13 Best Showbox Alternatives in 2024

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Last updated: May 16, 2024
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The article lists working alternatives to Showbox and also puts light on security and legality concerns when you use such free services. You'll also learn how to stay safe while engaging in streaming online.


Many countries worldwide keep banning Showbox amid pressure from movie studios and producers. It’s a popular app targeted for intellectual property rights violations and copyright infringement. If you can’t stream it for any reason, you can turn to the alternatives listed in this article and also learn how to stream without risking your device from getting riddled with viruses and malware.

So what are you to do if Showbox is unavailable to you? What if you don’t want to use one of the new clones because you know the security risks? We have good news for you. There are plenty of other good free streaming options on the internet. Many are strong, allowing users to see their preferred TV shows and films.

And even if you can use Showbox, learning about the available alternatives would be good. Some of them could have content you’d like to have, but that Showbox doesn’t have.

Top functional Showbox alternatives at present – The quick list

  1. Tubi TV: A good ShowBox alternative that needs registration.
  2. Pluto TV: A versatile option that includes some live content.
  3. Crackle: Sony’s free video streaming service offers the company’s content.
  4. Popcorn Time: One of the most popular video streaming services online.
  5. Cinema APK: Only available as an app, not a website.
  6. Yidio: A content aggregator that gives you real-time options.
  7. Hulu: The free Hulu option has plenty to offer.
  8. MegaBox: The video streamer that adapts to your display.
  9. Stremio: The add-ons in Stremio can enhance your experience significantly.
  10. Cinema Box: A good option with support for Google Chromecast.
  11. Cinema HD: It will be your choice for Roku, Kodi, or Fire Sticks.
  12. Playbox: An efficient option that avoids buffering with good software.
  13. FilmRise: Constantly adding new content for your enjoyment.

Note: Using a VPN is critical in torrenting or video streaming experience. It helps you remain safe and anonymous online, hiding your IP address. A VPN will grant you access to websites and services banned in your country, and no third party will ever be the wiser.

The best alternatives to Showbox today – Detailed list

Showbox alternatives

1. Tubi TV

Our Rating


Good-quality videos

Supports ads

Visit Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free website to stream TV shows and movies online. New users must sign up with a name, email address, and birthday. Then, your email requires verification.

The content catalog on Tubi TV is robust, and new titles come online every week. Ads support the site, but the video quality is good, and the navigation is straightforward.

The main problem with Tubi TV is that it’s geo-restricted and only serves US-based users. However, this is not a deal breaker if you have a reliable VPN to bypass the Tubi TV region block.

2. Pluto TV

Our Rating


Extensive content library


Visit Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a versatile free streaming service with live shows, sports, and films. The Playback is of the highest quality, and the range of content covers almost every possible taste.

The website welcomes US users, but you will find some restrictions if you’re elsewhere. But, again, you do not need to miss any of the site’s features if you have a VPN.

3. Crackle

Sony Crackle
Our Rating


Large content list

Shows ads

Visit Crackle

It’s not a site similar to Showbox, whereas it can be named the best version of Showbox.

Crackle streams a wide variety of TV shows and films. The service is Sony’s, so it features plenty of exciting material produced by Sony over the years. In addition, it’s continually expanding the catalog with new additions, which helps to keep it popular.

It is probably the service on our list with the best interface and user experience. Filters are intuitive and quick. Signing up allows you to create personal watch lists, but you can still see anything you want without an account.

Crackle official site

It’s available for US-based users only. So, you will need a VPN to bypass that restriction and unblock Crackle.

And yes, it has ads.

4. Popcorn Time

Our Rating


Sleek interface

Harmful ads

Visit Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a conventional torrenting service with a vast library of films and TV shows. The catalog keeps expanding as the new updates come online, and it’s also a well-known option for Showbox.

This option is unrestricted in every possible way, and you can use it on any platform or operating system.


Notably, it’s one of the sites with different clones and similar sites. While that gives users access to more platforms, it also makes it dangerous to access such sites. As a result, we recommend using a Popcorn Time VPN as a must while you try to access it.

3. Cinema APK

Our Rating


Extensive library

You need to install it

Visit Cinema APK

Cinema APK is a famous alternative to the Showbox app for torrenting movies. It keeps its catalog current with regular updates and boasts many titles.

Cinema APK

Using Cinema APK requires downloading the APK and installing it onto your device. So it’s a good idea to have a VPN and antivirus on that device to prevent malware infections.

6. Yidio

Our Rating


Simple layout

Limited content

Visit Yidio

This platform is about content aggregation, reviewing the top online options in real time. It’s a great Showbox app alternative for your everyday needs.


The platform’s layout empowers you to control your viewing experience better. New content is essential on this website to quickly find the most recent stuff.

7. Hulu

Our Rating

Free and Paid

Smooth streaming

Limted free trial

Visit Hulu

Hulu is interesting because its free option gets you some programs.

Hulu official website

So you’ll have movies and TV shows (ad-supported). But if you want to enjoy the whole Hulu experience, you must pay for it and subscribe.

8. MegaBox

Our Rating


Sleek interface

Limted content library

Visit MegaBox

MegaBox is the service that will allow you to adjust your experience according to the display you’re using.

Showbox alternatives

Content is available in all resolutions (360, 720, or 1080 pixels).

The layout is intuitive, thus allowing you a greater degree of control over your content.

9. Stremio

Our Rating



Limited movies

Visit Stremio

Stremio’s clean layout will make it easy for all users to enjoy. In addition, it’s a setup made to take advantage of several value sources.


So here, you’ll find many external platforms offering content. Then, there are also basic paid streaming services that link to Stremio.

You will probably need some add-ons if you want to use some of the site’s functions.

10. Cinema Box

Our Rating


Compatible with Chromecast

You need to download its app first

Visit Cinema Box

It’s another excellent Showbox alternative. In addition, it supports Google Chromecast, so you can redirect your movies and shows to a different, better display to enhance your enjoyment.

Cinema Box

11. Cinema HD

Our Rating



Download from unknown source

Visit Cinema HD

This entry on our list is another platform among the best working apps like Showbox. Cinema HD works with an APK you need to install (allowing your tablet or phone to install apps from unknown sources).

Cinema HD

It’s free to use, and the ads are not the usual annoyance of this service.

Moreover, you can use this in a Roku, Kodi, or Amazon Fire Stick gadget.

12. Playbox TV

Playbox TV
Our Rating


High-quality videos

Limited content

Visit Playbox TV

It is an appealing Showbox alternative with a simple layout and design that will help you navigate a ton of content.

Play Box TV

The system is best used with a strong Wi-Fi connection because it’s a streaming thing.

Fortunately, it’s an efficient system in which buffering won’t become your daily nightmare.

13. FilmRise

Our Rating


Updates content library daily


Visit FilmRise

Our last option is another fantastic resource in the form of an app. Films and TV shows are there in HD at no cost to you.

New material gets added constantly, so you’ll never get bored.


The curation system is excellent; the categories will let you find what you want quickly.

It’s a charming overall ShowBox substitute that we found.

Some crucial notes

All the options we included on our list are excellent alternatives to ShowBox. However, it would be best if you kept in mind a few things:

  • Pay attention to a site’s operation. This includes noticing if the site tries to force you into signing up.
  • Have your antivirus suite online and active at all times. Our options are generally safe to use, but that can change anytime.
  • Notice how well each website works. What sections are available? What can you use online so you can have the best experience?
  • Please pay attention to the content on some websites, as they could have a specific focus above the rest of the material.

Is Torrenting an illegal activity?

Torrent Idea Image

Torrenting itself is just a protocol for the transmission of digital information. As such, it is neutral, and it’s legal everywhere.

However, much of BitTorrent’s popularity has everything to do with the ability to share and download copyrighted content such as movies, music, TV shows, documentaries, and more. Unfortunately, this is where the problem lies. Torrenting copyrighted materials is illegal in most of the world.

So, if you are downloading or broadcasting any computer file subject to the protection of the intellectual property laws in your country and you don’t have the corresponding license to do it, you’re breaking the law. And since keeping track of every torrent user on the internet is impossible, governments prefer to block torrenting services, which happened to Showbox.

In a way, Showbox and similar websites have fallen victim to their success. They became too famous for the movie studios not to notice them.

Our list mentioned several times how a VPN would allow you to use video streaming platforms with geographical restrictions. But suppose you are involved in BitTorrent or some other torrent client network. In that case, another reason for you to have a VPN: The legal status of your activities makes it imperative to protect your online anonymity, especially as you are torrenting.

Yes, it would be best if you had a VPN when torrenting. Here’s why


Torrenting is a risky business. Legal problems associated with copyright violations are probably the first thing that comes to mind, but that’s not everything. You could become infected with malware or other types of malicious software, which could be much worse. So, you need a VPN. There’s no way around it.

But how will a VPN keep you safe as you try Showbox or some of its alternative options? Keep reading.

A VPN encrypts all your traffic and hides your IP address. These two simple things protect your data while performing your favorite online activities.

So, let us explain a few good reasons to subscribe to atop-notch VPN right now.

Bypass Geo-restrictions on torrents or other internet services

If your country or ISP decides to ban the torrenting site you like best, you can still use it with a VPN. If you want, the VPN will spoof your IP number and have all your traffic through an intermediary server in another jurisdiction. That will enable you to regain access to the website.

When you come online with your VPN, always pick a server in a country where the website you want is still available.

It applies to torrent websites but also any other type of website. The best VPNs can unblock even the tightest bans, so choosing a top-notch vendor is always better.

Whenever you’re online without a VPN to protect you, your IP number is exposed to everybody else. That enables any interested third party to figure out what you’re doing and share it with the authorities.

A VPN will always keep your IP address hidden, meaning that your identity and physical location are anonymous. So you can torrent all you want like this without worrying about legal consequences.

Keep your activities away from prying eyes

Third parties of all types are looking for internet users to surveil. Hackers, governments, ISPs, you name it. Maybe they want to sell or use your data for their purposes, which can be nefarious.

A VPN encrypts all your incoming and outgoing traffic. So, no third party can figure out what you’re up to. For them, everything will be nothing but white noise.

Protect your anonymity

If you are using a torrenting website, you exchange traffic. If you do it without a VPN, all the other torrent users can see your IP address. This makes you vulnerable to malware attacks or even to copyright trolls.

A VPN will ensure that nobody in the torrenting networks will see your actual IP, thus precluding every associated risk.

The best VPN for BitTorrent


Not every VPN out there is suitable for torrenting. Some of them ban torrents. Some others privilege security over speed, thus making it a wrong choice to support video streams.

So, let us tell you about the best VPN that will enhance your torrenting activity instead of impairing it.

ExpressVPN has impressive speeds for HD video streaming and downloading even the largest torrents.

It has more than 3,000 servers scattered around 94 countries. The provider doesn’t limit your bandwidth or data usage and is terrific for streaming videos.

The VPN boasts good Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows apps. In addition, it offers many additional security features that will help enhance everything you do on the internet, including split tunneling, obfuscated traffic, and zero-knowledge DNS.


The internet offers you plenty of Showbox alternatives to suit your preferences. The chances are that they will always enable you to find that TV show or film you want to see.

However, always remember that a VPN is your safety and anonymity’s best friend while torrenting online. It will also spoof your IP number and shield your browsing history from third parties.

You should consider adopting a top-notch VPN to remain safe and private as you use torrent networks. You will get used to it quickly and wonder why you waited so long to have one!


Showbox is banned in many countries due to the pressure exerted by movie studios and other copyright holders. However, there are many good alternatives you can use.

This article shows 13 excellent Showbox alternatives. They are all online and working. It’s up to you to choose the best one according to your needs and preferences.

Yes, try Hulu or Crackle.

Some popular legal video streaming apps include Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime.

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