Douglas Mabiria

Douglas is a freelance writer with over six years of experience in article and blog writing who has written in almost every industry with cybersecurity being his primary interest. Mabiria is an advocate for internet privacy, sustainable development, and a green environment. He is very social and enjoys trying new sports as well as implementing new ideas.

UK Watchdog, CMA to investigate Google Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox rollout plan

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Spotify hack paved the way for users to upload bootleg remixes as podcasts

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Facebook to shift UK users from EU’s privacy jurisdiction to California post-Brexit

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Privacy wallets are used for more than 13% of money laundering crimes, reports Elliptic

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How to unblock Pandora in 2021 with a VPN (from anywhere)

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28 travel safety tips (both online and offline security)

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What is an SSL certificate and reasons why you must care about it

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Sci-Hub tracks researchers using spyware; SNSI claims

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The most hacked passwords in the world (an extensive report)

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