How to Change Your VPN Location in 2024

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: March 27, 2024
Read time: 18 minutes

This article explores the use of VPN and its alternatives to change your virtual location, the reasons for changing it, and the risks.


Deeply dive into spoofing, VPN, and its many alternatives. Common knowledge dictates that you have attained complete anonymity once you change the IP. But the truth is there are other ways your location can be sourced. These include HTML5 and DNS leaks; not all VPNs are equipped to handle this, but the ones in our list are guaranteed options. Change the VPN location with suitable options.

An IP address contains various information that can be used to estimate people’s exact geographical location. With your IP address, an external party can determine your city, state, and even the time zone of your router. In addition, websites can access your location and other private data, like GPS coordinates and DNS addresses.


Your IP address enables certain services like Netflix to tailor your content depending on your country or region. In worse cases, your location data is used to restrict access to a list of websites and not just some portions. There are also risks of your location leaking due to GPS, DNS, and HTML5 leaks.

However, a VPN service is a simple method for connecting to a remote server that appears as your new (substituted) IP. In addition, VPNs keep your original IP hidden and make it seem like you are in a different location. VPN services also have servers in various countries to support users’ ability to switch locations, so they always have options.

This article answers your questions about how to spoof your location with a VPN on various devices. We give tips on changing your location even if you’re already connected to one server, the steps to take if it’s not working, and the other options you can explore to change your location without a VPN.

A quick guide to switching your virtual location with VPN