Is 123Chill safe in 2023? What are Available Alternatives?

Kinyua Njeri (Sam Kin)  - Tech Expert
Last updated: November 20, 2023
Read time: 17 minutes

We analyze the legality and safety of 123Chill and list its legal alternatives.

123Chill is a popular free streaming platform that mirrors the now-closed 123Movies website. While it is an exciting platform for movie lovers, depending on where you live, it can set you up for legal litigation and unexpected security issues. Streaming on 123Chill puts you at risk of being sued for breaching piracy, copyright laws, cyberattacks, malware, and hacking. You can switch to a safe and legal 123Chill alternative like Hulu, HBO Max, and Netflix to watch your favorite films without the risk. But, if you still want the free streaming service, a VPN and antivirus come in handy.

Have you run out of cash and are looking for a website that can stream free movies? Are monthly subscription streaming services too expensive for your current budget? 123Chill is a free website with a massive library of the latest movies and TV series. Think of Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max, but for free.

123Chill has stood strong amidst the storms of seizure and closure of movie piracy websites. In the last five years, authorities worldwide have cracked down on torrent and piracy websites. But, this website continues to provide users worldwide with various free movies. reports that the website receives more than 500,000 visitors every month. takes after – formerly one of the most popular torrent sites on the internet. The free version of Netflix attracted cult-like viewership before it closed down. 123Movies no longer works, but its mirror website, 123Chill, continues with the legacy. Notably, 123Chill is not the only clone that 123Movies boasts.

However, 123Chill is not in any way associated with 123Movies. However, like the original 123 movies, this website fails to overcome several legal and security hurdles.

This post will answer all your questions about the safety, legality, and usefulness of the 123Chill free movie website. Also, find some of the best 123Chill legal alternatives.