5 best VPNs for Warzone: Get easy COD lobbies now

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: December 19, 2022 Read time: 11 minutes Disclosure

Warzone is a trendy game worldwide. However, playing can be tricky because the platform groups players according to their known skill level. However, you can avoid this with a good VPN, and this article explains how.

Sneak peek at using VPNs with Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular online games currently. While it has enticed a huge fanbase, it’s still tricky for naive gamers to stay in the game, especially when competing with ardent players. Nonetheless, using a VPN with your game can improve your Warzone experience by giving you access to the game’s bot lobbies, where you will find the easier opponents. However, bear in mind that not all VPNs can support your Warzone gameplay, so please go through this guide to know the best VPNs to play Warzone.

“Call of Duty: Warzone” is one of the world’s most-played games online. Activision found the perfect mix between Call of Duty’s brand and Modern Warfare’s level of play. It’s a match made in digital heaven.

The game enjoys the preference of millions of avid players everywhere on the planet. The players get sorted into groups of those with a similar skill level. This is possible thanks to Activision’s SBMM (skill-based matchmaking). The idea is that playing against opponents that are more or less as good as you will give you the best possible experience. However, a VPN will bypass this restriction.

Thus a VPN will help you raise your K/D ratio and collect a lot of easy victories. But, let’s face it: sometimes we’re not in the mood for competition, and we want to have a good time, preferably by winning.

Our staff tested several premium VPNs to find the ones that will give you the best possible Warzone experience. Here’s what they found.

Top 5 Warzone VPNs – Quick list

If you are already familiar with the VPN market or are short on time and want the gist of this article, here’s our quick list. We will describe each option in detail later on in this article.

  1. NordVPN. Our top pick for Warzone has excellent speeds and an extensive server network that includes specialized servers.
  2. Surfshark. Known as the top-notch budget option, Surfshark’s service leaves nothing to be desired.
  3. ExpressVPN. The usual suspect for every task that needs a VPN, ExpressVPN is also great for Warzone.
  4. Private Internet Access. The largest server fleet in the market provides plenty of options to play Warzone.
  5. PureVPN. A top VPN that doesn’t get the attention it deserves will also enhance your Warzone playing significantly.

The best five VPNs for Warzone today – Detailed list

1. NordVPN


Excellent VPN for playing Warzone. It’s super secure, user-friendly, and offers impressive speed and a large server network.

servers Has around 6,000 speedy VPN servers in ~60 countries
Ad Blocker feature Dependable threat protection (malware, tracking, and ad blocker)
encryption Super-secure encryption; AES-256 bits
Kill switch Feature of kill switch is customizable
Split tunneling feature Split tunneling feature with effectiveness
MultiHop mode Owns multi-hop VPN for double encryption
tor compatible Provides seamless Onion over VPN functionality
Zero-logs policy Adheres to solid policy for no-logging
simultaneous connections Each account allows users to connect to six devices at once
money-back guarantee No-question-asked money-back policy of 30 days

  • Intuitive design and user-friendly
  • Offers unlinted bandwidth and traffic
  • Supports latest and high speed protocol; Wireguard
  • Torrenting support is missing on some servers

NordVPN’s server network has nearly 6,000 nodes in around 60 countries. The connections have low latencies (if you’re physically close), unlimited bandwidth and traffic, and excellent security features.

NordVPN’s incredible speeds come from NordLynx, the vendor’s proprietary VPN protocol. It’s the result of adopting WireGuard early. WireGuard is the latest, most advanced, and most efficient VPN protocol. However, it has yet to become the industry standard because it has a few problems regarding user privacy. NordVPN solved those problems and turned them into a thriving, high-speed VPN protocol. This feature makes NordVPN one of the best VPNs for online gaming.

NordVPN allowed us to retain 90 to 99% of our baseline internet speeds. Of course, the best retention was in the nearest servers, but other nodes further away performed very well. 

Besides the features that make NordVPN the best Warzone VPN, this service has plenty of extra features that can enhance all your digital activities. And it all comes at an affordable price.

So, with the extensive network, excellent security features, incredible speeds, and the NordLynx protocol, NordVPN is the VPN you want if you’re an avid Warzone player.

2. Surfshark


One of the most popular budget options on the market that stands among the top premium VPN services when it comes to quality and speed.

servers Boasts more than 3,200 VPN servers in 65 countries worldwide
Trusted servers nord Runs on RAM-based servers (best for privacy)
Zero-logs policy No users usage data logging
encryption Robust data AES-256 (government-grade) encryption
P2P optimized servers Supports Peer to Peer traffic on servers
Kill switch Smart kill switch feature with enhanced security
Clean web features Functional CleanWeb ad and malware blocking feature
Split tunneling feature Split tunneling with dependable effectiveness
simultaneous connections Each account allows an unlimited number of connections at once
money-back guarantee 30 days of no-questions-asked refunds

  • Extremely cheap option
  • Ram-based servers
  • Impressive customer support you can count on
  • Not as fast as other top VPNs

Surshark is a relatively new VPN that’s upsetting the market by offering a top-notch service at a meager price.

The pings we had with Surfshark were ridiculous at 10ms on average. However, the security features are among the best in the industry, the speeds are fast, and it also offers a WireGuard-based VPN protocol, as the fastest providers currently do.