The best temporary disposable email services in 2023

Abeerah Hashim Last updated: January 9, 2023 Read time: 14 minutes Disclosure

The best way to protect your personal email from spam is to get a temporary one from these disposable email service providers for free.

Sneak peek at why you need a temporary email address

An email address often serves your digital identity online, especially when you create multiple accounts across different platforms using the same email address. However, if breached, that email address could risk the security of all your accounts. That’s where temporary or disposable email address services come in handy. You can use these email IDs for all temporary use cases, such as subscribing to newsletters, unlocking content, and more. In addition, since these email IDs often do not seek your personal information, they won’t reveal anything about you, enabling you to dispose of them when not needed.

Earlier, email addresses were considered a permanent mode of communication, like your physical address. However, given the frequency of privacy breaches, numerous disposable email service providers exist today to provide you with the best temporary email address to protect your privacy.

Even if you are a relatively new internet user, you must have experienced the following scenario.

You want to subscribe to a website you like (free or otherwise), so you sign-up for a new account and provide the website with your email address. It all looks pretty innocent until this point. But then, you notice your inbox getting lots of spam and unwanted targeted advertising. Eventually, you realize that sharing your email address exposed your personal account to new risks.

It’s a sad but true reality of the digital life that you often need to provide your email data to join a website you want, inadvertently exposing yourself to unforeseen consequences, annoying at best, dangerous at worse.

So, is there any way to avoid putting myself in such a risky situation as I look for helpful content? We hear you ask.

Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes! Things like a disposable email account are meant to help you prevent such privacy risks.

This article will tell you all about disposable emails, the best providers, and how and why to use them to your advantage.

Top temporary mail services – The quick list

Don’t have time to go through the detailed description of each provider? No worries. This section gives you its gist by quickly listing the best secure temporary email providers on the internet.

  1. ProtonMail: Disposable mail is only one of the many exciting features on offer with the world’s leader in email privacy.
  2. 10minuteMail: A solution without any complications. Simple, quick, and effective.
  3. Temp Mail: It does the trick and offers more. The Premium plan helps users interested in getting rid of the ads and get some extra storage time.
  4. Guerrilla Mail: A service as disruptive as the name suggests. It deals with spam even before you can notice it, and it’s highly customizable.
  5. EmailOnDeck: A service that shows its genuine commitment to privacy by enforcing all the right policies.

What are temporary email services?

Precisely, a temporary email service meets three specifications:

  • It doesn’t need a pre-registration process.
  • It’s offered for free.
  • It exists only for a fixed period.

So a disposable mail will have a relatively short lifespan, as it will expire at some point soon. Once the expiration date arrives, the email vanishes into the digital limbo, and you can’t ever use it again.

This is not the kind of email address you will hand out to your friends, family, or business partners.

A disposable email address service gets you all the advantages of a stable one when it comes to opening accounts on new websites, without putting up with the spam storm that often follows.

Despite all the usefulness of this service, many internet users remain unaware of temporary email providers, how they can help protect online privacy and the relevance of these communication tools. Well, we’re about to fix that, at least in your case.

5 best temporary email providers – The detailed list

Now that you know about temporary emails, let’s delve into the details of our chosen best disposable email providers.

Of course, every service in the list will instantly give you a new email address that will evaporate after the set period. But each vendor has a little extra to offer, hence becoming unique.