5 best VPNs for Iran to use in 2024

Ruheni Mathenge  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: January 1, 2024
Read time: 15 minutes

Are you unable to access Facebook, YouTube, or any other site in Iran? Check out these secure and tested VPN services to avoid censorship and surveillance in the country.

Iran is among those countries that have imposed harsh internet censorship and surveillance laws. Many websites and apps with foreign government links, including popular social media platforms, are blocked in Iran. The ISPs and the Cyber Division Rapid Reaction Center officially monitor and log the online activities of Iranian citizens and visitors, making VPN a must-have tool for internet users. Nonetheless, choosing the perfect VPN for Iran is challenging because of its strong vigilance against unauthorized VPNs. In this guide, we have enlisted the best Iran VPNs that will enable you to bypass geo-restrictions, protect your privacy, and bluff anti-VPN technology by masking your VPN traffic.

Iran is a beautiful country despite the negative Western media coverage. However, the government has strict internet censorship and surveillance, blocking many famous sites and apps. While it’s troublesome for the citizens, these restrictions also apply to the visitors, making using a VPN for Iran inevitable.

Moreover, using a VPN in Iran is also necessary for online privacy. That’s because internet service providers (ISPs) are forced to collect data on internet usage. So, you can get into trouble for accessing unauthorized sites, publishing anything immoral, or opposing the government.

However, using a VPN is the best way to avoid such issues and access whatever content you want online. However, finding a reliable VPN service isn’t easy to keep you safe. Therefore, after thorough research and testing, we have compiled a list of top services that will safeguard your data and internet traffic in Iran.

Best Iran VPNs – The quick list

Here are our quick summaries of the top VPNs for Iran if you are short on time: