How to Make Your Facebook Profile Private in 2023

Samuel Walker  - Technology Policy Researcher
Last updated: November 6, 2023
Read time: 12 minutes

Facebook is harmful to your digital privacy, unfortunately as it may seem. However, you can set up your account to minimize the damage. This article explains what to do.

Social media and privacy are two things that do not go hand in hand, especially on Facebook. Nevertheless, many users can’t afford to get rid of their Facebook account for various reasons. Social media accounts are necessary in our times, even if they harm privacy. However, you can set up your Facebook account so that the damage to your privacy is as low as possible.

If your digital privacy is a big priority for you, then there’s only one way to go: Delete every social media account you have right now and never think about them again.

We know. That’s radical. Such a measure serves privacy, but social media isn’t optional in our day and age. There has to be a way to retain your ability to be on social media and have an acceptable measure of privacy and safety, especially on Facebook, the most important social media platform.

And you can make your Facebook account more private if you manage your security settings correctly. This guide will show you how to do that.

Facebook’s settings panel is not easy to navigate. It has a plethora of options, so being a bit confused when looking at them is normal. To make things worse, Facebook changes them all the time, so the last time you dealt with these settings correctly doesn’t provide you with the experience to do it again. But don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Maximizing your Facebook privacy settings