PureVPN vs. Astrill VPN in 2024: Which One is Better?

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Last updated: April 29, 2024
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Learn about both VPNs' similarities, differences, strengths, and weaknesses through this PureVPN vs. Astrill VPN comparison.


We compared PureVPN vs. Astrill VPN in terms of speed, server network customer support, privacy policy, user interface, and security features. PureVPN emerged as the winner, boasting intuitive apps, user-friendly options, smooth and stable connectivity, and more servers. However, Astrill VPN, despite lacking fancy features, is good enough for anyone looking for a reliable China VPN.

VPNs are becoming necessary for ensuring online anonymity and enhancing online security. As a result, the VPN industry is saturated with many providers claiming they offer the best features.


PureVPN and Astrill VPN are excellent VPN services that have good reputations. Both VPNs have gathered positive and negative reviews from many online users. They recently entered the VPN market’s limelight due to their similar features.

These VPNs have site-unblocking abilities, zero-logging policies, dedicated tunneling protocols, and advanced security features. In addition, they work excellently in repressive regions and prevent IP leaks.

Although PureVPN and Astrill VPN are great services, they differ, particularly in the performance category.

We share this detailed head-to-head comparison of PureVPN vs. Astrill VPN to make selecting between these VPNs easier. This article will consider features, speed, security, infrastructure, interface availability and usability, server network, and customer support to pick a winner.

PureVPN vs. Astrill VPN: Quick table summary

PureVPN vs AstrillVPN

This table summarises key facts about each VPN service:

FeaturesPureVPNAstrill VPN
PricingFrom $10.95 per monthFrom $30.00 per month
Supported devicesWindows, Linux, Android, Xbox, macOS, iOS, routers, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, routers
SecurityAES 256-bit encryption, Automatic Kill Switch, NAT Firewall, Dedicated IP, Port forwarding, DDoS protectionAES 256-bit encryption, Kill Switch, VIP Add-on, DNS leak protection
PrivacyStrict zero-logs policy, based in the British Virgin Islands, proven by independent audit, No logs policy, based in Seychelles
Server coverage6,5003,000
VPN protocolsOpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and SSTPOpenWeb, WireGuard, OpenConnect IPSec, StealthVPN/RouterPRO, Cisco IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2 and SSTP 
Customer support24/7 live chat, email/ticket support, and helpdesk knowledge baseSatisfactory customer service, extensive FAQ section, email support, live chat, and setup tutorials

Brief comparison

PureVPN and Astrill VPN are among the best VPNs in the world. These providers have excellent security, privacy, and torrenting features that make them seem almost identical. PureVPN has a sizable 6,500 servers across 88 locations and 70+ countries. But, Astrill VPN has a small network of 3,000 servers in 112 cities across 57 countries, making it inferior to PureVPN.

PureVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, while Astrill VPN is headquartered in Seychelles. Despite Purevpn’s previous location in Hong Kong, it seemingly never supported services in China; yet it works relatively well in other repressive regions. In contrast, Astrill VPN works better in China and other countries with restrictive laws.

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Both providers are excellent for unblocking streaming sites like Netflix. Besides, they both utilize 256-bit encryption and a kill switch.

Then some features differ. Firstly, PureVPN has a dedicated IP and DNS leak protection, which are missing in Astrill VPN. If you’re looking for a VPN with torrenting servers, Astrill VPN is your best option, as this feature is lacking in PureVPN.

Neither VPNs have a SmartDNS feature. This means you’ll be unable to protect devices that don’t usually work with VPNs, like Kodi and PlayStation. PureVPN has multiple tunneling protocol choices like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, and SSTP. Astrill has them, too, with more options like OpenWeb, WireGuard, OpenConnect IPSec, StealthVPN/RouterPRO, and Cisco IPSec.

PureVPN vs. Astrill VPN: Which one has better speed?


PureVPN and Astrill VPN have good speeds compared to other VPN services. Although they’re not incredibly fast like Surfshark and ExpressVPN, these providers hardly experience lags or buffering during streaming. Besides, PureVPN and Astrill VPN take less than three minutes when downloading files.

Since VPNs encrypt your data and redirect your traffic, they will likely slow down your connection. So, you must choose a service that will increase your internet speed.

To check how fast these VPNs were for streaming, content uploads, and torrenting, we tested them in various locations to give you an average rate, using symmetric internet service with 300 Mbps as the baseline speed.

During Astrill VPN tests, OpenVPN had frequent disconnections. The average download speed dipped by 22 percent off the baseline, with servers in Argentina and India being the low points. Likewise, the upload rates dropped by 32 percent. Using the OpenWeb protocol reduced our upload speed by 46 percent and download by 4 percent.

On WireGuard, which has a reputation for being a fast tunneling protocol, the average download speed was reduced by 30 percent, while uploads were reduced by 70 percent.

During PureVPN tests on the OpenVPN protocol, the download speed dropped by 14 percent, and the uploads suffered a 15 percent dip. Using the WireGuard protocol, the average download speed was 200 Mbps, while the average upload speed was 210 Mbps. Undoubtedly, this is speedy enough for most internet connections and devices.

Speed metricPureVPNAstrill VPN
Upload speed reduction37 percent (FRA)32 percent (FRA)
Download speed reduction40 percent (UK)22 percent (UK)
Average time to connect (secs)11ms9.2ms
Ping time to Google.com41ms23ms
Successfully unblocksBBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTubeNetflix

PureVPN outperforms Astrill VPN. With PureVPN, you can easily download large files, stream HD videos, use BitTorrent, and play online games.

Which VPN among the two has the best servers?


PureVPN triumphs when it comes to having an extensive server network. It has over 6,500 servers in 70+ countries. However, Astrill runs only 3,000 servers in 112 cities across 57 countries.

PureVPNAstrill VPN
Number of servers6,5003,000
Coverage (countries)7057
IP addresses750324

We examined the number of servers in several locations to determine which is best. More servers typically mean faster speeds. VPNs with few servers experience overloads, affecting your internet connection speed.

In North America, PureVPN has 1,788 servers in nine countries. Besides, it offers about 2,750 servers from 32 European countries and 567 servers across 18 Asian countries. This means you’ll find unblocking content in these regions. This provider also offers two types of servers, many of which are physical.

Its virtual servers allow you to have an IP address in a particular country while the server is located in another place. For example, with PureVPN, you can connect to a server in Brazil, which is located in Argentina. This way, you can improve your performance and speed by connecting to a location with better connections.

Astrill VPN servers are available in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, The Middle East, and Africa. Its servers are all-physical. If you want to block content from China, this provider is the way to go. In fact, Google typically assumes you’re Chinese when you use Astrill VPN.

PureVPN takes the win.

Supported devices and user-friendliness


PureVPN and Astrill VPN are compatible with multiple mobile and desktop devices. However, PureVPN performs better.

Nevertheless, both VPNs can secure numerous devices simultaneously. With Astrill VPN, you can enjoy protection for up to five devices on a single subscription. PureVPN allows for up to 10 devices simultaneously. So you can share the service with your family. In addition, the provider has browser extensions.

Mobile apps

PureVPN has a friendly user mobile app on Android and iOS. It has a connect button and menu icon, enabling you to launch the VPN and protect your device easily. PureVPN’s mobile app interface is intuitive and suitable for novice VPN users.

Its feature-rich Android app offers multiple server modes like Stream, Security/Privacy, File Sharing, and Internet Freedom. It also has the option to choose between a light and dark theme. PureVPN’s iOS app has excellent functionality and design. The app supports protocols like WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN (TCP and UDP).

Astrill VPN’s mobile app is much more appealing than its desktop counterparts. It seems like the provider nailed its user interface on the Android app. The elements and color palette are more similar to its website.

Unfortunately, Astrill VPN’s Android app lacks features like a kill switch, VPN sharing, DNS, and OpenVPN tunneling protocol. The provider’s iOS security could be much better. It has fewer setting options and offers only OpenVPN as a protocol. This is certainly an issue because OpenVPN hardly functions in China.

PureVPN wins for mobile apps.

Desktop applications

The PureVPN desktop software is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The Windows version is basic looking but intuitive and easy to use. This version allows you to choose a protocol of your choice as well as enable/disable the auto-connection and kill switch.

The Mac version is similar to Windows, except it doesn’t display pings next to the servers. To make it easy for Linux users to access its service, PureVPN launched a new GUI (Graphical user interface) app now available on Ubuntu. The Linux app has an internet kill switch alongside two protocols (TCP and UDP).

Astrill VPN’s Windows app is quite an eyesore. It looks outdated and is technical to operate. Functionality-wise, it has features that most consumer VPNs lack. For example, you can change your DNS settings and disable the DHCP on the Windows app. You would expect Astrill VPN’s macOS app to be friendly, but unfortunately, it is similar to the Windows version.

PureVPN desktop applications are superior by far.

Which VPN will you choose?

which VPN would suit you the best

The battle between PureVPN and Astrill VPN is indeed tight.

Astrill VPN is a good-enough VPN service. It’s one of the few services that are torrent-friendly and privacy-conscious. The VPN also appeals to users in restrictive countries like Russia, China, Iran, and others because it has several servers in Asia.

However, PureVPN has a better performance overall. It has many outstanding features, like a simple interface, extensive server network, and military-grade encryption, and it is even looking to add more. We have no choice but to go with PureVPN.

PureVPN vs. Astrill VPN: The rating


PureVPN and Astrill VPN are strong competitors in the VPN market. The comparison between them is due to their standard features. Both VPNs can unblock streaming platforms and support multiple devices. They also support OpenVPN and IPSec VPN tunneling protocols. Hence, many users find it difficult to choose between them even after much comparison.

Below we will give Astrill VPN and PureVPN ratings over ten to make your selection easier:

PureVPNAstrill VPN
Customer support8/108.5/10


VersionPureVPN subscription plansVersionAstrill VPN subscription plans
Monthly$10.95One month plan$30.00
One-year plan$3.24 per monthSix months plan$16.67 per month
Two-year plan$2.08 per monthOne-year plan$12.50 per month

Both VPNs have simple pricing plans, which you’ll find affordable. PureVPN plans subscription starts from $10.95 monthly, while Astrill VPN starts from $30.00 monthly.

Irrespective of the PureVPN plan you subscribe to, you get the same features and services from the provider. Unfortunately, it’s quite different with Astrill VPN. The provider has certain perks in its VIP package, which are unavailable in the standard packages.

With PureVPN pricing, you can enjoy the best value when you purchase its 2-year plan. The provider has a 31-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the service to determine if it’s satisfactory. PureVPN offers incredible Black Friday deals as well as discounts.


Meanwhile, Astrill VPN pricing has no refund policy (money-back guarantee) or free trial, which is disappointing because it’s one of the most expansive VPNs on the market. Hence, one would expect it offers value for money.

PureVPN takes PayPal, credit cards, and a variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as payments. Astrill VPN also accepts Union Pay, AliPay, Perfect Money, WebMoney, and cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, we noticed that this provider asks for phone confirmation when you use payment options like PayPal and credit cards. Most cybersecurity tools allow you to pay anonymously, so Astrill VPN should consider removing its phone verification.

PureVPN is a better option price-wise. You can even save more money on this service by hunting for its mouth-watering coupon codes.

Customer support

VPN vendorPureVPNAstrill VPN
Live chatSupportsSupports
24/7 supportSupportsSupports
Email response time7 minutes20 minutes
Knowledge baseDoesn’t supportSupports
Video tutorials SupportsSupports
Skype chatDoesn’t supportSupports

An ideal VPN service should have reliable and responsive customer support. If you have issues using a VPN service, you should be able to go to its support page for help.

PureVPN has an FAQ, troubleshooting, and setup section. You can also fill out its email support ticket, which needs you to log in to your PureVPN account.

The provider also has 24/7 live chat support, where you can connect to an agent in under one minute. When we tested its chat, the agent was polite and quite helpful. Besides, you can also get assistance from the in-built chatbot in PureVPN’s application.

Regarding customer support, Astrill VPN ensures users get the best solutions. This provider has several guides and tutorials on its website on how to set up the VPN. Unlike PureVPN, it has an extensive customer support portal with more tutorial videos.

You can contact Astrill VPN’s agents through the contact form and live chat. We asked a technical question through its live chat feature, and the agent spotted the issue we described and politely assisted us. Overall, we had a great experience with Astrill VPN’s customer support.

Astrill VPN customer support is better. Although it has no phone line like PureVPN, you can rest assured that its customer support will solve your problem quickly. The fact that the service has a knowledge base section, as well as a Skype chat feature, enables it to beat PureVPN in this round.

Best VPN by category

VPN Design

Let us look at deciding factors that helped us choose the VPN winner according to category:

CategoryWinnerDeciding factor
Best VPN overallPureVPNPureVPN has a sizable server network, excellent security, strong data encryption, and seamless unblocking capabilities. Besides, it’s superb for media consumption because it can access streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max. Astrill VPN cannot unblock most streaming platforms; finding a reliable server to connect to takes time.
Best VPN for the USAPureVPNPureVPN is the most suitable provider for the USA. It has over 2,000 servers in about 14 USA locations, letting you bypass geo-blocks easily. Besides, the service is fast and has many physical servers in America.
Best VPN for iOSPureVPNAgain, PureVPN wins this category due to the design and functionality of its iOS app. It also supports multiple torrenting protocols. Astrill VPN’s iOS app lacks polish. It’s also missing essential features like the OpenVPN protocol, an ON/OFF button, a protocol selection, and a server list.
Best VPN for P2P torrentingAstrill VPNWith features like port forwarding, P2P optimized servers, and a kill switch, Astrill VPN beats PureVPN hands-down for torrenting. Although PureVPN is fast, it doesn’t have P2P sharing on all its servers. You also have to pay extra to enjoy its port forwarding feature.
Best VPN for AndroidPureVPNThe simplicity and ease of use of its Android app make PureVPN a better choice. It has various server modes and offers WireGuard, IPSec, and IKEv2 tunneling protocols. The downside to Astrill VPN’s Android app is it doesn’t have a search option. It also fails to list countries alphabetically, making it difficult for users to find a server.
Best VPN for MacPureVPNAstrill VPN’s macOS app isn’t user-friendly. It has several complex security options. Although PureVPN’s macOS app isn’t superior, it’s better than Astrill VPN because it offers a great user experience.
Best VPN for WindowsPureVPNFor a service that charges $30.00/month, Astrill VPN’s Windows app looks terribly outdated. As a novice VPN user, this app can ruin your experience. PureVPN has a modern design with an easy-to-use app interface.

Astrill VPN vs. PureVPN: The verdict

While Astrill VPN is excelling in the VPN market, PureVPN wins overall. We conducted tests concerning their server network, speed, customer support, pricing, and user-friendliness, and PureVPN came out on top.

Don’t get us wrong, Astrill VPN is a good service. It’s, in fact, superior to many VPN services on the market today. However, when going up against a VPN like PureVPN, it has much work to be done. PureVPN’s price and speed make it a top-ranking VPN service.

If P2P torrenting and bypassing China geo-restrictions are top criteria for you, Astrill VPN is worth the look.


When selecting between PureVPN and Astrill VPN, there are elements you should look at to narrow your options. You want to choose an extensive server network provider with excellent security and privacy features, fast speeds, reliable customer support, and affordable pricing plans.

Both VPNs offer deals on various occasions. During Black Fridays and holiday seasons, PureVPN offers discounts on its services. Astrill VPN also provides new deals around holiday seasons and special sale periods like Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Astrill VPN is pretty fast, but PureVPN is faster. If you want to maximize PureVPN’s speed, we advise connecting to a server closest to your location. If you’re looking for a VPN with outstanding speed, we recommend ExpressVPN.

PureVPN is better than Astrill VPN overall. It successfully unblocks BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, and more. Like other quality VPNs on the market, it has a vast network, reliable encryption, a no-logging policy, and impressive privacy features. Besides, thanks to its SSTP tunneling protocol, it works in China. So, you may not even need Astrill VPN to access Chinese content.

Astrill VPN is not free. Fortunately, it has a free limited Android version, which you can download from the Google Play store.

PureVPN is safe to use. Although it has a prior history of logging users’ data, the VPN has worked with numerous independent auditors to regain its reputation. It also has a privacy policy, which guarantees not storing or logging users’ data. It boasts military-grade encryption and an automatic kill switch to ensure users’ privacy.

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