How to stream 8Tracks from outside the US and Canada

Aliu Isa Last updated: November 10, 2022 Read time: 9 minutes Disclosure

8Track became restricted to Canada and the US in February 2022. However, it's still possible to enjoy 8Track's streams using a VPN.

Sneak peek at streaming 8tracks outside the US

8Tracks became very popular as an internet radio streaming alternative to Spotify or Pandora because it offers a novel model for playlist creation. But unfortunately, the company decided to restrict its traffic to Canada and the United States, leaving 8Tracks fans longing for the platform outside these regions. However, the good news is that a VPN will give you back the power to use 8Track to your heart’s content.

Media streaming and social networks are all the rage on today’s internet. 8Tracks is an internet radio streaming platform that brings both worlds together. It is a website in which the platform’s users can put together a track list for other users to enjoy – each list must include at least eight tracks, as the platform’s name suggests. It’s an exciting option for all those Pandora and Spotify users tired of repeatedly listening to the same recommended tracks. However, there is a catch — you cannot stream 8Tracks outside the US or Canada.

Indeed, it was a relatively disappointing development to see the platform, previously open to the world until February 2016, restricting its services with geographic limitations. But all is not lost for those music lovers away from Canada and the US, as there are two ways to keep enjoying 8Tracks.

One option is to play 8Track music streams through YouTube. While this option exists, many users complain that it won’t work correctly. This is why it’s a lucky thing that a second option is also available: using a VPN to listen to 8Track outside the US and Canada.

Keep reading this guide to find out how to use the best VPN services to unlock 8Tracks from any country worldwide.

Using a VPN to listen to 8Tracks outside the US

8Tracks was available worldwide until last February, when the platform announced that its streaming service would only serve music lovers from the US and Canada. Since then, the rest of the world gets an error message instead of the music they expect and want. Fortunately, it’s still possible to enjoy 8Tracks’ music from any place on the planet with the help of a good VPN service.

VPN services encrypt all your digital traffic and hide your physical location by giving you a new IP address from their server network. Thus, you can use a VPN to be virtually in any country in which your VPN has a server. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Pick a VPN vendor. It has to be a good one because not all VPNs can unblock 8Tracks. And keep away from free VPNs, please. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Find and install the software your VPN provides for your device.
  3. Launch your VPN app and log in using your new VPN credentials.
  4. Connect to your VPN using a server in the US.
  5. From this moment, the rest of the internet will see you as a US-based user, and every website or service you use will treat you accordingly. Thus, 8Tracks will refuse you its service anymore.

Top VPNs to unblock 8Tracks abroad – The quick list

The VPN market has snowballed in recent years, so many vendors are out there. However, if you want to stream 8Tracks outside the US and Canada, not every VPN will do the job. You have to choose one of the best ones in the industry.

We will describe the best three VPNs you can use with 8Tracks outside the US and Canada in full detail later in this guide, but if you’re already in a rush and need to know the gist of it, here is our quick list.

  1. ExpressVPN. The fastest and most reliable VPN is the best choice to unblock 8Tracks. It’s also the best option for any other task that requires the use of a VPN.
  2. Surfshark. A top-notch VPN with lots of extra features at a budget price. It’s also a great option to unblock 8Tracks and offers unlimited simultaneous connections to its network.
  3. NordVPN. Exceedingly fast, capable of clearing almost every possible geo-block on the web, excellent customer service, and many extra features.

How to choose a good VPN for 8Tracks

The increasing popularity and demand for VPN services have made the market flourish. Consequently, the industry is flooded with options claiming to offer reliable, safe, and advanced service. But alas, things are never so simple. The VPN market is no different from any other, with only a handful of excellent services providing the best quality.

Because VPNs provide such fundamental services, it’s critical to pick the best one. It’s not just that your security and privacy depend on it. But also, because only the best VPNs have geo-unblocking capabilities, you need to stream 8Track outside Canada and the US.

So how did we choose the best VPNs to stream 8Track? We considered the following factors:

  • Fast servers. Speed is a critical factor when you’re streaming audiovisual content. Otherwise, your experience will include annoying buffering and interruptions.
  • Many locations. Every location gives you a window into a different internet experience. In the case of 8Tracks, the essential thing is to have servers in the US and Canada. But having other options is helpful in other cases too.
  • Unblocks 8Tracks and other streaming services. You can’t take for granted that any given VPN will unblock this or that service. This requires additional efforts by the providers because the streaming services are fighting hard to stop them.
  • User-friendly apps for all the primary platforms. 
  • Good customer suport. Hopefully, you’ll never need it. But if any problem arises, then you should be able to tackle it quickly and reliably.
  • No-logs policy. The no-logs policy is the only guarantee from your VPN vendor to protect your privacy. So, it’s essential to pick one that honors this practice.

After considering those variables, our expert staff came up with three outstanding VPNs that provide the best 8Track experience if you’re not in Canada or the US.

Best VPNs to stream 8Tracks outside the US

1. ExpressVPN