with malware. Some are just created to harvest users’ information to sell to advertisers and other third parties. Also, they lack the resources to employ good security features.

If you are on a tight budget, we recommend using free versions of premium VPNs like Windscribe or TunnelBear. The features are limited, but you will get complete security and anonymity. Do you know there are cheap VPNs that are highly secure and offer premium services?


The VPNs on this list work well with Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, which run on Fire OS based on the Android operating system. We tested these all rigorously.

There has been a sharp increase in free VPN apps that are inferior and could compromise your connections. That is why you should be wary of them. Choose any of our recommended options to be on the safe side. Our top pick is NordVPN because it is compatible with Kindle Fire devices and provides fast speeds, watertight security, and privacy.


The most straightforward answer is no. This might be surprising since VPNs are associated with illicit activities, but they are perfectly legal in most countries. Nowadays, most people rely on VPNs to improve their online privacy, while businesses use them to create secure networks.

Yes, you can use your Kindle Fire outside the US. However, the content available in your geographic location may be limited compared to other countries. That is why a VPN comes in handy to hide IP addresses so you can access your favorite content from anywhere.

Installing a VPN on your Kindle Fire device will enable you to unblock websites and apps worldwide. Besides, it will help you safeguard your data and connections, avoid bandwidth throttling, and maximize your online privacy.

If you are using a reputable VPN service, you can connect to a server in any country. However, countries such as the US, Canada, and the UK provide more streaming sites. Luckily, the VPNs on this list allow unlimited server swapping until you find the right one.

It will mainly depend on the VPN service you are using. Many premium VPNs support at least five simultaneous connections. However, others like Surfshark do not limit the number of devices you can connect at the same time. This means you can use your Kindle Fire together with other devices like your PC, smartphone, laptop, etc.

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