34 Best Live TV Streaming Sites in 2024 (Free and Paid)

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Last updated: February 1, 2024
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Do you want to watch live TV online on your device? Here is a list of free and paid streaming TV sites you can use today.


Live TV streaming has quickly become a popular mode of consuming content. The regularly tested sites for live TV streaming featured in this article will let you watch TV channels on all devices available today. Get access to free and paid TV networks to watch TV shows, movies, and programs. However, most of the content is geo-restricted, so you may need a VPN to unblock them. Also, it will protect you against malicious actors that may want to intercept your connections. Hence, we also talk about VPNs for live TV streaming.

Live TV streaming is a great way to stay updated with the latest news, sports, and entertainment. However, many streaming services offer live channels for different viewers. For instance, some are great for general audiences, while others provide specific sports, lifestyle, or entertainment content streams.

Thankfully, all the recommendations in this guide are available across many platforms, such as web browsers, mobile devices, media streaming devices, and gaming consoles. So, regardless of the service you select or subscribe to, you may save significantly more than when using cable TV.

This article covers 34 of the finest live TV streaming sites, ranging from free to paid.

Top websites for online TV streams – Quick list

Are you short on time to go through the entire article? Check out this summary of the 10 best live TV streaming websites before we start reviewing all 34 sites later in this article.

  1. Stream2Watch – Has live TV channels in several Americas states and European countries. Allows you to switch to sports channels.
  2. YouTube TV – Offers over-the-top (OTT) content and hosts TV channels like Fox, CBS, ABC, ESPN, CBS, etc.
  3. Sling TV – Gives you value for money with decent-priced packages and many live channels and on-demand content.
  4. DAZN – It is available in many countries and provides on-demand content and live TV channels, especially for notable sporting events like UEFA, English Premier League, etc.
  5. Hulu – Has live TV, exclusive content, and popular titles from other networks as well.
  6. Pluto TV – Licensed to offer content, so there isn’t a risk of streaming its content.
  7. Now TV – Hosts live TV channels, movies, and programs belonging to the Sky Network. It also offers live sporting events.
  8. Disney+Hotstar – The best streaming platform for Indian content from dramas, soap operas, tv shows, movies, and more.
  9. DaddyLiveHD – Dependable online TV streaming portal as it doesn’t display ads, and you don’t even need to create an account.
  10. Xumo TV – Offers live TV plus thousands of on-demand titles ranging from documentaries, movies, TV shows, etc.

What is live-streaming TV?

Live TV streaming is a cheaper alternative to cable TV as you won’t need to buy all the equipment cable and satellite TV providers require. Also, you only have to pay for the channels you want rather than hundreds of cable TV channels you do not watch. 

Additionally, live TV streaming removes the burden of committing to a lengthy contract with cable TV companies, and you can choose to pay monthly or cancel your subscription at will.

To start streaming live TV channels, you need the following:

  • A streaming device: All major streaming platforms allow you to stream directly from their websites. So, you must install the latest version of a reliable browser on your device and start streaming. Also, some modern devices have inbuilt streaming applications which you can use to stream live TV. Alternatively, you can cast live TV channel streams to your TV for a big-screen experience. Some gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox also support live streaming. Ensure you choose a streaming service that is compatible with your device.
  • A fast internet connection: The strength and speed of your internet connection affect the quality of the videos you can access and the overall streaming experience. Some streaming platforms like Hulu + Live TV require a residential, non-mobile internet connection to work.

Some live TV streaming platforms also allow you to access on-demand content like that available on Netflix. This means you do not have to record shows to rewatch them because you can access them on-demand on the streaming platform.

Best sites for live TV streaming online – Detailed list

Like torrent websites listed in this article and free movie sites featured on our page here, live TV streaming platforms (especially free ones) tend to get shut down and become offline continuously.

But we ensure all websites listed below are working and available for use (with constant content updates). So here are the top websites for online live TV streams, free and paid options.

1. Stream2Watch

Our Rating


High-quality streaming

Some links may not work

Visit Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is a popular live TV site hosting high-quality links from different sources. It has live TV channels from Canada, the US, Russia, Spain, Italy, the UK, Spain, and other European countries. The website is also among the best sports streaming sites, allowing you to switch to sports streaming channels at will.

Stream2Watch homepage

However, some links may not work consistently as they are from unreliable sources. Also, you may be bombarded with advertisements, but it is a pain worth bearing, given the many free channels you can access. Not to forget, many good ad blockers exist today that you can use to eliminate nasty ads.

2. YouTube TV

Our Rating

$64.99 monthly

Extensive catalog


Visit YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming service that offers over-the-top (OTT) content. It hosts popular channels like CBS, ABC, Fox, The CW, NBC, ESPN, Golf Channel, NESN, FXX, and more, which you can stream directly on your PC or phone. Unfortunately, the site is only accessible in the US, but you can bypass YouTube TV geo-restrictions with a VPN.

YouTube TV homepage

While the service offers a free trial, it costs $54.99 for your first 3 months and $64.99 monthly.

3. Sling TV

Sling TV
Our Rating

$15 monthly

Extensive channels


Visit Sling TV

Sling TV supports many channels and offers a lot of customization. The price is also favorable, considering the value you will get. For example, the Orange package is available at $15 per month and offers 31 channels with a good mixture of news, sports, and entertainment channels. On the other hand, the Blue package is $15 per month and has 45 channels. Also, you can combine both packages for $25.

Sling TV homepage

The Sling TV platform is region-locked for US users only, so you cannot access the content if you travel abroad for work or a holiday outside the US. Nevertheless, you can easily bypass these restrictions through a VPN and access Sling TV from anywhere.


Our Rating

$19.99 monthly

30-day free trial


Visit DAZN

This is a popular subscription-based streaming service that offers live and on-demand content. It is available in Germany, Austria, Japan, Switzerland, the US, Italy, Brazil, Spain, and Canada. In addition, DAZN has digital rights to broadcast major sports events in Japan, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada. Also, you can enjoy the FIFA World Cup, UEFA, LA Liga, Premier League, etc.


The service provides a 1-month free trial and allows you to cancel anytime. In addition, it is compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, gaming consoles, etc.

5. Hulu

Our Rating


On-demand streaming content

Only available in the US

Visit Hulu

Hulu is a famous streaming service with a hybrid of live TV and on-demand content. However, the presentation and content of the app will depend on the cost. For example, cheaper packages have ads, while premium ones are ad-free. Nonetheless, most of the content is in high definition.

Hulu official website

At the moment, Hulu is only available in the United States. You can access all of Hulu’s amazing content outside the USA by connecting to a US VPN server.

6. Pluto TV

Our Rating


Extensive live channels


Visit Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers more than 100 live TV channels and numerous TV shows and movies. However, the site makes money with advertisements, so you will be bombarded with ads, which is frustrating when watching content online. Fortunately, providers directly license the site, so you will not get into problems streaming its content.

Pluto.tv official

Like some other sites on this list, the service is geo-restricted. Due to copyright rules, it serves US users the best. Apart from the USA, Pluto TV is available in Australia, the UK, Canada, and Europe. There is, however, a limitation on what you can access in these countries unless you connect with a US address.

7. Now TV

Now TV
Our Rating

$12.15 monthly

Live sports streaming

Doesn’t support 4K streaming

Visit Now TV

TV is a subscription-based streaming service available in Ireland, the UK, and Italy. It hosts all the TV channels, movies, live sports, programs owned by Sky Network, and titles from other networks. You can stream your favorite content on any device you want, including smart TVs and gaming consoles. Luckily, the service comes with a 14-day free trial.

Now TV homepage

8. Disney+Hotstar

Our Rating

$9.99 monthly

Extensive library

Limited original content

Visit Disney+ Hotstar

This is one of the best streaming services for Indian content, with a massive library of Soap Operas, dramas, TV shows, movies, sports, etc. Since it also offers international content, the site is available in Canada and the US.

Disney + Hotstar homepage

Hotstar was previously accessible worldwide, even though it was only available in India officially. However, the company has become stricter and no longer provides services outside India, Canada, and the United States. Luckily, a VPN can solve this problem easily. Connecting to an Indian VPN server will make Hotstar believe you’re actually in India and won’t block you. In this way, you can access Hotstar from anywhere in the world.

9. DaddyLiveHD

Our Rating


Sleek interface

Doesn’t have original content

Visit DaddyLiveHD

This site is famous because it doesn’t require registration, no intrusive ads, and annoying pop-ups. You only need to select the channel you want to watch and click the play button. It has a sleek video player resembling YouTube to play your chosen channel.

The site also has a roaster of running and upcoming content. It hosts channels mainly from the UK and the US with content ranging from sports, kids, entertainment, movies, TV shows, etc.

10. Xumo TV

Our Rating


Extensive catalog

Supports ads

Visit Xumo TV

Xumo is a comprehensive media streaming service with hundreds of live channels that support ads. Also, it has thousands of free movies, documentaries, TV series, and more. The service is available on most platforms, including Amazon Fire Stick.

Xumo TV homepage

Notably, you need a VPN to watch Xumo TV outside the US since it’s geo-blocked to US viewers only.

11. StreamWink

Our Rating


Multiple live TV channels


VIsit StreamWink

StreamWink is a streaming service that contains multiple live-streaming links. Thankfully, it is a free site, so you won’t have to pay any subscription to get started. Just click on the channel you want to watch and do. Also, the video player has a user-friendly interface with minimal lags.

streamwink homepage

12. TVPlayer

Our Rating

$6.07 monthly

Has a large number of channels

Limited free trial

Visit TVPlayer

TV Player gives you access to several live TV channels via your web browser or mobile app. The free version allows you to watch 60+ channels, while the premium option supports more channels. Unfortunately, the site is currently only available in the UK, but the team is working on expanding to other regions like Canada, the US, and other European countries. Nonetheless, you can evade geographic restrictions with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN.


Pro tip:

The website is in French originally. If you want to see in English, use Google Chrome and the browser will automatically ask you to translate as soon as you land on the site.

13. UStream

Our Rating


Extensive catalog


Visit UStream

UStream is a great free live TV streaming with over 200 premium channels for movies, sports, entertainment, and more. Unfortunately, while the site has decent channels with quality streams, it displays pop-ups and ads, which is annoying.

14. DirecTV Now

Our Rating

$69.99 monthly

Extensive catalog

Lacks original content

Visit DirecTV Now

AT&T owns DirectTV and offers over 150 live TV channels. Moreover, it has a mammoth collection of on-demand content with a powerful blend of music, entertainment, news, and sports. However, it isn’t cheap, as the monthly package is around $69.99 and includes over 40,000 on-demand titles.

DirecTV.com official site

15. Yupp TV

Our Rating

Free and Paid ($7.99 monthly)

Extensive list of popular channels

Free version has limited channels

Visit Yupp TV

Yupp TV is a great streaming source for Indian content, from live TV movies and TV shows. The service is available in many countries, including the USA, Australia, Malaysia, the UK, Canada, the Middle East, and Singapore. Some popular channels it hosts include Star Plus, Colors, Set Max, Zee Cinema, Colors TV, etc.

Yupp-TV official

16. Squid TV

Our Rating


Sleek interface

Some streams are geo-blocked

Visit Squid TV

Squid TV makes it easy to watch live TV online. It collects streams worldwide and classifies them according to genre, country, and language. Most streams are available everywhere, but you may need a VPN to bypass the geo-blocks of some streams. Thankfully, the site makes finding the content you want to watch easy with a simple-to-use search bar.

17. Time4TV

Our Rating


Multiple channels

Annoying ads

Visit Time4TV

Time4TV is an online streaming platform that allows you to watch TV channels from around the globe. It has over 60+ sports channels, including Sky Network, Sony Network, BT Sports, Star Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, and WWE Network. However, you must bear with the aggressive, intrusive ads and pop-ups.

18. MX Player

Our Rating


Extensive channel list

Supports ads

Visit MX Player

MX Player is a popular Android media player app with movies, TV series, MX exclusives, and Live TV, but it supports advertisements. Thankfully, the user interface is clean and allows free access to the content.


19. FreeTV

Our Rating


Extensive genres

Doesn’t have premium channels

Visit FreeTV

Free TV is an online streaming platform that combines free Live TV channels worldwide under one roof. It hosts free live-streaming channels on YouTube and other third-party sources with various genres from music, movies, kids, sports, entertainment, and more. However, you won’t get any premium channels.

20. Airy TV

Airy TV
Our Rating


Extensive categories

Limited channels

Visit Airy TV

Airy TV has various live channels in multiple categories like TV shows, classic kids, Comedy, reality, thriller, music, documentaries, sports, and more. It is a great way to keep in touch with current news and sporting events.

Airy TV

21. Vidgo

Our Rating

$59.95 – $79.95 monthly


Doesn’t have popular channels

Visit Vidgo

Vidgo is a relatively new live TV platform offering over 100 live channels. It features family and sports programming, including Disney Channel, Disney XD, ESPN, ESPN2, Lifetime, BeIN sports, etc. The site is well supported by all major devices, including Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

It has a simple, streamlined interface, with all channels organized and easily accessible. Also, it has a chatroom feature where you can interact and share opinions about various shows and events. The only downside of Vidgo is the absence of some popular live channels.

22. Frndly TV

Our Rating

$6.99 – $10.99 monthly

7-day free trial

Limited channels

Visit Frndly TV

This budget-friendly live TV streaming platform gives you access to over 30 live TV channels. Frndly TV gives you a trial period of seven days to test their services before they start to charge you. The platform features live channels such as Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Vice, FYI, Lifetime movie network, History A&E, etc.

Frndly TV

Frndly TV is available in two packages; Basic and premium. The basic package only allows you access to live and on-demand programming, while the premium package includes unlimited cloud DVR storage for three months.

However, its content targets older viewers and families on a budget. Also, the platform has limited channels and lacks sports coverage.

23. TVCatchup

Our Rating


User-friendly interface

Limited channels

Visit TVCatchup

This quality live TV streaming platform offers exclusive access to free-to-air UK channels. The website is simple, and the interface is sleek, displaying links to all popular channels like BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, ITV2, Channel 4, etc.


The website also displays the schedules and timings of all the channels featured, making it easy to keep up with your favorite show. TVCatchup has a mobile application, and you can easily follow your favorite program from anywhere worldwide.

25. Epctv.com

Our Rating


Sleek interface

Annoying ads

Visit Epctv

EpcTV is an excellent live TV streaming platform featuring channels from all over the world. The interface is sleek, and the channels are categorized according to region and genre. The platform has many channels covering various topics such as sports, reality shows, music, Kids, fun, and news.

Epctv homepage

26. Hamari Web

Our Rating


Has helpful articles

Limited channels

Visit Hamrai Web

Hamari Web is a Pakistani-based live TV streaming website offering almost all Live channels available in Pakistan. The platform features various entertainment and news channels, including cooking, reality, sports, and morning shows. It also contains educative articles and quizzes, which can be resourceful.


27. Voodoo Streams IPTV

Voodoo Streams
Our Rating

$12.99 monthly

A large number of live channels

Geo-restricted in some areas

Visit Voodoo Streams

This premium Live TV streaming service features 8000+ UK, CA, US, and 11000+ worldwide live TV. The platform uses sophisticated anti-freezing technology to ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience. The service is available in most European, Latino, and Arabic countries.

Voodoo streams homepage

Additionally, their content is in SD, HD, and FHD qualities. Voodoo Streams IPTV has excellent customer support, and its services are available across all major devices and platforms.

28. XtremeHD

Our Rating

$15 monthly

High-quality streaming

Limited content

Visit XtemeHD

Xtremehdiptv is a premium live TV and on-demand streaming platform featuring 2,000+ live channels. The content is available in SD, HD, and full HD, and it uses anti-freezing technology to provide uninterrupted streams.

XtremeHD homepage

The platform has over 2,000 servers spread across 190 countries, and you can access it anywhere. It offers excellent customer support services, and its content is available on all major devices.

29. Yidio

Our Rating

Free and Paid ($7.99 monthly)

Simple interface

Limited live TV channels

Visit Yidio

Yidio allows you to access over 180 free and paid streaming platforms under one roof. You can watch over 1 million movies and TV shows from popular streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix all in one place. You can access the content from virtually all devices and browsers.


The platform has a sleek interface, and you can sort content according to IMDB ratings, decade, MPAA ratings, and genres. It features many genres, including Noe-noir, Disaster, Faith and Spirituality, Indie, Drama, and Action.

30. Tubi

Our Rating


Parental control feature


Visit Tubi

This is the US’s largest and most popular free Live TV, movies, and shows website. Tubi supports ads and is accessible from all major devices and operating systems. All the videos on this website are of high quality, but you will encounter ads every 15 minutes.

Tubi TV homepage

Tubi TV has a Kid’s section featuring friendly monster movies, LEGO, and Toon TV. Also, it allows parents to set controls to regulate the content their children watch.

31. Reelgood

Our Rating


Extensive content

Third-party content

Visit Reelgood

Reelgood has assembled over 250 streaming platforms consisting of all major entertainment companies such as Crunchyroll, Cinemax, Amazon Prime, HBO, ShowTime, Startz, and others. The platform is totally free to use.

Reelgood homepage

Reelgood free bundle consists of movies and TV shows from Disney, NBC, Fox, ABC, and Crackle. Additionally, the platform consists of tons of live TV and sports channels.

32. Midnight Pulp

Midnight Pulp
Our Rating

$4.99 monthly

Free trial

Annoying ads

Visit Midnight Pulp

This popular Live TV and on-demand streaming platform features Cult and American Horror films and TV shows. Midnight Pulp offers some rare and hard-to-find content in HD quality.

Midnight pulp homepage

The interface is neat and easy to use, with all channels displayed on the home page. You can start streaming for free, but you have to pay $4.99 to unlock premium content. This allows you access to extensive live movie channels of slasher and horror films without annoying ads.

33. Plex

Our Rating


Supports many devices

Supports ads

Visit Plex

Plex is your one-stop destination for on-demand content and live TV channels. The platform is free and supported by ads. You can enjoy many live TV channels, Movies, and TV shows featuring sports, shows, documentaries, news, and AMC series.

Plex homepage

The platform is supported on all major devices like Apple, Android, and smart TVs. The only downside of this platform is the pesky ads that can affect your streaming experience.

34. Paramount+

Our Rating

$11.99 monthly

Supports almost all streaming devices

Limited free trial

Visit Paramount+

Enjoy live TV, movies, shows, sports, and exclusive originals from this budget-friendly streaming platform. You can watch new and old TV shows, central comedy shows, timeless classics, and hit releases in one place.


The platform gives new users a 7-day trial period, and you can choose a subscription that suits you among three. Sports enthusiasts on paramount+ can enjoy CBS sports like UEFA, NFL, and more, including replays and highlights with expert commentary and analysis. Paramount+ is supported in all major operating systems and devices, including PlayStation, smart TVs, Android, and Apple.

How to get the best free streaming service for you

Are you looking for a streaming service to watch movies and shows, or are you interested in free Live TV streaming? This is the first question you should ask yourself. Unfortunately, finding a free streaming service with good coverage of both films and Live TV channels is hard. Use free streaming services such as FreeVee, Tubi, and Crackle to watch your favorite movies and shows and stream Live TV channels through free platforms like Xumo TV and Pluto TV. This way, you can access extensive content of both live TV and on-demand content.

Risks of sites offering free live TV

There has been a spirited effort to crack down on sites offering free content without copyright holder’s licensing. In fact, downloading or streaming such content is deemed illegal in most countries, and you may face the wrath of the judicial system. The litigations vary in different countries, but authorities usually go for the developers of the illegal sites and not consumers.

Another major issue with free live TV streaming services is security. Most of them are potentially harmful and malicious as they may try to inject malware into your device. Others may even compromise your privacy by collecting sensitive data from your device. That is why a virtual private network (VPN) may be necessary (more on this later).

Can I save the streaming videos for offline viewing?

Nowadays, many streaming services offer offline viewing options. For example, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube allow customers to download videos and movies to view offline when they don’t have access to an internet connection.

But all those are paid services, and free live TV streaming websites rarely offer such an option. In such cases, you can use video processing software to save videos for offline viewing.

One fine example is VideoProc Converter, which lets you record or download streaming videos for offline viewing. Make sure you respect fair use all the time, though.

What is a VideoProc Converter?

VideoProc Converter is a video toolkit with a downloader, converter, recorder, compressor, and editor. It will help you to save live streaming video effortlessly to watch offline, even in 1080p quality. The best part is that you can also download audio, subtitles, playlists, M3U8, and channels.

Here is how to save a live video for offline viewing:

  1. Go to the VideoProc Converter website https://www.videoproc.com/.
  2. Download and configure the software on your device.
  3. Copy the link of the streaming video you want to download.
  4. It will start to download immediately.

What to do if the live TV streaming site stops working?

live TV streaming sites

You can use a VPN to load the content if the free TV streaming online site is restricted or stops working. It will bypass any present network limitations or geo-restrictions from allowing you to access the site from anywhere.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an essential tool that safeguards your data with advanced encryption and reroutes your traffic through secure servers. As a result, third parties such as your internet service provider (ISP) and hackers cannot intercept your connections or see your online activities. Also, it will help you to access geo-restricted content in whichever country you like.

As you can see above, adopting a VPN has many advantages when using free live TV streaming sites. However, picking the right streaming VPN is challenging due to the sheer number of providers in the market. Therefore, we have gathered the best three VPN services to watch free live TV online.

1. ExpressVPN


The most reliable VPN service for accessing live TV streaming services worldwide.

servers Network of more than 3,000 VPN servers scattered across 94 countries
Trusted servers nord Utilizes TrustedServer technology
encryption Secures internet traffic with AES-256 bit encryption
Zero-logs policy No data retention
Split tunneling feature A split tunneling functionality that works
network lock feature Boasts network Lock (kill switch) feature
tor compatible Supports Tor on all servers
P2P optimized servers Provides P2P (torrent) support on most of the servers
simultaneous connections Each account allows five simultaneous connections
money-back guarantee There is a 30-day pay-back guarantee
  • Easy-to-use apps 
  • Reliable customer support 
  • Consistently fast-speeds
  • Pricier than competitors

ExpressVPN is our top recommended VPN to access free TV streaming websites live from any region worldwide. First, it has a massive network of over 3,000 blazing-fast servers across 94 countries. Connecting to any server will give you an IP address of the country where the server is based. Also, the VPN is compatible with all the major operating systems and allows you to connect up to five simultaneous connections.

As mentioned earlier, accessing free streaming sites is risky. Fortunately, ExpressVPN has top-notch privacy and security features, including perfect forward secrecy, AES 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and TrustedServer technology. This will prevent third parties from intercepting or accessing your traffic or data.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN for Streaming

Top-notch VPN provider if you are willing to unblock and use any live TV site safely anywhere in the world.

servers More than 5,500 secure VPN servers across 59 countries
Ad Blocker feature Threat Protection (web tracking, malware, and ad blocker)
encryption Government-grade standard AES-256-bit encryption
Kill switch Kill switch with high effectiveness
Split tunneling feature Boasts split tunneling feature
MultiHop mode Multi-hop VPN for double encryption
P2P optimized servers Numerous servers support P2P traffic
tor compatible Provides Onion over VPN functionality
Camouflage mode Obfuscates VPN servers
Zero-logs policy Observes strict no-logs rules
simultaneous connections Single subscription allows connecting up to six devices at once
money-back guarantee Comes with a refund guarantee of 30 days
  • Fasts-speed servers 
  • Unblocks free and paid live TV platforms 
  • Employs adequate security features
  • Hasn’t labelled the servers correctly

NordVPN is another trustworthy VPN to watch free live TV online. It has intuitive apps for almost all devices, so even beginners will enjoy getting started. Also, it supports up to six simultaneous devices, regardless of your subscription package.

The VPN has an infrastructure of more than 5,643 fast-speed servers in 59 countries. This will help you access blocked content in other regions. An extensive server network is advantageous because you can switch to another server if your free live TV site stops working.

NordVPN uses multiple advanced features to keep you safe. They include military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, kill switch, split tunneling, double VPN (multihop servers), cybersec ad blocker, and perfect forward secrecy.

3. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private internet access pros cons block logo

An affordable VPN with an extensive server network that has dependable unblocking capabilities.

servers A global VPN network with more than 28,000 servers
P2P optimized servers Most servers support P2P (torrenting) traffic
encryption Encryption with AES 128-bits and 256-bits
Ad Blocker feature Its MACE offers protection against malware and adware
Zero-logs policy Enforces a policy of no logs
Split tunneling feature Effective split tunneling
Kill switch A kill switch with impressive functionality
protection Prevents internet traffic data leaks
simultaneous connections Each account allows 10 simultaneous connections
money-back guarantee Refund policy of 30 days
  • Affordable subscription packages
  • Top-notch security and privacy
  • Reliable live chat
  • Connection issues on some servers

Our last recommended premium VPN to access free live TV online. It has the most impressive network of more than 28,000 servers in 84 countries, spoiling you for choices. In addition, most of the servers are pretty fast, enabling you to stream high-quality content.

The VPN works well with major platforms like Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Firefox, and iOS. All the apps are effortless to configure and use. In addition, you will get value for money as the VPN allows you to have ten simultaneous connections.

PIA does not disappoint in terms of security. It lets you choose between AES 128 or 256-bit encryption, depending on your connection. Additional features include a kill switch, DNS leak protection, perfect forward secrecy, MACE ad blocker, and split tunneling.

DVR, simultaneous streams, and apps

DVRs are vital features of modern-day streaming platforms. They give you cloud storage where you can record your programs to watch or rewatch them in the future. This is handy when your favorite program is airing at an inconvenient time, or you want to rewatch your favorite team’s match. Some platforms, like YouTube TV, have advanced cloud DVR services that allow you to watch your recorded content offline.

The number of simultaneous device connections a streaming platform allows determines the number of users who can stream anytime. If you have a large family, consider subscribing to a platform that allows unlimited simultaneous connections to ensure each family member can stream their favorite channels anytime.

Compatibility is a major issue with streaming platforms. All major operating systems and devices support modern streaming platforms. Also, choose a streaming platform that allows you to regulate the content your children access by imposing parental control. This way, you can prevent children from accessing inappropriate content.


Streaming live TV is a convenient way to consume online content. However, some of the top websites for online live TV streams are unavailable everywhere. Also, hackers and other malicious actors exploit free streaming sources to steal users’ data or install malware. So, you should always use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions, protect your data, and safeguard your device.


It is difficult to determine the legitimacy of live TV streaming sites. However, the general thumb rule is that sites that offer free content are probably broadcasting copyrighted content, which is illegal in most countries.

Yes, we recommend a VPN when using these live TV streaming sites. A reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN will mask your streaming activities and protect you from ISPs, hackers, or website operators.

You can face legal consequences if caught using live TV streaming sites to watch copyrighted content. The repercussions differ from country to country. However, authorities usually target the streaming site developers and not the consumers.

Live TV streaming is where a program gets broadcast almost instantaneously, like on cable or satellite TV. On the other hand, with on-demand streaming, you choose the content you want to watch. For example, you can stream your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix.

Yes, you can. Some live TV streaming websites don’t require registering an account to start. They include 123TV, USTVGO, Xumo TV, Pluto TV, Airy TV, Stream2Watch, DistroTV, Squid TV, and Ustream.

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