X-VPN review: Good UX and speeds but has dubious characteristics

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: September 20, 2022 Read time: 14 minutes Disclosure
Facts checked by Abeerah Hashim

It is a mysterious VPN company on details that matter, such as supported VPN protocols and the company leadership.

X-VPN is a lesser-known VPN provider that recently created a buzz in the industry. Like most of its competitors, it claims to offer high-level online security and privacy. But is it a marketing ploy, or can X-VPN keep up to its name? We set out to find out in this honest review of X-VPN. 

The following are some of the factors we review for X-VPN in this guide. 

  • Speed – How does X-VPN compare with other VPNs on the market?
  • Security and privacy – What encryption standard does it use? What are its logging practices? 
  • Unblocking capabilities – Can the VPN bypass geographic restrictions while keeping you safe? 
  • Compatibility – Does the VPN support the major operating systems? How many simultaneous devices does it allow?  
  • Cost – Is X-VPN affordable? Does it give value for money?

Read along to get the complete picture of this VPN service. Yet, below is a summary of our X-VPN review if you are short on time.

X-VPN review summary

Like other VPN providers in the industry, X-VPN boasts excellent security and makes big claims about its zero-logging practices. However, things start to reveal when you dig just a little deeper. For example, upon reading the privacy policy, we found that the company collects more data than most premium VPNs.

Moreover, it isn’t easy to know the security level as the provider does not say the type of VPN protocol. Instead, the only reference is by letter, i.e., Protocol A, Protocol B, Protocol C, etc. We didn’t understand what this meant.

Fortunately, the VPN offers fast speed on some servers and unblocks most streaming services. However, you can get a VPN service with better security and more features at a more affordable price than X-VPN. 

X-VPN main features

Speed 6/10
Average speed,
Video streaming support 
41 Mbps
Streaming  10/10
Works well with   Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, etc
Security  5/10
Logging practice
Kill switch
Split tunneling
AES 256-bit encryption
Strict no-logs policy
Yes, but only on the Windows client
Value for money  3/10
Lowest subscription
Money-back guarantee 
30 days 

X-VPN pros and cons 

Pros  Cons 
Decent speed  Poor logging practices 
Reliable customer support  Relatively high prices 
Unblocks most streaming services Leaks data 
Doesn’t work in China 
Lack of standard VPN protocols 

Speed: Is X-VPN fast enough? 

Usually, connecting to a VPN will reduce your speed considerably because it has to reroute your traffic through intermediary servers. However, the X-VPN’s average download speed was 31 Mbps, which is pretty decent compared to other providers. We conducted the tests on servers in Europe, North America, and Asia. 

Below are the speed test results by region: 

  • Europe – 56.32 Mbps 
  • North America – 24.18 Mbps 
  • Asia – 13.49 Mbps 

We used the default Protocol B when doing the tests. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell you which protocol this is as X-VPN does not identify the VPN protocols by name. Instead, the provider uses a letter system to name the mystery protocols. According to the company, this protects users’ privacy, which does not make sense.

Next, we configured the VPN with our router to test how it could handle online games. Thankfully, X-VPN works with specific routers and even offers instruction manuals to set it up.

At first, we were skeptical that the router might not support X-VPN proprietary VPN protocols. Fortunately, our router is advanced and comes with both OpenVPN and L2TP. So, we established an OpenVPN connection through the UDP option, and it worked