Is SpaceMov Safe and Legal in 2024? Any Alternatives Available?

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Last updated: January 1, 2024
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Is SpaceMov a secure site to use? We examine both the safety and legality of SpaceMov and list legal alternatives.


SpaceMov is popular because it allows users to watch movies and TV shows for free. It is, however, always risky to use such services due to piracy issues and unregulated security practices. Therefore, streaming SpaceMov content may put you at risk of legal problems, malware attacks, and hacking attempts. Switching to a safe SpaceMov alternative like Netflix can help you avoid these issues and watch all your heart’s content. For an anonymous SpaceMov experience, you may also want to use a VPN.

Do you need help finding a website where you can watch movies for free? allows you to watch your favorite movies without paying a dime. Yes, SpaceMov is like Netflix, but for free.

In the wake of government crackdowns on torrent and movie download websites, has stood its ground. While popular free movie websites such as no longer work, SpaceMov attracts a loyal cult-like monthly viewership of nearly 500,000.

But how good is SpaceMov security? How can you use the website safely? This SpaceMov safety review inspects the website to determine its security, legality, and safety. Also, find out about the best legal alternatives to it.

What is SpaceMov?

SpaceMov is a popular movie piracy site where people worldwide can watch films without a subscription. The site feeds users the latest movies in a high-quality definition. In short, it’s a platform from which you can watch new Hollywood movies and TV shows as soon as they are out.

SpaceMov site

As a website for pirated movies, SpaceMov has a wide range of genres, including English, Hindi, Tamil, and Nigerian movies. But for the ads, the website is Netflix without registration and subscriptions.

SpaceMov features and advantages

Some of the features of SpaceMov include:

Intuitive user dashboard: The website’s design makes it easy to find your favorite movie. The dark theme allows you to watch movies at night without straining your eyesight.

HD movie quality: The website shows movies in 360p, 720p, and high definition. So, you can watch this movie from your computer or even a smart TV.

The search bar: You can type and search out the name of the film you want to watch

Languages: You can watch your favorite TV series in several international languages 

Advertisement: SpaceMov raises revenue through the display of ads. Fortunately, the platform does not overdo the ads like other torrent websites (we’ve listed over 25 in this article if you wish to check out).

No registration required: Watch your favorite movie for free without entering your details.

Is it illegal to use SpaceMov?

Like other similar sites such as AZMovies, MoviesJoy, StreamEast, PrimeWire, and SolarMovie, SpaceMov doesn’t own the rights to the content it offers. So yes, using SpaceMov is illegal in most jurisdictions. While every country has unique laws governing copyrighted content, some still have inconclusive legislation.

A few countries prohibit the unauthorized use and possession of copyrighted content. Some countries even go ahead to outlaw downloading or streaming copyrighted films.

Countries such as Switzerland allow downloading copyrighted content for personal use only. Such countries let you use SpaceMov if you don’t use it for commercial purposes.

Note that in the eyes of the law, there’s no difference between downloading and streaming copyrighted content. Your browser downloads the media as you watch in real time before clearing the cache as soon as you leave the page. So, streaming pirated content is just as illegal as downloading a torrent, watching it, and then deleting it immediately.

Is SpaceMov legal in the US and UK? No, streaming pirated movies from SpaceMov is illegal in the US and the UK. Streaming movies on SpaceMov contravenes the Copyright Laws and Codes of the United States.

Every country has its unique laws on copyright infringement. You must first check the laws in place in your country before you can stream or download movies from SpaceMov.Site.

This table shows the legal stance on piracy in different countries:

Stance on pirated contentJurisdiction or country
Legal Spain, Switzerland, and Poland
IllegalGreat Britain, United States, Latvia, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Australia, Finland, China, France
Illegal but not actively enforcedIsrael, Philippines, Singapore, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Colombia, Greece, Egypt, India, Argentina, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Uruguay, Kenya, and Nigeria

Every country has unique legislation and penalties for piracy. For example, if you get caught streaming pirated content in Germany and the United States, you will risk a huge fine and a jail term.

But, if you are in Israel, India, Kenya, or the Netherlands, nobody will even care that you did. Sometimes, in the case of a severe breach of copyright laws, you may attract a stern warning from the authorities in these countries.

In most cases, the enforcers prosecute those distributing the content or running the torrent websites instead of the individual web users. Authorities usually find it hard to enforce and prosecute individual SpaceMov users. You don’t leave any files on your computer after you stream, which limits the prosecution’s evidence.

However, some copyright law enforcement authorities may even track your IP address when using piracy websites. If you watch illegal content from countries that crack down on copyright infringers, you could easily attract a hefty fine. And to prevent this, you must find ways to stay private on SpaceMov.

How to use SpaceMov securely today

If you live in a country where unauthorized streaming content is illegal, we cannot condone the use of SpaceMov there. But we can help you with information on how to watch movies from the website if your country allows it.

If you are streaming for personal use, you can use the website in many countries. However, you need to protect yourself from viruses, malicious cyber criminals, and the prying eyes of the authorities. So, a VPN and antivirus software will be useful when protecting your data on SpaceMov.

Here are some of the SpaceMov security best practices:

Use antivirus software

Antivirus programs protect your device from being infected with malware. Most streaming websites, such as SpaceMov, are entangled with malicious links, annoying pop-ups, and dangerous ads. Some links and advertisements will quickly download and install malware on your device before you know it.

So, to prevent the situation where you have to deal with adware, viruses, and ransomware, you’d better install reliable antivirus software.

Norton 360-min

Norton Antivirus is one of the best anti-malware software to watch movies on SpaceMov. Available for Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Windows, this antivirus protects your devices from downloading or installing any harmful programs from the internet.

Use a virtual private network (VPN)

A virtual private network hides all your web activities from prying eyes by changing your IP address. For instance, you can spoof your IP location to make anyone investigating your internet activities think you are in a different location.

VPN services will hide the streaming activities on SpaceMov to ensure that neither the government nor your internet ISP providers can tell what you’re doing online. You will have unlimited simultaneous connections that guarantee online anonymity when streaming your favorite movie.

And even if you are watching SpaceMov from a country where downloading pirated content is legal, you will still need to use a VPN. You don’t want to get caught streaming any of this content or being the target of malicious web criminals. If you need clarification on what the law in your country says about copyrighted content, you must use a VPN when accessing SpaceMov.

ExpressVPN is one of the most trusted VPN service providers with top-rated encryption, quick installation and setup, and 24/7 support. The service guarantees SpaceMov privacy with fast connections and over 3,000 servers worldwide.

How safe is SpaceMov?

You now know whether SpaceMov is legal or illegal in your jurisdiction. Different countries have different laws about piracy, so you need to check with your legal consultant.

But, the law is not the only thing you need to be worried about when watching movies on piracy websites. Torrent websites pause several safety risks that you should be aware of.

The question “Is SpaceMov safe?” has no easy answer. It’s more than saying yes or no since you have to understand why some parts of the websites are safe while others are not.

But a quick short answer is, “No, SpaceMov is not safe.” Unlike established streaming services such as Hulu and Amazon Prime, this website can easily infect your phone, computer, or TV with viruses and malware. Many users rush to Reddit and Quora to express their bad experiences when streaming on SpaceMov.

Fast off, the SpaceMov website does not have a privacy policy page, which should tell you pretty much all you need to know. The cookies and privacy policy pages typically help you know how a website or online service handles your personal data.

Then, whenever you click features on the website, you’re redirected to channels that might have nothing to do with SpaceMov. Furthermore, the website has plenty of intrusive ads and pop-ups, synonymous with all websites that distribute pirated content.

Family friendliness

While the website contains different genres of movies, you should be guided, especially if you are a minor. The website has plenty of links and advertisements that redirect to adult websites.

For instance, some lead to gambling sites while others portray nudity. In short, you can never ascertain the websites the links redirect to are safe or family-friendly.


The internet has several replicas of SpaceMov. Copycat websites hosted and managed by third parties that mirror SpaceMov may not be involved with the original website.

While these websites deliver the same content, they need more accountability. The SpaceMov security inspection reviews on the internet would differ from what you find for the new mirror website.

Owners of such mirror websites can maliciously inject malware and dangerous codes or intentionally track your data. Further, these websites usually have obstinate ads and pop-ups. 

While some of these mirror websites are safe, most are not; therefore, you must stay safe by arming yourself with a VPN and antivirus software.

Can a VPN keep me safe on SpaceMov?

Even with all the risks, SpaceMov is still a platform worth using. The free streaming site certainly has more advantages than downsides. But is there something you can do to guarantee safe and smooth streaming?

Yes- of course, you can have a good experience on SpaceMov if you take the necessary online safety precautions. That’s why we teach you how to be PrivacySavvy here!

Can a VPN keep you safe on SpaceMov? Yes, a good Virtual Private Network keeps you safe on SpaceMov, but you must get the right service provider. VPNs will protect you from intrusions and tracking.

We’ll recommend VPN providers that offer high-quality encryption of your data. Encrypting your data connection ensures that no one can see your data as long as it goes through the network. The VPN services we highlight here do not keep your logs in their servers, which means not even they can track your web activity. 

Top-quality VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and SurferVPN will block adverts and annoying pop-ups. Thus, you can enjoy a smooth experience watching your SpaceMov movies without any advertisements. Still, you can also block any streaming platforms and mirror sites that host malware.

Our suggested VPNs have a kill switch feature that blocks anyone from tracking your location when your connection goes down. The system automatically cuts off your device connection from the internet in case you have a low connection and, therefore, keeps you safe and private.

VPN will also allow you to unblock geo-restricted content. Some websites and videos may not be available in your country or region. But VPNs can give you unlimited ability to stream content anywhere in the world.

When these features are combined, they will not only keep your device safe but also secure your connection. You can stay private on SpaceMov or any other similar website as long as you have the best VPNs for SpaceMov streaming.

Best SpaceMov VPNs today

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN new features block logo 120 by 120 now

Sits on the top for easy access to SpaceMov from anywhere in the world. Its blazing-fast servers and uncompromised security make it the top choice on the market.

servers Serving over 3000 nodes in 90+ countries
encryption Boasts secure AES-256-bit encryption
Trusted servers nord Reliable TrustedServer technology (RAM-based servers)
P2P optimized servers Supporting P2P traffic
network lock feature Has Network Lock (kill switch)
Split tunneling feature Boasts a dependable split tunneling feature
Zero-logs policy Implements strict policy for no-logging
simultaneous connections 5 concurrent devices support
money-back guarantee 30-day pay-back guarantee
  • Quick 24/7 support      
  • Lightning fast speeds
  • Stand-alone smart DNS
  • Wide range of locations  
  • Unblocks all streaming platforms
  • A little expensive given the industry average

Our review ranks ExpressVPN as the best VPN for accessing SpaceMov safely. The lightning speeds and reliable customer care make it ideal for watching movies online. You can stream SpaceMov and unblock Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or other streaming websites. The VPN has a dedicated Netflix page with a massive list of server locations.

The 3,000 servers spread out across 94 countries bypass any firewalls or VPN blocking. Also, you can use ExpressVPN on five different devices simultaneously with one subscription.

But you can sacrifice privacy at the altar of these advanced features. ExpressVPN has a zero-log policy, an automatic kill switch, high-end encryption protocols, and RAM-based servers.

expressvpn updated pricing

2. Surfshark


A top-notch VPN provider that does all that a premium VPN does at a very low cost.

servers 3300+ VPN servers present in 65 countries worldwide
Trusted servers nord RAM-based servers (good for privacy)
Zero-logs policy Adheres on zero-log policy
encryption AES-256 (military-grade) data encryption
P2P optimized servers Most of the servers are P2P optimized
Kill switch Smart kill switch feature
Split tunneling feature Has split tunneling mode
simultaneous connections Connect as much devices as you want
money-back guarantee 100% pay-back policy of 30 days
  • GPS spoofer apps for Android devices
  • Ad blocking
  • Most affordable VPN on our list
  • Reliable security features with no log policy
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections
  • Multi-hop VPN
  • Split tunneling  
  • Unblocks the popular streaming website
  • Inexpensive but lacks a free version

Surfshark VPN provides an easy and affordable way to protect your connection. You can surf the internet with their in-house features, such as Multi-hop, Cleanweb, Whitelister, and Camouflage Mode.

The cleanup feature is handy when browsing SpaceMov because it blocks ads, malware, and irritating pop-ups. Then, the VPN backs up your connection with a kill switch.

As one of the most user-friendly and intuitive VPN services, Surfshark also provides you with reliable customer support. Their subscription plans are also affordable.

SurfShark Price

3. NordVPN

NordVPN for Streaming

A complete and one of the best options to access SpaceMov without any risk.

servers Serves more than 5000 VPN servers in 61 countries worldwide
encryption AES 256-bit (equivalent to military-used) encryption
tor compatible Tor compatible with Tor Over VPN feature
Trusted servers nord RAM-based servers
Zero-logs policy No data retention at all
Kill switch Boasts a customizable kill switch
Split tunneling feature Customizable split tunneling feature
simultaneous connections Supports 6 concurrent connections on one account
money-back guarantee Refund policy of 30 days
  • Active 24/7 support
  • Malware protection and ad-blocking features
  • Military-grade security and encryption
  • RAM-based (privacy-focused) VPN
  • Lightning speed
  • Offers no free trial
  • A limit of 6 simultaneous connections

NordVPN has a complete package of security features, making it one of the best and safest VPNs you can use to access SpaceMov. It has DDOS protection, DNS leak security, a kill switch, and split tunneling, among other features.

The VPN has CyberSec technology, providing a hands-on security solution to block ads and websites with malware. The solution increases your streaming speeds and convenience.

NordVPN runs on RAM-based servers, which means they don’t store any usable files that can be a target for breaches.

Also, you can increase your security by running your connections on simultaneous servers. Our NordVPN review showed the VPN performed well in terms of speed and in unlocking geo-restricted streaming websites. If you want a high-end VPN that blocks stubborn ads and harmful malware from SpaceMov, then NordVPN is the best pick!

NordVPN updated pricing

How to use SpaceMov securely

Already, you understand that using SpaceMov is illegal in some countries. And, even when your country allows you to use the website for personal use, you still need to arm yourself with VPNs and antiviruses to navigate the murky web of online hazards.

If you want to access SpaceMov safely, here are steps to take:

  1.  Register an account with a good VPN service such as Expressvpn. Follow the instructions and install it on your internet router or device.
  2. Install good antivirus software such as Norton Antivirus onto your device to fight off malware.
  3. Choose a proper version of to watch your favorite movies.
  4. Now, ensure the antivirus and VPN services are on and enjoy watching your favorite films on the website.

NOTE: does not entertain any use of illegal piracy websites. You should always check if the laws in your country allow the download of copyrighted content before accessing SpaceMov. The details published here are for informational purposes only. We hereby disclaim any and all losses or damages caused by accessing, downloading, or using the website.

Honestly, it’s challenging to find free streaming websites like SpaceMov that are legal. Movie creators and copyrighted owners typically raise revenue whenever legal streaming websites grant you access to their movies. That’s why the most legal way of streaming movies online is from subscription-based streaming websites.

The legal alternatives will cost you a few dollars but will make even with access to a vast database of movies and TV shows. Some live TV streaming sites may fail to bring you the latest movies or TV shows like SpaceMov. But the good side is they also have a large number of fantastic collections.

In this table, we list down a few popular legal websites like SpaceMov:

Legal SpaceMov AlternativesOverview
NetflixThe American website is the most popular streaming service on the internet, with a wide range of TV shows and movies.
YouTube TVAlthough expensive, YouTube TV is a SpaceMov alternative that gives you premium access to TV networks such as CBS, ABC, ESPN, SuperSport, and Fox with a single subscription.
HuluIf you love live sports, Hulu provides you wide range of sporting activities in different countries. You can unblock Hulu with a VPN if the streaming service is unavailable in your country.
CrackleSony Pictures Television owns Crackle, the ad-supported streaming service. You can watch classics, Hollywood films, and popular TV shows, but you’d have to use VPNs to access the content outside Canada and the USA. 
Sling TV Sling TV is like YouTube TV, but you get to set your channels.
Amazon Prime VideoAmazon Prime it’s just like Netflix but with a thinner content database for a lower price.
HBO MaxIf you love top-quality TV shows such as The Sopranos, Band of Brothers, and Game of Thrones, you will definitely like HBO Max.
Disney PlusAre you a fan of fairy tales? Disney Plus immerses you into the World of Disney and Marvel. So, you get some popular titles such as Glee, Thor Love and Thunder, and the Mandalorian.
Apple +Apple Fans can enjoy a wide range of original TV shows on Apple TV Plus.

Beating geographic streaming restrictions

Some legal alternatives to SpaceMov we’ve listed above are unavailable in some countries. For instance, Hulu and Crackle are limited to Canada and the United States. Amazon Prime Video and HBO max are only available in some countries. On the other hand, Netflix blocks certain content from some regions.

Such limitations leave you with geo-restrictions from which you need to break away. You will need a high-quality VPN to access the entire library of every movie-streaming website we’ve listed here. The VPN bypasses streaming geo-restrictions by changing your virtual location so you can access the content library of a different region.


SpaceMov is neither safe nor legal. While free and easy to use, the website distributes pirated content, breaching several copyright laws. In short, any person using the website is using copyrighted content without a license from its creators.

Downloading pirated content or using it in any way could attract hefty fines. Some penalties could include jail terms, massive fines, or a horrid criminal record on your resume.

A virtual private network (VPN) saves you from all the risks. The VPN hides your IP address and blocks your internet service provider (ISP) from putting their nose into your online activity. 

So nobody will see what you are streaming or notice that you are using pirated content against the law. But, this is illegal and up for a moral question.

And apart from the ethicality of consuming pirated content on SpaceMov, you risk getting hacked. You see, piracy websites obtain their revenue by displaying ads from dubious sources. Some of them can even unload malware onto your device. On top of using a VPN, you should include good antivirus software in your purchase!


SpaceMov encourages the downloading and streaming of copyrighted content in real time. Many countries around the world have clear legislation that prohibits any form of distribution of pirated content. In many countries, it is illegal to use websites like SpaceMov. However, some countries allow the downloading and streaming unlicensed copyrighted content for personal use. We advise you to seek legal advice on your jurisdiction’s stance.

After thorough SpaceMov security inspections, we’ve seen that the website has too many pop-ups and redirects to dubious websites that could be malicious. Also, some mirror websites can inject viruses and malware into your browser.

First, you risk being hacked. Second, using illegal pirated content could attract fines, jail terms, and a bad name that could affect your future employment. But this depends on the laws in your country.

Although the website does not have malicious code, it cannot prevent hackers from injecting harmful ads, pop-ups, and redirects. You need to use a reliable VPN service and robust antivirus software.

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