10 best cloud antivirus to use in 2022 (stealthy protection for business pros)

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: September 21, 2022 Read time: 16 minutes Disclosure

Having an antivirus is no more merely an option today. It's a must-to-have tool. These top ten cloud antiviruses will help to prevent all types of malware and viruses.

Technology has transformed how we do things, and almost everything is recorded online. At the same time, data has become the new most valuable asset and is in high demand. Cybercriminals are devising sophisticated ways to hijack devices and networks to steal data and make a quick buck.

These days, you are at constant risk of virus or malware attacks. That is why installing an antivirus is becoming a necessity. With the advent of cloud-based antivirus solutions, you don’t have to strain your device or network to stay safe. It identifies and eliminates threats in real-time on the cloud.

This guide looks at the best cloud antiviruses to help you find an ideal option for your needs. Here are the top ten providers on our list.

Best cloud antivirus

1. Kaspersky Security Cloud

Kaspersky Security Cloud 2020 Cloud Antivirus Kaspersky-min
(Image credit: Kaspersky)

Kaspersky is one of the most popular household names in the antivirus industry. It is known for offering protection on many devices, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, and Linux. The Kaspersky Security Cloud is one of the best free cloud antiviruses with robust protection.

First of all, it is incredibly lightweight and won’t affect your device’s performance. Besides, it comes with numerous extra features, even though some are exclusive to paid plans.

The software uses a similar malware-scanning engine as other Kaspersky paid products. The free antivirus will not only prevent online threats but also gives you access to the company’s Secure Connection VPN. Fortunately, it works well with Windows 7 and newer versions.

Kaspersky has a tool dubbed System Watcher that guards against ransomware attacks. Also, the gaming mode will prevent interruptions if scanning starts when playing a game. On the other hand, the Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer browser extensions will keep you safe from malicious websites.


  • Top-notch malware protection
  •  A wide array of tools and features
  • On-screen keyboard


  • Annoying popups

2. Malwarebyte

(Image credit: Malwarebytes)

Malwarebytes is a comprehensive, secure, and powerful antivirus that will protect you against malware in real-time. It comes with advanced features, performing exemplary to detect and remove threats.

The real-time protection feature is sturdy. Malwarebytes uses four protection layers to keep you safe from all directions; malware, ransomware, web, and exploit protection. Fortunately, the four layers are the foundation of the software and run simultaneously.

On top of that, Malwarebytes uses heuristic analysis to identify and eliminate previously known viruses and malware. It does this by checking the program’s relevant factors like behavior and structure.