GoMovies: Is It Up, Safe, and Legal in 2024? Best Alternatives?

Justice Ekaeze  - Tech Expert
Last updated: January 1, 2024
Read time: 15 minutes

This article explores everything about GoMovies and lists its best alternatives. Know beforehand and stream without compromising security.


GoMovies is a tempting website offering free content. Despite its free offerings, users have concerns about their safety and the site’s legality since it violates copyright and licensing laws. Even though you can ensure safety on GoMovies by using a VPN and antivirus, you can’t avoid legal consequences if caught otherwise. Using a legal alternative to GoMovies is a wise decision to avoid safety concerns.

GoMovies holds a special place in the hearts of many who like to stream and download their favorite TV shows and movies for free. As a faithful user, you will know these platforms: GoStream, GoMovies (original), GoMovieshub, and MeMovies. However, this site was taken down in March 2018. While you can still access GoMovies through its copy websites or “mirrors,” it remains a question whether these sites are safe for streaming.

These mirrors are still illegally uploading and hosting copyrighted content like the original websites. Because of this, law enforcement agencies are even keener on fishing out more sites like them.

Nonetheless, some workarounds still allow you to stream on a movie website for free. This article discusses surefire ways to stay safe from prying eyes, legal GoMovies alternatives, and how to juggle all of them.

The consensus over the legality of using GoMovies varies from place to place. Depending on the location, the laws on piracy differ and can range from no charge to a warning to a fine in some cases.

Furthermore, it is essential to research your location and the accompanying laws on piracy. This way, you do not infringe on any piracy laws.

Below are some of the significant places and just how they view piracy and the rules regarding the act:

Stance on privacyCountries
Pirating for personal use is allowedSwitzerland, Spain, and Poland.
Pirating is illegalGreat Britain, the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, China, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Finland, Portugal, and Latvia
While piracy is deemed illegal, there is typically no formal prosecution. Colombia, Brazil, Egypt, India, Denmark, Canada, Greece, Czech Republic, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Uruguay, and Argentina