How to Unblock and Watch Rai TV Outside Italy (Anywhere)

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: November 13, 2023
Read time: 16 minutes

Are you a fan of Italian media? Learn how to watch Rai TV outside Italy through this easy guide using just one simple tool, VPN. The post also covers two more alternate methods.

RaiPlay (formerly known as RaiTV) is an inclusive streaming platform serving Italian citizens with exciting TV shows and radio streaming at no cost. Perhaps, this free availability of their favorite stuff is what users miss the most when they travel outside Italy since RaiPlay is typically geo-restricted within Italy. However, you can still access RaiPlay outside Italy if you know how to spoof your IP address to get an Italian location online.

How painful is it to miss watching your favorite Rai TV show just because you moved outside Italy?

Do you feel left out when your friends in Italy tease you by discussing your favorite movies they watch in Italy while you miss the fun?

Agreeably, streaming has made watching our desired content way easier. Anyone can browse their favorite streaming platform and watch anything anytime.

But, the menace of geo-restrictions has made things terrible. You miss the fun when you step outside a specific location.

This restriction also applies to the Italian content, as Rai TV is broadcast with an Italy-only specification.