How to Setup VPN on PS3 and PS4 (2023 Guide)

Jorge Felix Last updated: December 31, 2022 Read time: 10 minutes Disclosure

Installing a VPN on a PlayStation (3, 4, or 5) is not as easy as with phones, tablets, or computers. However, it's possible and enhances the PlayStation experience in many ways. This article tells you how to do it.

Sneak peek at setting up a VPN on a PS4 to enhance your gaming experience

Using a PS4 (or 3 or 5) under the protection of a VPN is possible, if not very popular yet. Installing a VPN that you can use with your PlayStation is helpful in many ways, from enhancing your digital security to expanding your horizons for online gaming and video streaming and even saving money. Let us tell you all about it.

Sony introduced the PS4 gaming console in 2013, and it’s been its most successful product (arguably) in the gaming niche. It succeeded the PS3 and became the king of gaming consoles. New PS4 versions also appeared, like the PS4 Slim (slimmer as the name suggests) and the PS4 Pro with added 4k graphic capabilities.

The PS4 is often the preferred device for watching video streams. In this regard, the problem of content geo-restrictions in Hulu, Netflix, and other video streaming services remains. In addition, their licensing agreements prevent them from showing the same catalogs in every country. So if you are not in the US (which has the most extensive library), there are always plenty of films and TV shows you can’t see on your PS or other devices.

And the gaming world imposes similar restrictions on internet games, so the residents in certain countries can’t play some games.

And then, there are some security problems associated with online playing. DDoS attacks are common, and malware propagation is also frequent. That deteriorates the gaming experience as it increases the latency times.

Every issue mentioned so far has a simple solution: a good VPN service. Having a VPN protecting your PS connection has many advantages. For example, it can unblock the best Netflix catalogs (and those of other video streaming platforms, too), give you access to new games or international access to the games you already can play, and protect you from DDoS attacks.

However, installing a VPN on a PS device is not as straightforward as in most other hardware because there are no dedicated apps to download and launch. Unfortunately, this prevents many users from enjoying all the good things a VPN will do for their PS gaming experience. But while installing a VPN on a PS4 needs a little more work than on a tablet, it’s still not rocket science, and this guide will show you several methods to bring your VPN and your PS together.

Setting up your VPN service on a PS4 or PS3

There are several ways to have your VPN working with your PS hardware. For example, you can use a WiFi router, a Windows computer, an Apple computer, or your mobile device.

WiFi router

The first method is to install your VPN in your home router. Many VPNs support installation in various routers, and they will provide you with pre-configured files to facilitate the process. Of course, the correct procedure depends on the VPN you are using. For example, ExpressVPN has a dedicated app for routers, which makes everything much more straightforward. Other vendors have the instructions available on their customer support pages.

So make sure your home router is already connected to your VPN (ask for help from your provider’s customer service if you must). From that moment on, here is what you need to do:

  • Go to your PS4 XMB menu, then choose “Settings” and “Network Settings.”
  • Next, select “Set up internet connection.”
  • When prompted, pick “Use WiFi.”
  • Select the “Easy” connection method. That will make your PS4 scan for your router.
  • Find your router, click on it, and use your password to connect.
  • Pick “Do not use a proxy server.”
  • Accept all the settings and move on to “Test connection.”
  • You’re ready!


It is easy to use a Windows computer to share its VPN link with your PS. Your first step is to have your VPN client running and connected to your VPN network. Then, do the following:

  1. Use a crossover cable to connect your PC and your PS4.
  2. Next, open the “Control Panel,” go to “Network and Internet,” and then to the “Network and Sharing Center” option.
  3. Select “Change Adapter Settings” on the left of your screen.
  4. Find your VPN’s connection. Then, click onProperties.”
  5. The “Sharing” tab allows other network users to connect to your computer.
  6. Select “Home Networking Connection” and select your internet connection. 
  7. Now go to your PS4.
  8. Go to “Settings,” then “Network Settings,” and click on the “Set Up Internet Connection” option.
  9. Choose to use a LAN cable.
  10. Select the “Easy” connection method. In a PS5, this is by default.
  11. Pick “Do not use a proxy server.”
  12. Test the internet connection. Your PS4 or PS5 should now be online through your VPN.


Your beloved Mac is another option to get your VPN working along with your PS. First, ensure your Mac has an Ethernet port and WiFi and is within your PS range. Next, start your VPN, and connect to it. Then follow these steps:

  1. Use an ethernet cable to connect your PS and your Mac.
  2. Go to “System Preferences” and then choose “Sharing.” Next, select “Internet Sharing” on the left side.
  3. Select “WiFi” from the “Share your connection from” menu.
  4. Then tick “Ethernet” in the “to computers using” list.
  5. Enable the sharing on your Mac by checking the box to the left of “Internet Sharing.”
  6. Now go to your PS4.
  7. Follow this path: Settings > Network Settings > Set Up Internet Connection > Use a LAN Cable.
  8. Select the “Easy” connection method.
  9. Select “Do not use a proxy server.”
  10. Test your connection. Everything should be working now!