How to Watch Young Sheldon on Netflix: Detailed 2024 Guide

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Discover the way to watch famous American sitcom series on Netflix if it is restricted in your region.


Young Sheldon is only available on Netflix in certain countries, which can be frustrating. Who wouldn’t want to have the hilarious Cooper back on their screen again? This streaming guide explains how you can bypass geo-restrictions and stream Young Sheldon in your area. We also tell you what to expect from the series.

Have you missed watching the humorous Young Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory” on your screen? Worry not! We’ve got you covered.

Young Sheldon is an American comedy series. The series shows Sheldon’s unique and lovable personality while he struggles growing up as a talented child in Texas. Young Sheldon is available on Netflix.

Unfortunately, the series isn’t available in certain regions. That is because they don’t have the license to stream the series because of copyright laws. But with the help of a VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and watch your favorite shows on the go.

This guide will show you how to stream Young Sheldon on Netflix from anywhere and the best VPN you can use for streaming. We will also talk about where you can watch Young Sheldon online.

A quick way to stream Young Sheldon on Netflix

You can watch Young Sheldon with ease from anywhere through the use of a VPN. You can follow the steps below to watch the series with a VPN.

  1. Choose a trustworthy VPN. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN (now with 49% OFF).
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Create an account and select a plan if you haven’t already.
  4. Launch the VPN and choose a server in Australia or Canada if you wish to use Netflix for watching Young Sheldon. If you choose to use a free streaming channel like Channel 4, choose a server in the UK.
  5. Connect your VPN and login to your Netflix account.
  6. Start streaming!

The best VPNs for watching Young Sheldon on Netflix – Quick list

Below is a quick list of the best VPNs for streaming Young Sheldon on Netflix from anywhere:

  1. ExpressVPN – This is our top pick for watching Young Sheldon on Netflix. It has a no-log policy and offers unlimited bandwidth to its users.
  2. Private Internet Access VPN – It has an inbuilt ad blocker that blocks ads and pop-ups while streaming. The VPN also allows you to connect unlimited simultaneous devices with no extra fee.
  3. ExtremeVPN – An ultra-fast connection speed with 6,500 servers in 78 countries.

The top VPNs to enjoy Young Sheldon on Netflix – Detailed list

Choosing the right VPN for unblocking Young Sheldon on Netflix can be difficult. To help you, we’ve provided a detailed explanation of our three best VPNs below.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN new features block logo 120 by 120 now

A top-notch VPN service that provides comprehensive privacy features and assures unrestricted internet access and speed. It is the go-to choice for streaming Young Sheldon on Netflix without restrictions.

servers Has a vast network of over 3,000 servers scattered in more than 90 countries
encryption Boasts top-tier AES-256-bit encryption
Zero-logs policy Does not store users’ logs
Trusted servers nord Server network runs only on RAM
Split tunneling feature Has a dedicated split tunneling feature to route specific traffic
network lock feature Offers an automatic kill switch
tor compatible Has Onion over VPN servers for added security
P2P optimized servers Supports Peer-to-Peer file sharing or torrenting
simultaneous connections Offers 5 simultaneous connnections
money-back guarantee A no-question-asked 30-day refund policy
  • Offers fast and secure connection speed for streaming without delays
  • Seamlessly unblocks all major streaming platforms and multiple Netflix libraries
  • Has responsive customer support
  • Subscription plans are quite expensive

ExpressVPN boasts over 3,000 servers in 94 countries spread across 160 locations. This VPN gives you unrestricted access to international libraries like American Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu. The VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands — a region known for taking extra measures to safeguard individuals’ data and privacy. Because of this, you can browse or stream safely without the fear of data breaches.

This VPN also has a Wi-Fi 6 dual-band router called “Aircovewith built-in VPN protection, which helps to secure all your devices. Aircove routers can also secure your devices that can’t install a VPN. You only need to connect these devices to your Aircove Wi-Fi. Aircove offers a download speed of 910 Mbps for Ethernet and 615 Mbps for Wi-Fi whenever your VPN isn’t connected. But when your VPN is connected, Aircove offers speeds of up to 180 Mbps, which allows multiple devices to use it simultaneously.

ExpressVPN protects your data through advanced AES 256-bit encryption. It also has a Lightway protocol that provides a fast and secure connection speed. With this protocol, you can have a buffer-free streaming experience.

ExpressVPN has a starting price of $6.67 monthly for its one-year plan. This VPN works on major operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

2. Private Internet Access

Private internet access pros cons block logo

The best-in-class VPN provider with robust security and privacy features and solid unblocking capabilities to help you stream Young Sheldon on Netflix from anywhere.

servers Offers an extensive network of over 35,000 servers in more than 78 countries
P2P optimized servers Supports torrenting across all its servers
encryption Provides robust AES 256-bit encryption
Ad Blocker feature Has a built-in malware, ad, and tracker blocking with MACE
Zero-logs policy Does not keep users’ data
Trusted servers nord Provides RAM-only servers
Split tunneling feature Split tunneling functionality
Kill switch Offers a kill switch functionality for stealth protection
simultaneous connections Allows unlimited devices to be connected simultaneously
money-back guarantee Gives a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Has a dedicated IP feature
  • Allows you to customize your encryption for better connectivity
  • Offers anonymous payment methods
  • Distant servers take longer to connect

Private Internet Access, or PIA, is the best VPN for torrenting and streaming purposes. The VPN allows you to connect unlimited devices simultaneously without paying more fees. Also, PIA has a built-in ad blocker that helps to protect your device from viruses and helps block ads while you’re streaming.

The service is based in Colorado, United States – a member of 14 Eyes Alliance countries- bringing doubts about privacy security. But this VPN has a strict no-log policy, meaning you can safely browse online without fearing monitoring.

One outstanding feature of PIA is that your data is encrypted before sending your data to the website you’re streaming. With this feature, your data can’t be read even if your network traffic gets intercepted. Additionally, it offers a Socks5 proxy, which works well with BitTorrent and uTorrent to help your torrenting operations.

With IPv6 leak protection, 256-bit and 128-bit AES encryption, and a kill switch, you can stream shows and browse the internet safely. You can also tackle malware and optimize the performance of your system with its free one-year license. Private Internet Access is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Routers, Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.

3. ExtremeVPN

ExtremeVPN VPN block logo

A relatively new VPN service that offers highly optimized servers with high streaming speeds and advanced security features. It is a reliable choice for watching Young Sheldon on Netflix from anywhere.

servers Boasts high-speed servers for fast and reliable streaming
encryption Uses military-grade AES-256-bit encryption standard
P2P optimized servers Supports P2P sharing or torrenting
Zero-logs policy Has a strict no-logs policy
Kill switch Provides a reliable kill switch functionality
Split tunneling feature Has a dedicated split tunneling
tor compatible Offers Tor over VPN servers for extra protection
simultaneous connections Supports up to 10 simultaneous connections
protection Provides protection against IP/DNS leaks
money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Boasts exceptional high-speed servers
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth and fast speed
  • Provides affordable pricing
  • Lacks Double VPN feature

This is the newest VPN on the market, boasting a network of over 6,500 servers in 78+ major countries.

ExtremeVPN is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands and has a strict no-log policy. The VPN has a starting price of $3.29 monthly for its yearly plan. Moreover, it comes with a 30-day no-question-asked money-back guarantee.

ExtremeVPN uses quantum-re­sistant encryption keys with AES 256-bit encryption for security and to protect your device from hackers. Additionally, ExtremeVPN offers you lightning-fast speed and stable connections for streaming, no matter how far away you are.

This VPN has IPv6 leak protection that ensures anonymity from hackers, trackers, and your ISP. ExtremeVPN is compatible with Linux, Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Routers.

How to choose the best VPN to access Young Sheldon on Netflix

To bypass geo-restrictions in your region through the use of a VPN, ensure that you select a VPN that has the features below:

  • The VPN should have a large server network in different countries worldwide, so you will have different content libraries to choose where to stream content.
  • It should be able to deliver extremely fast speed so you can stream without being interrupted by buffering.
  • Choose a VPN that can bypass geo-restrictions and unblock popular streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, or Hulu.
  • Ensure the VPN is user-friendly and compatible with various operating systems and major streaming platforms.
  • It should have a refund policy to ensure you can unsubscribe if you are unsatisfied with its services.

Where to stream Young Sheldon on the internet

Young Sheldon’s first episode was aired on September 25, 2017. Its full season began airing weekly on November 2, 2017; the show gained popularity afterward. This series is available on various Video-on-Demand services. Below is a list of some of these services.

Where in the US can you watch Young Sheldon?

You can stream seasons 1-5 on HBO Max and DirecTV. If you also want to watch Young Sheldon, a few seasons are available on Fubo TV and Paramount+.

Enjoy all episodes of Young Sheldon in the US by streaming on Netflix. You can do this by subscribing to the ExpressVPN six-month plan, which is billed for $9.99 monthly.

If you’re a fan of comedy movies, you can also stream Adult Life Skills, The Mule, Beef, and Never Have I Ever with your ExpressVPN subscription.

Does Netflix in the UK have season 5 of Young Sheldon?

Season 5 of Young Sheldon isn’t available yet on Netflix UK. But you can stream the comedy series using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. Also, all four series seasons are available on Netflix UK, so you can stream it if you haven’t already.

If you need a soft copy of Young Sheldon’s fifth season, you can purchase it at Google Play Movies, Sky Store, or Apple iTunes. Using your ExpressVPN subscription, you can stream Harry Potter, Enola Homes, Knives Out, and Nobody, too.

Does French Netflix have Young Sheldon?

Unfortunately, Young Sheldon isn’t available on Netflix France. You can only stream the American series if you reside in Switzerland, as it’s the only European country where it is available. You can enjoy the complete seasons of the series on French Netflix by using ExpressVPN.

Also, if you’re a fan of American movies, you can stream The Chalet, Family Business, Women At War, The Addams Family, Taxi Driver, Interstellar, or In His Shadow on Netflix.

Using a VPN, you can change your Netflix region and IP address to that of another region. If you wish to purchase a soft copy of the entire series, you can do so on Apple iTunes. Additionally, if you don’t want to stream on Netflix, you can use a regional platform like Canal VOD. Seasons 1-2 of Young Sheldon are available on the platform.

How do you access Young Sheldon within the Philippines?

Young Sheldon isn’t available on Philippines Netflix, but you can use a VPN and connect to an IP address in Canada to access the complete seasons of the show on Netflix. Also, Young Sheldon isn’t legally available on any OTT (over-the-top) platform or popular free movie streaming site in this region.

You can stream movies on Netflix that are not in the Philippines Netflix library using a VPN. Some movies you can stream are The Conjuring, Four Sisters and a Wedding, John Wick, Crazy Beautiful You, and Teen Wolf.

What you should expect from Young Sheldon

“Young Sheldon” is a TV series that shows the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, a brilliant yet socially awkward physicist known from “The Big Bang Theory.” Set in East Texas, the show follows a young Sheldon navigating the challenges of being a child prodigy.

From starting high school at an early age to dealing with his unconventional family, viewers witness Sheldon’s humorous and often puzzling adventures as he grows up. The series simply displays Cooper’s love for science and his unique way of viewing the world.

Incredible family relationships

Young Sheldon focuses on the Cooper family’s relationship. But The Big Bang Theory lets the viewers admire Young Sheldon and his diverse circle of friends, like Raj, Howard, Leonard, and Penny.

At the beginning of the series, Sheldon skips junior school to enter high school, which annoys his elder sibling, George. However, Missy, his sister, thinks the situation is hilarious. Meanwhile, his father doesn’t seem to know how to deal with a boy with such a high level of intelligence.

Meanwhile, Mary, Sheldon’s mother, takes on the role of keeping the family together. Mary is also one of Sheldon’s strong supporters, and she believes that he is meant for much greater things.

Zoe Perry makes a statement with her performance

Iain and Zoe were the main characters in the series, while Jim from The Big Bang Theory narrated it. Zoe Perry is the series’ focus because of her outstanding as Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother. Her portrayal of Mary is heartwarming and genuine, showing the character of a parent. Because of her unwavering love for her son, she’s determined to provide him with all he needs to achieve his dreams.

Mary doesn’t just support Sheldon, but she knows how to discipline him. She knows how to balance being a loving parent and a disciplinarian. Throughout the series, Mary proves to be a strong mother, as she can keep her family from falling despite facing challenges in her marriage.

Mary constantly strives to create a balance among her children without anyone feeling left out. Despite her children’s different personalities and dreams, she is always there as a supportive parent. Zoe isn’t just a mother but a supporting companion to George Coope, Sr.

Sheldon struggles to adjust in School

As a fan of the comedy sitcom, you may know him to have a unique personality and quirks. But his older classmates see him as a youngster with a large brain and a big mouth. Additionally, it doesn’t help that Sheldon constantly brags about his intelligence.

When will Young Sheldon season 6 premiere on Netflix

Young Sheldon season 6 was added to CBS in September 2022. The series won’t be available on Netflix Canada, Australia, or the UK till late 2023 and into 2024.

If it follows the same pattern as season 5, season 6 will be added to Canada before the end of 2023. Australia and the UK will receive the show in 2024.

The cast of Young Sheldon

The amazing cast of Young Sheldon season 1 to season 4 is:

Iain ArmitageYoung Sheldon Cooper
Jim ParsonsSheldon Cooper (Narrator)
Montana JordanGeorge Cooper Jnr
Lance BarberGeorge Cooper Snr
Zoe PerryMary Cooper
Raegan RevordMissy Cooper
Wallace ShawnSheldon’s grandfather
Annie PottsMeemaw

Young Sheldon genre

Young Sheldon is a comedy sitcom. It combines comedy with a coming-of-age storyline, providing a humorous experience while learning about Young Sheldon’s childhood experiences.

What’s Young Sheldon’s IMDb rating?

Over 58k viewers rate the series 7.6 out of 10 on IMDb.


Young Sheldon is a famous American sitcom series. If you wish to watch Young Sheldon on Netflix and the show isn’t available in your region, use our top-recommended VPN, ExpressVPN. With this VPN, you are guaranteed fast streaming speed, ensuring a buffer-free experience.

Aside from offering a fast streaming speed, ExpressVPN has a large server you can choose from. You are also granted a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with its service. Additionally, you can purchase an ExpressVPN Aircove router and connect it to all your devices that can’t install a VPN.


Young Sheldon is only available on Netflix Canada and Australia. But you can use a VPN to access Young Sheldon on Netflix in your region.

Young Sheldon isn’t available on Netflix USA due to licensing agreements. But you can stream all episodes of the series in the USA through an ExpressVPN (or any other quality VPN) subscription.

You can stream seasons 1-5 of the series on Netflix Canada, Australia, and the UK. Season 6 is available on CBS but isn’t yet on Netflix. If you are in the UK, you can stream it on Channel 4, completely free. You can also stream the recent episodes on Paramount+.

For Netflix Canada, the UK, and Australia, seasons 1-5 of the series are available.

Absolutely. Over 58k viewers rated the series 7.6/10 on IMDb.

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