Is Showbox a safe and legal streaming app?

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: March 20, 2023 Read time: 9 minutes Disclosure

Showbox is a popular streaming platform with a wide variety of content, but is it safe and legal to use today? Read on to find out.

Sneak peek at Showbox safety

Showbox is one of the famous free platforms offering ad-free streaming and downloading of movies and TV shows. However, many countries have blocked this site for hosting copyrighted content. Thus, if you live in any such country, you may face legal issues for accessing the platform. Furthermore, hackers have also launched malicious Showbox clones that infect your devices following downloads. Therefore, protecting your device with a robust VPN is highly recommended for accessing Showbox. Or, you may also switch to free, secure, and legal alternatives of Showbox that are discussed in this guide.

Showbox is a popular free on-demand streaming service with many high-quality movies and TV shows. A significant reason behind its popularity is the platform doesn’t have annoying pop-ups or ads, which separates it from competitors.

Besides, streaming your favorite content online allows you to download and watch videos later. The best part is that Showbox constantly uploads new content to entertain users. 

However, remember that most of the content on Showbox is streamed through torrents. And it is technically illegal to watch unlicensed movies and TV shows. That’s why some countries censor the platform by blocking its servers. In addition, hackers keep creating Showbox clones filled with malware and other viruses.

The best solution to these issues is a VPN. It will conceal your IP address, allowing you to bypass geographic restrictions and stream any content you want. Also, the robust encryption will stop your ISP and other third parties from snooping on your online activities. Some VPNs offer malware and virus protection, keeping you safe if you accidentally download a Showbox clone. 

Using a VPN to access Showbox online safely

A virtual private network (VPN) is a simple and effective way to stream securely online. This is because some free streaming sites are conduits of stealing data while others attack users through malvertising. So, it will encrypt your traffic and mask your IP address, thereby keeping your activities private.

Use the following steps to stream TV shows and movies on Showbox safely.

  1. Select a trustworthy VPN service. Our top recommendation is NordVPN because it effortlessly bypasses even the toughest geo-restrictions, has fast-speed servers, and uses solid encryption. 
  2. Choose a subscription. Go to the provider’s official website and select the subscription package of your choice. Most VPNs come with a variety of plans at different prices.
  3. Download and install the app. After making payments, you can download the appropriate app for your device. Most providers have apps for all major devices, including Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and iOS. 
  4. Connect to a server. Navigate to the server list and connect to whatever country ShowBox is available. However, you will get better speed with a nearby server than with an international one because the traffic has to travel a shorter distance. 
  5. Stream content. Open Showbox and watch your favorite movie or TV show without worrying about tracking your activities. 

The legality of Showbox

Showbox has been banned in many Western countries with strict copyright and intellectual property because it is considered to host pirated content. Fortunately, there is a leeway for users. Usually, watching pirated content online is not against the law, even if the hosting website does not have the requisite licensing or copyright. However, downloading pirated content is what is considered universally illegal. 

Moreover, if TV producers and Hollywood studios are in litigation against Showbox, they could sue end-users. Also, websites that offer Showbox content warn users to present IP addresses and browsing history to interested parties.

As noted earlier, the best way to stay safe from these risks is by using a VPN. It will stop your ISP and other third parties from seeing your online activities or data. In addition, a VPN is a great tool to bypass geographic restrictions, especially in countries that block Showbox. 

Showbox APK security examined 

Many people already know what Showbox is. But what most users out there keep wondering about is its security status. Downloading the official Showbox app on your smartphone, computer, or other streaming devices is perfectly safe. However, hackers have started developing Showbox clones infected with viruses and malware. So, downloading and installing such an application could damage your device. We recommend you use a VPN with virus protection and a malware blocker. For example, NordVPN and Surfshark offer this feature. 

How to make Showbox streaming safe

Two major Showbox security risks are infection from malware or viruses and exposure to your browsing history. A VPN will safeguard you from these dangers and keep you safe. It offers strong encryption, which prevents third parties from intercepting your connections. Besides, some providers provide antivirus features to maintain your safety even when you mistakenly visit the cloned Showbox website. 

Best VPNs for Showbox

One of the significant advantages of Showbox VPN is getting to unblock content that is not accessible in your country. Also, it will encrypt your connections to keep you safe. We ran extended tests and thoroughly researched to develop VPNs that work best with Showbox. Here are the top 3 VPNs to watch Showbox online safely.

1. NordVPN


Has vast number of servers all over the world help you unblock strictly geo-blocked content

servers 5,131 servers in 60 locations 
P2P optimized servers P2P torrenting
encryption Boasts AES 256 encryption
Ad Blocker feature Cybersec malware blocker 
Kill switch Automatic kill switch
Zero-logs policy Zero-logs policy
protection Thorough IP/web leak protection
SmartPlay feature SmartPlay technology
simultaneous connections Allows 6 simultaneous connections per account
money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Excellent security and privacy 
  • Sufficient streaming speed 
  • Massive server list 
  • The desktop apps look outdated