The 23 Best Anime Torrent Websites Still Working in 2024

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: February 25, 2024
Read time: 29 minutes

Discover the best anime torrent websites, review the best VPNs before visiting these sites, and get the answers to FAQs about anime torrents.


From Dragon Ball to Naruto and now to Attack on Titan, anime’s popularity has grown immensely, and they’ve become mainstream media. For most enthusiasts, the greatest challenge is finding where to watch these shows due to their exclusive nature. This article lists 23 torrent websites to download and watch your preferred anime content.

Anime’s popularity is currently over the chart within and outside the Asian continent. There are numerous anime conventions and festivals worldwide. Studios also continue penetrating the media by expanding the genres and targeting various audiences.


For anime enthusiasts, the greatest challenge is finding where to watch one. Platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation are expensive and usually unavailable in all regions, leaving many anime fans stranded.

If you’re on this boat, the good news is there are numerous alternatives. This article contains 23 tested torrent websites for downloading and watching anime. By the end of this list, you should have found at least one website that serves your need.

DISCLAIMER: It’s worth noting that torrenting itself is legal; downloading copyrighted content without permission is illegal in multiple countries. That can cause serious legal issues, so checking your regional rules and regulations before torrenting copyrighted content is always advisable. PrivacySavvy doesn’t promote or encourage piracy and always recommends abiding by the laws.

Top 23 best anime torrents – Quick list


Anime torrents are P2P websites that exclusively host anime and East-Asian content or have dedicated sections. These websites are numerous and often have different features, but all offer different types of anime.

Before providing detailed descriptions, below is a quick overview of our 23 torrents’ best anime.

  1. Nyaa – Most popular torrent website for anime-related content. Has an extensive library of anime and East-Asian content, including mangas, games, audio, and live actions.
  2. AniRena – Top private anime-dedicated torrent website. Offers premium anime and manga content.
  3. AnimeTosho – Widely popular anime torrent website. It’s a preferred choice of most anime and manga lovers due to the absence of registration requirements.
  4. The Pirate Bay – The ultimate torrenting king. Arguably the best website for free software and entertainment files, such as anime, games, and movies.
  5. 1337x – Multiuse torrent with a dedicated anime section. Has become a one-stop website for anime lovers looking for action, romance, and drama series and movies.
  6. Shana Project – The most resilient anime torrent. Shana Project tailors animes specifically to your needs and also supports automatic anime downloads.
  7. Erai-raws – Best new anime torrent. Has a frequently updated anime list and is one of the most trusted websites for recently released animes.
  8. ProjectAcgnX – Best torrent for watching anime in various video formats. Allows downloading in Blu-ray, DVD, telesync, WebRip, and other formats.
  9. YTS – Best website for downloading anime movies. Allows you to download anime movies in high resolutions, including 720p, 1080p, and 3D.
  10. Anime Ultime – The ultimate torrent for anime movies, series, and other media. Has a large community that regularly updates the torrent with the latest anime additions.
  11. Anime Layer – Best Russian-based anime torrent. Has an intuitive user interface that allows easy downloading of animes, effectively bypassing the language barrier.
  12. GloTorrents – Best website to download anime ad-free. Has a large library of content and provides a search button to find your desired anime quickly.
  13. – Top torrent website for recently-uploaded anime. Lists animes based on their dates of upload and shows the number of seeds and leeches.
  14. TorrentLeech – Widely-trusted premium torrent provider. While not an anime-dedicated website, its vast library of anime series, movies, and shows has earned it a spot on this list.
  15. EZTV – One of the oldest torrent websites for anime. Launched in 2005, this website has been a trusted destination for diehard anime fans and enthusiasts alike.
  16. GGBases – Best website for galgames and animes. Has a colorful interface and can help you download content such as h-games, tag games, doujin games, and RPGs.
  17. Idope – Multi-featured anime torrent website. Supports multiple languages and offers content from various websites, such as Katcr, Erai-raws, and others.
  18. Torlock – Best website for only verified torrents. It prides itself as a “No Fakes Torrent Site” for listing only verified torrents.
  19. LimeTorrents – General torrents download indexer. Its library includes different categories of anime movies, series, and games.
  20. AniDex – Best free anime torrent with subtitles. Allows you to download titles from both trusted anime studios and indie developers.
  21. BTdigg – Publicly available torrent website for recently released anime and related content. A search engine for finding and downloading content without distractions.
  22. SubsPlease – Trusted website for recently aired anime. Aims to provide fast and timely English-subtitled anime content immediately after they are simulcasted.
  23. BakaBT – Quality private anime torrent website. Has a tight registration procedure but boasts a fantastic anime community and die-hard fans.

Anime refers to either hand-drawn or computer-generated animation originating from Japan. In Japan, anime means any form of animation made by a local or an international studio.

Animes come in different genres and can have either a kid or adult target audience. They are famous for their exaggeratedly lively characters, with large, oval eyes and bright colors. They have become appealing worldwide for various reasons, including their complex narratives, elongated airing periods, endearing characters, and thematic range.

Animes’ popularity has led to the creation of various websites hosting and sharing anime content with audiences outside of Japan. Websites like KissAnime and KissManga used to be the de facto database for all things anime, but they have come under attack by various governments.

As their popularity continues to increase, various torrent websites have also sprung up. They host animes of various categories and make them available for download in different quality and sizes.

In most regions, torrenting is legal if you use it for approved and legal purposes.

Legal icon

Governments and ISPs have frequently attacked torrent websites and torrenting for copyright infringements and distribution of unauthorized materials. This has led to many restricting them or outrightly banning them.

Torrenting is legal, but you may be the subject of a lawsuit if you use it illegally. Court cases regarding this subject are rare, but they do happen. For this, ensure you follow safe and standard practices when torrenting.

Download and upload only legal files and avoid piracy. If you need to torrent privately, then first connect to a VPN. A VPN encrypts your data and traffic, making it impossible to determine your location.

Top 23 best anime torrent sites – The detailed list

Here’s a detailed overview of each anime torrent website.

1. Nyaa

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
nyaa.siAnime, manga, games, audio, and live-action moviesMany countries and regions have blocked or restricted NyaaWorking

Nyaa is one of the most popular torrent websites for different types of anime content, including movies, series, shows, and games. It also hosts mangas, audio, graphics, applications, and pictures. 

Since 2014, Nyaa has faced multiple attacks by governments and ISPs over the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials. The website has thus had to move to different domains, including,, and is the most resilient torrent index and receives over 50 million monthly visitors worldwide.

Nyaa’s library contains mainstream series and hard-to-find or older titles. Besides, users frequently upload titles, updating the library and ensuring others find whatever they want to watch. While Nyaa’s library is publicly accessible, you may need to register to contribute.

2. AniRena

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
anirena.comAnime, manga, music, games, live showsRequires registration and login to access, but available worldwideWorkingNone

AniRena is a quality and premium torrent website with various appealing features. It contains over 249,000 torrent files, giving you access to mainstream and obscure anime and Japanese media.

Its library gives you an expanded list of options and ensures increased privacy. This site currently has more than 17,000 members, and unless you’re recruited or invited, there’s no way for you to join. Although the site is private, the extensive library of contents, titles, and helpful community are worthy reasons to join.

3. AnimeTosho

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
animetosho.orgAnime, movies, Manga, Light novels, OSTs, moviesAvailable worldwideWorking

AnimeTosho first went live in 2011 and has, since then, become one of the go-to websites for anime and East-Asian media. The site currently receives over 3 million monthly visitors, and its library consists of anime, mangas, light novels, and the like.

On AnimeTosho, you can find old, recently released, popular, and even obscure titles. The website lists content by upload time by default, but you can also sort them by size.

It also has a fantastic community of seeders and uploaders, and you can join by registering. While you can easily find and watch Japanese shows, finding English-dubbed shows can be a hassle. Overall, you should consider visiting this torrent if you love anime.

4. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
thepiratebay.orgAnime, movies, games, audio, TV shows, Many countries have blocked this website, including Australia, Brazil, China, France, Singapore, Turkey, and the UKWorking

If you’re even moderately enthusiastic about torrenting, chances are that you’ve heard about The Pirate Bay. This website is so influential and popular that it’s blacklisted in over 20 countries. It’s also probably unavailable in your region, so you may need a VPN to access it.

The Pirate Bay is rightfully the torrenting king due to its massive content library, features, and community. You can find anime series and movies, mangas, music, games, and even software programs on it. Contents are free to download, and you can leave comments on their legitimacy to help others who may want to download them.

The site has numerous proxy or mirror links to bypass geoblocking and restriction. It features Top 100 lists for different categories and has old and recent titles. The community is big and active, so there’s a high chance that you’ll find whatever you’re looking for here.

5. 1337x

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
1337x.toBlocked in Australia, Austria, Ireland, and the United KingdomBlocked in Australia, Austria, Ireland, and the United KingdomWorking

1337x is a database of verified torrent files uploaded by dedicated anime fans and lovers. The website is extremely popular, and its directory commands varying content, including anime, movies, series, games, and software programs. Due to its popularity and copyright challenges, numerous countries have banned 1337x and some of its proxy links.

The torrent site has a simple and intuitive interface that helps you quickly find and download any anime. Its categories include “Popular Today,” “Popular This Week,” “Trending Today,” “Trending This Week,” and “Top 100.” Unlike most public torrent indexes, it has no pop-up ads making browsing and downloading files enjoyable.

6. Shana project

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
shanaproject.comAnime, movies, mangas, audio, gamesPublicly available worldwideWorkingNone

Shana Project is one of the torrent directories that have served members of the anime community for a long period. It has many features that make it a trusted website and a dependable hub for old and new anime fans. Here, you can find various titles, download, and watch in your desired quality.

Shana Project’s user interface is simple and optimized for mobile devices. It has a dedicated social tracker to get recommendations, rate animes, and discover trending anime movies and shows. 

On the main website, you can also view the stats of all activities. This includes the number of registered users, most watched shows for the period, total downloads, and total releases. Check that out when you visit to see what people are watching.

What makes Shana Project stand out is its automation feature. By registering and creating an account, you can set the shows you’ll like to download, and your computer will do that whether you’re there or not.

7. Erai-raws

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
erai-raws.infoAnime movies and seriesAvailable worldwideWorkingNone

Erai-raws may be a new anime torrent index, but it boasts features many trackers or websites can only hope to have. It has fully subbed classic and recent anime titles and a black theme interface that gives it a cool and aesthetic outline.

Currently, titles on the website are free and publicly available, but this may change in the coming days. You may also read news on recent anime events or find movies and special episodes.

8. ProjectAcgnX

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
acgnx.seAnime, Anime movies, manga, literature, live-action, Software, PicturesAvailable all over the worldWorkingNone

ProjctAcgnx is one of the largest anime directories on the internet. This website launched in 2015 and is now a mobile hub for anime movies, games, manga, literature, etc. Users upload new series every hour, and you can find the latest episodes minutes after they air on television.

Due to legal issues, ProjectAcgnx has moved domains a few times. The current working index has a search bar and categorizes contents based on whether they have translations. You may see A.E.T (Anime English Translated), A.Raw (Anime Raw), L.Raw (Literature Raw), and other categories.

The website also supports Chinese; you can switch quickly with a button at the top right of the screen. It has an advanced search functionality that operates similarly to Google search. You can find and download anime using this feature by their info hash, upload team, bangumi, and user.

9. YTS

YTS Torrent
Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
yts.mxAnime moviesUnavailable in Ireland and some parts of AsiaWorking

YTS is a go-to website for many who want to watch movies online for free. It mainly allows downloading anime movies. You can download new and popular movies in 720p and 1080p, BlueRay, and WEB, respectively. You can also download movies in 3D and 4K display quality.

It has a very clean interface that any user can quickly get around. The site allows you to see trending movies or browse its catalog. You can choose the movie based on IMDb ratings, audience ratings, and critics’ reviews.

You can find YTS movies on other torrent indexes as well. Its movies are smaller than other torrent indexes and retain their quality.

As YTS is geo-blocked in some parts of the world due to copyright laws. Therefore, it is recommended to get your hands on a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN that can unblock these restrictions.

10. Anime Ultime

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
anime-ultime.netAnime, dramas, OSTs, tokusatsuNo geo-restrictionsWorkingNone

As the name suggests, Anime Ultime is the ultimate anime database for old and new releases. It’s a French-based website that hopes to connect passionate otakus or anime fans worldwide. The community is very active, and you can participate in exciting discussions or find assistance on specific issues.

Unlike other indexes, Anime Ultime scans the torrents on their server for viruses. This makes downloading much safer.

The only drawback to this website is that it displays in French. However, you can easily use Google Translate to get the meaning of the content on the page. The website also has a very clean interface; you can easily find your way around it even if you don’t speak French.

11. Anime Layer

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
animelayer.ruAnime, music, manga, dramaAvailable worldwideWorkingNone

AnimeLayer’s clean and intuitive interface has earned it a spot on our list of recommended anime torrents. While most websites list their titles without any visual appeal, it places the picture of every anime beside its name and other details. It provides every required information about any movie or series, such as the country, release year, number of episodes, and duration. 

Anime Layer is Russian-based, so the default language on the landing page is Russian. You don’t need to worry, though; you can simply use Google Translate to get the meaning of the content. While you can browse available titles freely, you only need to create an account and log in to initiate any download.

12. GloTorrents

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links, series, games, books, software programs, apps, pictures, and videosPublicly available worldwideWorking

If you’ve been searching for a torrent that helps download animes ad-free, you’ll find GloTorrents helpful — it’s among the best free websites to watch anime. While its library isn’t as extensive as other entries on this list, it’s still decent. You can find some of anime’s biggest and most obscure titles.

It shows screenshots of various movies and shows and includes a YouTube preview link. Scrolling further down, you can see other details, such as the movie’s category, language, size, and verification status. You also see the reputation points of each uploader to determine how much they contribute and the quality of their contributions.

To download on this website, you can use the torrent file or the magnet by clicking on a title in the list. You can also use the search bar to find any desired title and follow the same procedure.

13. KickAssTorrent

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links, movies, music, TV shows, games, and software programsAnime, movies, music, TV shows, games, and software programsWorking

Katcr is the shorter name of the KickassTorrents website. It has a dedicated anime section, home to an endless list of anime titles, old and new.

KickassTorrents has a simple and intuitive interface that makes browsing and downloading easy. The site’s name has a search bar beside it, and to the left, you can see the famous and top 100 anime torrents on the site.

Katcr is a new website developed by some of the staff members of the original KickassTorrent. It shares a similar interface with the original; you shouldn’t find it challenging to navigate if you’re already familiar with that. Due to frequent attacks by ISPs, this torrent also has many mirror links to avoid banning.

14. TorrentLeech

TorrentLeech official
Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
torrentleech.orgAnime, movies, TV shows, musicNo geo-restrictionsWorkingNone

TorrentLeech began operations in 2004 as a private tracker for peer-to-peer file distribution. It has over 400,000 registered members uploading different anime categories and related content. TV shows, software programs, music, games, and many more are available in its vast library.

TorrentLeech employs a strict no-piracy policy to protect content owners’ rights. While torrent indexes exist to speed up downloading, users have observed that downloading on this website is even faster.

It also receives content updates regularly, and you can find the latest anime shows and movies here moments after their release.

15. EZTV

EZTV - TV Torrents Online Series Download Official
Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
eztv.reMovies and TV showsBlocked in Australia, Ireland, and the United KingdomWorking

EZTV is one of the oldest torrent sites for downloading torrents, considering their year of launching. First active in 2005, it served the anime community for 10 years, up to 2015, before its eventual dissolution. During that period, it hosted both new and old releases in the industry and nurtured a community of anime enthusiasts.

After the dissolution of the original domain, the site is now available on a new domain, which is It also has a mirror link that helps you access the index should the original link be banned in your location.

16. GGBases

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
ggbases.comAnime series, movies, OVAs, and galgamesAvailable worldwideWorkingNone

GGBases has been around since 2005, and its directory has grown immensely. It has different kinds of anime games; you can also find classic and recent anime. GGbases is particularly popular for providing subbed and dubbed animes, and you can download in various qualities, including SD, HD, and full HD.

Need more anime content? Then sign up to join the community to participate in interesting discussions. GGbases has a simple interface that’s easy to understand. You can conduct a basic or advanced search by specifying the file size and description.

17. Idope

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
idope.seAnime, movies, TV shows, Banned and blocked in India, United Kingdom, Denmark, and AustraliaWorking

Unlike the other websites on this list, Idope is one of the top torrent search engines. You can search for any anime content on it, including anime, movies, TV shows, and manga.

Searching for an anime series on this website offers magnet links from popular websites, such as Erai-raws and SubsPlease. Magnet links connect you directly to users with your desired file and are recommended for mobile users.

As with most torrent websites, Idope’s popularity has drawn the attention of various governments who have blocked it in their region. However, the developers provided a way out of this by introducing a mobile app. Besides avoiding domain blocking, this app also provides a better browsing experience.

18. Torlock

TorLock 600x300
Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
torlock.comAnime series, movies, shows, softwareRestricted in Australia, India, and the United KingdomWorking

Like most torrent websites, Torlock’s extensive directory of anime includes both old and new titles. What sets Torlock apart is that it only posts verified torrents. This makes the files on this website relatively safe and unlikely to harm your device.

Torlock displays the size, upload date, and number of peers of every file in its directory. While torrents are verified, the site still contains numerous ads and pop-ups that may be potentially harmful. For this reason, ensure you follow all safety procedures when visiting it.

19. LimeTorrents

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
limetorrents.toAnime movies, games, series, and ebooksBlocked in Australia, France, and the United KingdomWorking

LimeTorrents lets you download anime, apps, games, shows, manga, movies, and music. It follows the footsteps of Torlock by providing only verified torrents. 

LimeTorrents also has an intuitive interface with all its features where you can easily find them. The landing page contains the different categories of content available. By clicking on “Anime,” you get to the dedicated anime section. Currently, over 800,000 anime-related torrents are available, making it one of the biggest of any torrent website.

You can see the torrent’s upload time, size, and health and decide whether you wish to proceed with downloading it. You can also join their community of fans, make friends, and share your opinions on anime-related topics.

20. AniDex

AniDex official
Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
anidex.infoAnime, live-action, manga, light novels, music, application, picturesBlocked in some regionsWorkingNone

AniDex is a free and open torrent tracker for downloading anime and related content from famous indie studios. Beyond movies and series, you can download other file types from this website, including manga, anime music, and applications.

One of AniDex’s areas of strength is its website simplicity. On the left side of each anime in the list, you can tell whether it’s subtitled or just the raw file. Most of AniDex’s content is from popular websites like Erai-raws, SubsPlease, and Anime Time.

You can click on the magnet link or download the torrent file directly and open it with a torrent client. Both icons are on the right side of each title. AniDex is free and public, but you can also create an account and access exclusive features.

21. BTdigg

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
btdig.comAnime series, movies, pictures, and gamesAvailable everywhereWorkingNone

BTdigg is technically not an index, but a search engine, like Idope. The landing page is nothing but a page with a search box to find your desired movies, series, pictures, or shows.

After the site loads your queries, the result page isn’t complicated to understand. By default, the site categorizes files by their relevance. However, you can change this and categorize them by age or size.

Once you click on any file to download, you typically see a magnet link and other details. These details include the name, size, and number of files. A single file, sometimes, can have more than 10,000 other files in it, leading to a highly long download page.

22. SubsPlease

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
subsplease.orgAnime seriesUnavailable in certain regionsWorkingNone

Regarding popularity, only very few torrent indexes come close to SubsPlease. This index is so trusted that numerous anime websites reference it for their series.

Among anime fans, SubsPlease is the one-stop torrent website for on-air or recently aired anime episodes. This doesn’t mean that it has no old or classic anime in its index. SubsPlease’s website has a search engine to find and download old and new shows.

You can see when shows will air so you can join and watch in real-time. You can also view and download any series by clicking “Shows,” selecting the one you want, and scrolling down to download. Each show contains a synopsis; you can download it in various quality, including 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

23. BakaBT

Direct linkContent typeGeoblockedLast checked statusMirror links
bakabt.meAnime and mangaAvailable worldwideWorkingNone

BakaBT is a private torrent tracker for downloading high-quality anime and manga. This website primarily focuses on hard-to-find and obscure titles and completed series. If you’ve checked other websites and can’t find a particular anime, you may find it on this website.

BakaBT is highly private and exclusive. First, you apply and have an administrator review it. Once the administrator approves your request, you join a community of passionate fans, download the available content, and participate in conversations.

How to safely download anime torrents with a VPN


Torrent websites are generally risky domains, so you should protect yourself with a VPN before accessing them. Here are the steps to safely download anime torrents with a VPN.

1. Register with a premium, trusted VPN

The first step to downloading anime torrents safely is to find and register with a high-quality VPN. There are numerous VPN clients out there, so you need to ensure you’re making the right decision from this early stage. The features to look for include the number of servers, speed, privacy, security, and cost.

Ensure to avoid free VPNs as much as possible. These usually have more significant security risks that more than compensate for any cost savings.

We recommend ExpressVPN for its numerous features. It prioritizes security using 256 encryption, protects your privacy with a no-logs policy, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Download and install the VPN app on your device

After registering and creating an account, download the app on your device. Most VPN providers make their apps available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and even Linux. You can visit the device’s app store, search for the name, and begin the download.

3. Complete the VPN setup and login to your account

Install the VPN on your device, open it, and log in to your account. Accept all necessary permissions and configure the VPN to your taste and settings.

4. Choose a safe server location

Now that you have an account, you should be able to access all of the VPN’s features. Open the app and change your VPN server to a location where you think your desired torrent index will be available.

Avoid choosing servers in regions that heavily regulate the internet, such as China, Russia, and North Korea. Instead, consider locations such as New Zealand, Switzerland, and Canada, where you can easily access your torrent.

5. Find and select a reputable torrent client

You need a torrent client before you can download torrents on any index. Your torrent client should be reliable and active for your files to download seamlessly. Currently, the most popular and trusted torrent clients include uTorrent, qBittorrent, and BitTorrent.

6. Download anime torrents safely and securely

With all the other steps in place, you can download anime torrents. You can download them from any of the websites on our list.

Before you download, check whether the torrent file has a lot of seeders. Seeders are the users making the file available for download, and the more they are, the faster your download.

Best VPNs for anime torrents – Detailed list

Total number of servers3,000+35,000+5,552
Best monthly deal$8.32 (get 3 months free and save 35% on the annual plan)$2.03 (get three months free with a three-year plan and save 83%)$3.49 (save 57% on a two-year plan)
Average speed300+ Mbps300+ Mbps300+ Mbps
Supported devicesWindows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, RouterWindows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Consoles, Smart TVsWindows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux
Maximum connection5Unlimited6

1. ExpressVPN

ExpreessVPN new 600x300

ExpressVPN is a trusted network with high-speed servers worldwide. Its servers can reach download speeds of about 475Mbps, enabling you to download high-quality videos in less time.

It also uses 256-bit AES encryption and protection, which experts currently consider the most secure encryption standard. ExpressVPN’s no logs policy clears all records of your online and internet activities. This way, third parties, and even the VPN provider, can’t track and use your information for any purpose.

ExpressVPN is available on major operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Regardless of the device you use, you can enjoy quality VPN services.

  • High-speed streaming VPN servers in over 90 countries
  • User-optimized and intuitive interface
  • Trustworthy security and privacy options, including a no-logs policy
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • 3 extra months free on the annual plan
  • Seamless support for multiple devices including routers
  • Expensive fees compared to other VPNs
  • Available on a limited number of devices

2. Private Internet Access (PIA)

PIA new 600x300

Private Internet Access (PIA) was launched in 2010, becoming a well-known VPN in the industry. With over 30,000 servers in 80+ countries, PIA is one of the largest VPNs in the market by the number of available servers, although more than half of its servers are in the United States.

This VPN strongly emphasizes encryption and privacy, featuring DNS leak protection, malware ad blocker, 256-bit encryption, and a customizable kill switch. With these features on standby, you can download torrent files on any website without fear of your data being compromised. 

PIA provides torrenting support and is compatible with torrenting clients, such as uTorrent and qBittorrent. It also has other features that enable you to torrent safely, such as P2P support, SOCKS5 proxy, and port forwarding.

  • High-speed internet at an affordable price
  • Over 28,000 servers in 80+ countries
  • Advanced 256-bit security and trusted no-logs policy
  • Customizable encryption for improved connectivity
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Varying server speeds
  • Trouble supporting intensive gaming

3. NordVPN

NordVPN new 600x300

Many review websites consider Nord to be the best VPN for bypassing geo-restrictions. That means Nord can help you download even the most obscure files if you know where to find them. It has over 5,543 servers globally.

This VPN understands the importance of user security, so it uses 256-bit protection, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, Double VPN, and CyberSec. Nord also provides a dedicated IP for better online security and fewer interruptions.

Its customer support and website are also available in multiple languages, so you can quickly resolve issues and fix bugs and errors.

  • Multiple high-speed servers
  • Immense focus on privacy and security
  • Effective and efficient customer service
  • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux support
  • Offers obfuscated servers to work in repressive regions
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Poorly optimized mobile apps
  • Limited simultaneous device connections

Is it safe to download anime movies or series from torrent websites?


Downloading any file, anime or not, on torrent indexes carries many risks, and you should be very careful. These websites often carry malware or redirect via pop-ups to websites that carry these viruses. Hackers can use malware to steal certain information, defraud you, or damage some parts of your computer.

File uploads on torrent websites are peer-to-peer and come from different seeders. There is a high chance that one or more uploaders added a virus-carrying file. You may invite viruses to your device if you download such files without scanning them using an anti-virus.

To minimize risks from using anime torrent websites, always connect to a VPN. Some VPNs feature malware blockers that scan your downloaded files for signs of a virus and warn you if they find one.


There you have it – the best torrent websites for downloading and watching anime. Privacy is essential before torrenting to ensure your device’s safety. For this reason, we have provided the best three VPNs for safe torrenting.

If you’re unsure which VPN to use, try using ExpressVPN for its valuable features. You can also share ideas with us by leaving them below in the comment. 


Most torrent websites offer subtitles alongside their anime torrents. In rare cases where you can’t find subtitles on the site, you may visit other sources, such as OpenSubtitles, iSubtitles, and AniSubs.

This is a subjective question. Each torrent website has different features, unique interfaces, and functionalities. If you need help with which to check out first, we recommend Nyaa, AnimeTosho, and 1337x.

When you click on a magnet link, it connects you directly to other users who have the file and are currently sharing it. A torrent file contains information about a file you open with a torrent client. Magnet links are better if you’re on mobile, as you can download them directly without worrying about managing files.

You don’t have to go through the rigorous process of setting up a VPN and selecting a torrent client to enjoy anime. You can visit safe websites and still watch the most popular titles. They include 9anime, animeultima, gogoanime, and the like.

Torrenting is the process of sharing files on the BitTorrent network. Unlike traditional file downloading, there’s no central server in torrenting. Instead, you download a torrent file that contains information about the files you need and informs other computers in a peer-to-peer arrangement.

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