How to Get a US IP Outside the US in 2023 (Easy Ways)

Nicholas Nabakwe  - Streaming Reporter
Last updated: November 20, 2023
Read time: 20 minutes

Learn how to get a US IP address to unblock your favorite websites and enjoy unlimited access to content safely. Find the right USA IP VPN.

The United States hosts the most interesting content collections, from streaming to gaming and app diversity. That’s why people from all over the world look for ways to get access to that exciting content. But the inherent copyright issues and geo-restrictions prevent users from accessing their favorite content. It’s particularly annoying for US citizens who face content blocking merely because they traveled outside the US. That’s where a VPN helps by empowering users to change their IP addresses to US ones and spoof their online locations.

Netflix subscribers in Norway can access only about 1/3 of the shows and about 3/4 of the movies available to Americans. Shows like Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, and The West Wing are only available on Netflix to viewers in the US.

Geo-blocking systems block sites and apps from users outside specified locations. Companies apply these restrictions for many reasons, including security and content licensing agreements. This allows them to provide the content only to desired users.

You must change the IP address to US if you want free access to content restricted to the United States outside the region. Sign up for a VPN that offers US servers and fast speeds to allow for smooth streaming if you want to watch different content types. Here, we share guidelines for getting a US IP address anywhere in the world. You can configure different devices, including desktop PCs, Android devices, tablets, iPhones, Fire TVs, and many more.

How to change your IP address to the USA – Quick guide

Too busy for a full read? No problem. Below you go with the steps required to get a US IP address quickly: