How to Save Money on Subscriptions with a VPN in 2024

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Last updated: April 30, 2024
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Most global shopping sites adjust their prices according to the buyer's location. Since VPNs allow you to use a fake location while you're online, you can use them to trick these websites into giving you lower prices.


Using a VPN can save you a lot of money on online purchases. Getting your VPN service going takes minutes, and besides the savings, your online security will improve significantly. This article will show how your VPN will save you money on video streaming services, flight tickets, hotel bookings, video games, and other subscriptions. Of course, you will need a top-notch VPN to do this correctly, so think about ExpressVPN. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s the best.

Do you use VPNs for online subscriptions? Now, you’ll wonder what the point of having a VPN at this point is. Yes, we all know that encrypted traffic and IP spoofing can bring your online security and privacy to an entirely different level. But let’s take one of those advantages: changing your IP address allows you to present yourself as if you were in another country. This trick enables you to do a lot of digital magic, including lower costs while shopping online. That VPN helps you save money on various subscriptions or purchases.


Every country’s economy is different, so the pricing spectra in each are different. For example, it’s not the same as paying for video streaming services, video games, flight tickets, hotel bookings, and restaurant reservations in Costa Rica as in Switzerland. However, with some expertise, you can use your VPN to arbitrate purchases and save money online. It’s a speedy process, and we think you’ll love it! 

If you still lack the expertise to do this, keep reading. We’re about to reveal the secrets of saving money online with a VPN.

How do I save money on subscriptions with a VPN?


Using your VPN to save money is pretty straightforward. You start with picking a VPN server and installing the relevant software you’ll need on your chosen device. After that, saving a lot of your hard-earned money online only takes a heartbeat! We will offer you detailed information later in this text, but if you are in a rush and want the gist, here it goes.

Using a VPN – The quick guide

  1. Pick a VPN vendor. NordVPN is our favorite VPN for most things. It has fantastic speeds and servers available almost everywhere, among many other advantages.
  2. Download the software that your chosen VPN provider offers for your platform.
  3. Launch your VPN software.
  4. Log in to the VPN network. Choose a VPN server. The important thing is to pick a country where you can pay less for a given product or service — more on that later.
  5. Hit “Connect.”

So, congratulations, now you’re online with your VPN! Now you can have a VPN from any country in your VPN’s network, and we’re about to show you how that will save you a bit of cash.

Save money with a VPN on video streaming services


We will show you how to pay less for your Netflix monthly fee. However, this procedure is not limited to Netflix discounts. You can also use it with many other video streaming platforms once you know what to do.


Before we spill the beans, let’s take a moment to consider the context. First, Netflix knows that there are VPNs out there that are challenging its business model. That’s why it’s spending a lot of effort blocking as many VPNs as possible. Additionally, you could get banned if caught using a VPN on Netflix. So keep this in mind and be careful.

So let’s move on to saving money.

  1. Start by finding out the cost of Netflix in your country. For example, if you’re in the US, that will be about 18 USD.
  2. Use your VPN or connect to a country with the cheapest Netflix fees. In this case, Argentina is the winner, so choose a VPN server there.
  3. You’ll need a payment method, and you’ll have two options: either you have an Argentinian credit or debit card, or you pay with a Netflix Gift code. So go online and buy one of those and have it ready.
  4. Open up a new Netflix account from Argentina, using the gift code to pay for it. You’ll save about 17 USD each month!

Are you a YouTube Premium enthusiast? The same principle applies!

Save some money on your flight ticket using your VPN

save money on subscriptions with VPN

So you’re going away on holiday and would like to save a bit on your fights? Your VPN will help you with that as well. Flight tickets are very volatile products. The prices are constantly going up and down depending on domestic demand.

This case is different from the Netflix one. There is not a single country that will always guarantee the lowest possible prices on flight tickets. So, what you will need to do instead is to explore the market using VPNs from several countries to see how prices currently vary from one country to the next. Lower-income countries usually have meager prices in this category, but sometimes, the British market is the cheapest. So you will need to spend some time researching, but if you dig around deep enough, you’ll find that ticket you want and save a lot of your money simultaneously.

Here’s a recipe you can try on flights:

  1. Go to Skyscanner. Provide the website with the details of that trek you wish. See the cost in your local currency.
  2. Close the browser and connect to your VPN. 
  3. Open your browser again, and return from Sky scanner. Now provide the exact traveling details and repeat the search.
  4. Compare the flight prices.
  5. Repeat the process until you find a discount you like!

Use your VPN to save money on hotel bookings

Choose VPN that is right selection

Now that you have the plane tickets, you must think about a place to sleep when you reach your destination. Again, a price search with a VPN has allowed many travelers to save significant amounts o money.

As with the flight tickets, you’ll need to try the exact search several times on the same website using different VPN servers.

Here is the way to go with hotel bookings and VPNs:

  1. On your device, without your VPN, point your browser toward Enter your traveling details.
  2. Find a hotel you like, and write down the price.
  3. Close the browser.
  4. Launch your VPN, and choose a server in another country.
  5. Relaunch your browser, go back to, and repeat the search.
  6. See the new price for the same plan in the same hotel and compare it with your previous result.

Use your VPN to save money on video games

If you’re not a gamer, you probably know somebody who is. Well, it turns out that video games are another product in which you can save money with your VPN.

Stream movies on any device

Most gamers know “Steam,” the gaming platform that empowers gaming enthusiasts of all kinds. The platform includes the Steam Store, where you can buy the games you play with your Steam.

Do you like, for example, Deathloop? The Argentinian Steam Store sells it for 22 USD, while the American version has it for 60 USD.

Here’s how you can save cash on your Steam purchases with your VPN:

  1. Go to the Steam Store, find the game you want within your Steam software, and note the price.
  2. Close Steam.
  3. Launch your VPN service and connect to an Argentine server –yes, Argentina seems to be as good for Steam as for Netflix.
  4. Relaunch your Steam and go back to the store. See the new price.

Avail of frequent buyer subscriptions and personal pricing

Bulk orders get discounts frequently. Retailers do this because it allows them to sell more, and it’s a deal that sees both parties winning something.

However, personalized prices are not always your friend. If the system sees that you already have those retail advantages, it could block them.

Think about one-time seasonal discounts. You’re supposed to get them once only. That’s the point. But the online shop must be able to track you to know if you already have yours. So, if it can’t follow you, it can’t learn about your discount redemption, and you can use the discount several times.

Saving money on other subscription services with your VPN

which VPN would suit you the best

So we dug around a little, and it turned out that people are saving money with all kinds of subscriptions with their VPN.

A few potential savings you can have are these –we will be comparing prices in the US with India in terms of monthly fees:

  • YouTube Premium is 10.11 USD cheaper.
  • Apple Music is 8.65 USD lower in price.
  • Spotify will cost you 8.38 USD less.

The full Microsoft Office 365 license is twice as expensive in the United States as in India.

How websites track your location to change prices accordingly

If you’re interested in using a VPN service to save money, you’ll probably like to know what makes the savings possible. 

It all starts with the IP (Internet Protocol) number or address. WHEN YOU START A SESSION, your ISP assigns you that address, becoming your online identifying credential. And that number gives away your physical location. 


Another way to locate you is your browser’s cookies. These are small text files that every site you visit stores in your browser. They keep information about your activity and your location. So, always delete your browser’s cookies before you launch your VPN to hunt for bargains.

You always give out your location if you’re on a mobile device with GPS online. So please turn it off before you launch your VPN.

So those things give your location away: IP numbers, cookies, GPS signals, and public Wi-Fi signals. Turn them off or delete them.

Best VPN for cheaper subscriptions

best cheap vpn

You could choose your new VPN provider based on the best value in the VPN service or the money you will save on other things. Whatever you have in mind, we have the VPN you need. The VPNs in our list are the industry’s top. They will save you plenty of cash on several products and services, have good worldwide coverage, and have high-speed and secure connections. Since this article is about savings, the VPN that will give you the most benefit for a lesser amount of money is Surfshark.

However, there are other outstanding providers on the internet, so let us tell you all about them.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN for Streaming

The most advanced service. One of the most favourite services.

servers 5,200+ VPN servers in 60 countries
P2P optimized servers P2P optimized servers
encryption AES-256 encryption
Zero-logs policy Zero-logging
Kill switch Kill switch feature
Split tunneling feature Customizable split tunneling
simultaneous connections 6 connections simultaneously per account
protection Web leak protection
MultiHop mode MultiHop (double VPN) mode
money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast speeds
  • User-friendly apps
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • A few unreliable servers can be slow

This Panama-based VPN is among the safest and most private services because it’s in the right place –underlying the importance of location again.

NordVPN is fast, reliable, secure, and private. And it has plenty of additional features to enhance anything you do online, not just your shopping.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN new features block logo 120 by 120 now

ExpressVPN is one of the best providers that ticks all the boxes to save money with a VPN. It has up to the mark security and privacy features with ultra-fast connection speed at all servers.

servers 3,200+ VPN servers spread across 94 countries
encryption AES-256-bit military-standard encryption
protection Web/IP leak protection
P2P optimized servers P2P optimized servers
Trusted servers nord TrustedServer technology
network lock feature Network lock feature
Split tunneling feature Split tunneling
Zero-logs policy Boasts strict zero-logs policy
simultaneous connections 5 simultaneous connections per subscription
money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast speeds across all locations
  • Stealthy security
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Bit expensive

Finding the best deals with a VPN is all about having more locations to try. For example, the most accessible plane tickets could be in India, while Canada is the way to go on the hotel front.

Regarding the internet, using a VPN server located in Germany is precisely like being there. The ExpressVPN network covers 94 countries, each an opportunity for you to find a bargain.

This VPN supports BitTorrent traffic, deals successfully with Netflix blockages, and is user-friendly.

3. Surfshark


A bargain in itself. A budget-frendly VPN with premium features to save your money online regarding any task.

servers 3,300+ VPN servers in more than 65 countries
encryption AES-256-bit strong encryption
P2P optimized servers Supports P2P sharing
Kill switch Kill switch mode
Camouflage mode Camouflage mode
Zero-logs policy Zero-logging
Ad Blocker feature Ad-blocker feature
MultiHop mode Boasts double VPN feature
simultaneous connections Unlimited simultaneous connections per account
money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unusually affordable subscription plans
  • Fast speed
  • Usr-friendly apps
  • Speed lags with distant servers

Surfshark is the cheapest, top-notch VPN that lets you save money on online subscriptions with a VPN. With this VPN, you’ll start saving money from signing up for the VPN account itself.

Surfshark is fast, versatile, safe, reliable, and simple to use, and it allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous devices in the network. However, picking a country is not straightforward in Surfshark, defeating the purpose for which you want it. But try it first. You have a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

This one also supports torrents, keeps no logs, and has excellent customer service. It can also deal with Netflix.

Are VPNs secure?


However, nothing is ever 100% secure in digital security issues. However, there’s no doubt that you’ll be much safer browsing the web through a VPN than without one.

The best VPNs keep no user logs, but you must stick with the big boys to have that advantage. Free VPNs keep data logs for the most part. That’s their real business, and they’re not afraid to tell you if you just read their terms of use. That’s why we always advise our readers to pay for their VPN (especially the ones on our list). The monthly fee guarantees you’re not incurring extra privacy liabilities using a service that treats you as the product on sale.

Advantages of VPNs

VPN advantages

We believe that in our day and age, VPNs are not optional. Every internet user should always be on a VPN. We also believe that if more people understood why VPNs matter, they would be using them already.

VPNs are safe and legal and will keep you safer, anonymous, and private.

So let us share with you some of the advantages of using VPNs:

  • A VPN will mask your IP address. That precludes any observer from figuring out your physical location. That is how you can watch the American Netflix catalog regardless of latitude and longitude.
  • Everything you download online is anonymous because your actual IP is hidden, and your traffic is encrypted. It is priceless when your physical or job integrity is at stake online, and you must ensure that no third party has your number.
  • Your ISP won’t throttle your account. Not every ISP does this, but some will figure out what you do most with your internet service and then curtail the bandwidth you can use for that purpose. The VPN makes them blind to everything you do, so they can’t follow through.
  • Encryption plus IP spoofing means no traceable record of your digital footsteps left behind you. As a result, the websites you visit won’t know who you are. And that’s why you won’t have to overpay again for any service.

We have plenty of VPN guides on our website if you would like to learn more about the beauty of having your VPN account.


The internet is fraught with opportunities for saving money if you have a VPN. Of course, you need the VPN first, which will cost you money. But if you’re proactive, your new VPN will pay for itself within a few hours. The Netflix subscription alone will save you enough money to pay concurrently for several monthly VPN services.

VPNs work on Windows 11 and every other operating system. Imagine how much money you will save if you plan for a significant expense every time you seize your full power.

Besides saving you plenty of money, the VPN will allow you to achieve the most critical goal every internet user should have: staying safe.


Yes, you can, for sure. Plenty of users around the web claim they’re saving a good deal of money in their online shopping with the price arbitration available to them with a VPN. Some things you can buy for a better price with your VPN include video streaming platform subscriptions, flight tickets, hotel bookings, video games, and other monthly subscription-based services.

The average monthly fee for a decent VPN service is around 13 USD, so you won’t have to break your piggy bank to pay for it. However, Surfshark costs about 3 USD, so you can get a fantastic service for literally the price of peanuts with them.

Not if you’re in Argentina. Netflix has a different price for every country it serves. Of course, some are cheaper than others. But, according to every report, Argentina is the most affordable country worldwide for buying a Netflix subscription. And a VPN will make it accessible to you.

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