The 19 Best Websites to Stream UFC for Free in 2024

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Last updated: February 22, 2024
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Tired of paying through your nose to watch UFC fights? You can save a lot of money by opting for any of the best sites offering UFC free stream.


What else can be blissful for an MMA lover to watch UFC unrestricted and free anywhere? Unfortunately, that’s impossible with cable TV, which requires separate payments for UFC streams. Thankfully, numerous websites exist today that provide free UFC streams, from which we have handpicked some of the best ones in this guide. So, if you equip your device with a robust VPN, antimalware, and ad blocker, you can enjoy UFC anywhere globally right now.

As an MMA lover, the last thing you want is not to get access to your favorite UFC content, which is possible if you cannot find a high-quality UFC free stream. Free UFC streaming sites are a lifesaver for UFC fans who can’t immediately access their local TV channels or pay for premium streaming platforms.


With free streaming sites, you do not have to bother about lack of access to UFC fights; they cover you everywhere there is internet coverage. But not all of the free sites are ideal for use. Hence, we’ve tried tens of free UFC streaming sites to assess their safety.

We ended up with 19 good options for enjoyable UFC content. However, we recommend using a reliable virtual private network (VPN) to bypass geo-restrictions and protect your device against malicious ads often associated with free sites.

Top 10 best UFC free stream sites – Quick list

UFC free stream sites

If you want to go through the best UFC free streaming sites in less than five minutes, here is a quick rundown of what to expect from them.

  1. UFC YouTube Channel – The UFC official channel on YouTube brings you a live stream of fights for free. The channel also guarantees top picture quality.
  2. FirstRow Sports – This is another free streaming site that does not only provide UFC content but also other sporting events that may interest you.
  3. CrackStreams – This site is a reliable option for UFC lovers. Also, it is easy to navigate for an excellent experience.
  4. Cricfree – This site works differently than most other streaming sites you are probably familiar with. Instead of hosting live streams, Cricfree provides access to external links to UFC live streams.
  5. VIP League – While this site primarily makes our list for its reliability in providing access to UFC content, its well-organized interface is a huge plus for users.
  6. Fubo TV – This site offers UFC content in high quality. On top of that, users get to watch other sports.
  7. VIPBox – This site is another option that boasts a simple and well-organized interface that enhances user experience.
  8. BuffStreams – Do you despise popup ads? This streaming site is where to stream your favorite UFC fighters without annoying ads messing with your experience.
  9. Stream2Watch – You do not need to sign up for an account to access UFC content for free on this site.
  10. Live Soccer TV – This site does more than what its name suggests. Not only does it offer free soccer streaming, but it also provides access to live UFC fights for free.

19 best UFC free stream sites – Detailed list

As mentioned, we identified 19 UFC sports streaming sites as good enough for an excellent streaming experience. Here are some of the most important things we know about each site.

1. UFC YouTube Channel

Our Rating

Free and Paid

Top-quality streaming service

Too many ads

UFC YouTube Channel

YouTube is widely known for its wide range of content, including TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, documentaries, and sports. The streaming platform also allows various channels to stream content they own for free. The UFC channel is one channel that gets to stream its content for free without any hindrance.

This channel offers the best streaming UFC free of all time. It features UFC-related videos and HD live streams of fights. You can also view missed fights on-demand. As if that wasn’t enough, you can connect and interact with fellow UFC lovers during live events.

Youtube UFC homepage

We recommend subscribing to the UFC channel and tapping the notification bell so you never miss anything streaming. However, there is a drawback with watching UFC on YouTube; video ads can interrupt your YouTube streams if you are not using YouTube Premium, the streaming platform’s subscription service.

2. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports
Our Rating


A wide range of sports


Visit FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is one of the best streaming sites we found during our extensive research. It also boasts one of the most straightforward interfaces on this list. The landing page features various sporting events, including ‘BOXING-WWE-UFC,’ that you can access with a tap.

The homepage also features a rundown of ongoing livestream matches that you can access quickly. Notably, FirstRow Sports does not host live-stream matches. The links on the website will redirect you to external sources that offer what you are looking for.

FirstRow-Sports homepage

Moreover, this streaming site does not require you to sign up for an account, making it faster for you to start streaming your favorite UFC events. However, the site displays intrusive videos and popup ads that might redirect you to suspicious sites. You can stay safe from potential threats by protecting your device with a VPN during sports streaming.

3. CrackStreams

Our Rating


A large number of streaming categories

Blocked in some regions

Visit Crackstreams

As soon as you access the CrackStreams website, you will find an array of streaming categories, including NBA streams, NFL streams, MLB streams, soccer streams, boxing streams, and UFC streams, at the top of your screen. This simple interface provides you with easy access to UFC live streams.

Crackstream homepage

Simply tap the “MMA/UFC streams“‘ icon to find ongoing events. Click on the event you want and hit play to start streaming. However, there’s a catch. CrackStreams is blocked in some countries, meaning there is a risk of the site not working in your location. Thankfully, that will not be a problem if you use a VPN to bypass the restriction.

4. Cricfree

Our Rating



Contains virus

Visit Crickfree

If you do not care about fancy-looking free UFC streaming sites, you will have no problem utilizing Cricfree. While this site is not one of the visually pleasing options, it is simple to navigate. The landing page features a rundown of matches that is regularly updated.

Cricfree homepage

When it is time for your preferred events, you will find them and their starting time on the Cricfree homepage. Once you find your event, it’s UFC live stream tonight. You can access any event by tapping the title on the top homepage. However, as is common with free streaming sites, this site can frustrate you with popup ads.

You can use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and save yourself from accessing malicious ads.

5. VIP League

Vip Leauge
Our Rating


Simple interface


Visit VIP League

Who doesn’t like a well-organized interface? The VIP League boasts a clean homepage that displays its main categories at the top of your screen. You can access the UFC stream by tapping the “Other” menu at the top of your screen.

VIPleague homepage

The best part of the VIP League is that it does not interrupt your streams with ads, leading to an excellent user experience. There is a drawback: VIP League encounters geo-restrictions. But that is no problem if you activate a VPN to get around the restriction.

6. Fubo TV

Fubo TV
Our Rating

Free and Paid ($74.99/month)

Simple interface


Visit FuboTV

Fubo TV is one of the best streaming sites for UFC content. Although UFC is not the only sport it streams, it is a reliable outlet for not missing your favorite fights. Besides providing most of what UFC fans want, Fubo TV boasts a well-organized and easy-to-navigate interface that ensures you love coming back to the channel.

However, this streaming site is not exactly free; you need a paid subscription to keep using it. Nevertheless, you get a 14-day free trial as a first-time user. The trial period lets you experience the website’s top features. 

FuboTV homepage

It’s worth mentioning that Fubo TV is not available in some locations. So, if you find yourself in an area where the site is geo-blocked, use a VPN to gain access. 

7. VIPBox

VipBox TV
Our Rating



Pop-up ads

Visit VIPBoxTV

VIPBox boasts a well-organized interface like its namesake, VIP League. This site offers you easier access to HD quality for a UFC-free stream. The homepage features various sports categories, including MMA, which takes you to UFC events.

VIP-Box-TV homepage

Also, you can use the search bar as an alternative to find your UFC event. VIPBox’s help chat is even more impressive, which offers quick solutions to any problems you encounter while using the site

However, unlike VIP League, VIPBox is plagued by popup ads that negatively affect user experience.

8. BuffStreams

Our Rating


HD streaming

Interface isn’t impressive

Visit Buffstreams

BuffStreams allows you to access UFC content in HD without going through the hassle of creating a user account. While it is impressive that this site offers live streams of other sports, such as football, soccer, baseball, and basketball, the absence of intrusive popup ads is what catches the eye. 

Moreover, BuffStreams boasts a simple, albeit ugly, interface. But the aesthetics shouldn’t matter since you can easily navigate the site.

Buffstreams homepage

The main disadvantage of using BuffStreams is that it obtains live streams from external sources, which may be unreliable and unsafe. 

9. Stream2Watch

Our Rating


User-friendly interface

Several ads

Visit Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch boasts a user-friendly interface that displays all categories on the homepage. You can easily find “MMA” among the categories. You will land on an Upcoming MMA Fights Streams page when you click on this category.

The page also includes top channels such as ESPN, FOX, and EUROSPORT that will direct you to the move streaming of matches. You don’t have to create an account to access these channels through Stream2Watch. However, the content is pirated, with too many popup ads.

Stream2Watch homepage

We recommend using a VPN to hide your online activity so you don’t get in trouble for consuming pirated content. If the VPN does not have a built-in ad-blocker, install standalone software to eliminate ads

10. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV
Our Rating


An effective search bar

Mix interface

Visit Live Soccer TV

Do not be fooled by Live Soccer TV’s name; you will get more than soccer live streams from this site. While it does not have a dedicated category for UFC streams, it displays live matches on its homepage. Your preferred UFC event is on the homepage, which features updated daily and upcoming match schedules.

LiveSoccer-TV homepage

Furthermore, Live Soccer TV features a search bar that enhances convenience and makes finding UFC’s free stream easier. On top of that, there is a news section just below the schedule of matches where you can find the latest updates on various sports, including UFC.

11. 720pStream – MMA Live Streams

720p Stream
Our Rating


No need of an account

Malicious links

Visit 720pStream

You are never missing a UFC event with 720pStream. It works as an online sports search engine, covering all kinds of cage fighting. You can use this site on any device, including smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

Also, 720pStream does not require you to create a new account or pay a subscription fee to search for the latest UFC event. All you need to do is access the website URL, click on “MMA” at the top of your homepage, and tap the UFC event you are interested in.

720p Stream

While we appreciate that 720pStream does not frustrate users with intrusive ads, it is disappointing that it does not host its streams. That means there is a risk of being redirected to bad links from the site. You can protect yourself with a VPN with integrated antivirus.

12. StreamEast

Our Rating


Totally free


Visit StreamEast

StreamEast is another top site for UFC free streaming. Although it does not require any payment for viewing your favorite MMA fighters, you need to set up an account for live streaming an event. Once you’ve registered an account, you can navigate the website’s intuitive interface to find your favorite event.

The homepage features various categories, including MMA, at the top of your screen. Tap the “MMA” menu to access UFC free stream in HD quality. Another impressive part of StreamEast is the absence of annoying popup ads that might redirect you to malicious sites.

StreamEast homepage

But there is a drawback. StreamEast has a robust geo-block system which you can only bypass with the best VPNs.

13. StreamGoTo

Our Rating


Simple interface

Too many pop-ups

Visit StreamGoTo

StreamGoTo is up there with the most straightforward sites for the best UFC free stream. The site’s homepage features everything you want, meaning you do not need to do tiresome searches. Even though the homepage does not include a dedicated category for UFC, you can find the competition under the “Boxing” category.

When there is a UFC event, it will show up under the “Boxing” page. Also, the rundown of ongoing and upcoming matches on the homepage features UFC events when it’s time for them. Each event on StreamGoTo features “Watch” on the far right of your screen.

StreamGoTo homepage

Once you tap this option, the boxing streaming site takes you directly to the live stream. You might have to deal with a few popup ads, but your stream will come up very quickly.

14. BT Sport

BT Sport
Our Rating


Doesn’t feature ads

Only avaialable in the UK

Visit BT Sport

BT Sport is among the most popular sports platforms in the United Kingdom (UK). Therefore, you do not need to worry about malicious ads when using this site. It also offers free live streaming of UFC content, but you will need a user account to access MMA fights on the site.

BT Sport homepage

Since BT Sport is based in the UK, the site is only available to viewers in Britain. This restriction does not have to keep you out if you are not in the UK. You can use a reliable VPN to browse with a UK IP address to unblock the restrictions.

15. FootyBite

Our Rating




Visit FootyBite

Footybite is a streaming TV site with no dedicated category for UFC events, but it still streams them when the time comes. The homepage features several ongoing and upcoming sporting events. You will find it in this lineup of events when it is time for your favorite UFC event. Tap the corresponding “Watch” menu on the far right of your screen to stream the event.


Moreover, FootyBite offers UFC content in HD, making the experience enjoyable. Also, no geo-restrictions might make you think you do not need a VPN, but you do. The site features several popup ads that annoy users and may lead you to malicious sites.

A VPN ensures that FootyBite’s popup ads do not lead you to malicious sites. It notifies you of any suspicious links.

16. UFC/MMA Streams

MMA Streams
Our Rating


Free streaming

Does not host its own content

Visit MMA Streams

The UFC/MMA Streams is a great option for free live streaming of UFC fights. It offers content in HD for a pleasurable experience. Also, this site boasts an intuitive interface that makes it easy to find events in seconds.

MMA Streams

Usually, upcoming and ongoing events appear on the homepage. UFC/MMA Streams does not host any of its streams; it sources from external sites. The links appear 60 minutes before matches begin, giving you ample time to prepare for a smooth UFC streaming experience.

17. SportLemons TV

Sport Lemon TV
Our Rating


Navigable interface

Too many ads

Visit SportLemon TV

SportLemons TV is another UFC streaming site with a simple interface that users can easily navigate. It features the top categories at the top of your screen. While you can find UFC under the “Boxing” category, you can always find a current event on the homepage without doing a search.

sportslemon TV homepage

Despite SportLemons TV’s simple design, it has too many popup ads that affect user experience. 

18. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch
Our Rating


Easy to access

Ads may disturb streaming experience

Visit Facebook Watch

In recent years, Facebook Watch has gone from just being a feature for watching old videos to a platform where influential live streams occur. You can enjoy free live streams of UFC events on Facebook Watch.

Facebook watch homepage


Moreover, you do not need to log in to your Facebook account to access Facebook Watch. This platform is also easy to access and navigate. When it is time for UFC fights, enter the fight details in the search bar to find the live stream.

19. Reddit

Our Rating


Has a review section

Inappropriate comments

Visit Reddit

Reddit is one of the less reliable sites for UFC free streaming. You can find UFC stream Reddit links for an upcoming match in the MMA: Mixed Martial Arts community, which boasts more than 2.3 million members. If you can’t find a link, you can use the general search bar to input keywords to find a live-streaming link for your favorite event.

Reddit homepage

However, we must warn that bad actors on Reddit might target your privacy by posting malicious links. We recommend only links that have much more upvotes than downvotes. You should avoid links that have not been voted on at all. In addition to these safety measures, use a VPN to know what’s coming. 

Safety tips for UFC free stream

Most people prefer free things because they get to save some money. But in reality, free things are rarely free; they often come with costs. This reality applies to free streaming sites for UFC that often come with security risks.

If you have to use these free sites, here are some precautions that should help you stay safe while streaming UFC fights:

1. Install a VPN


We’ve mentioned VPN many times in this article because it is essential for maintaining your privacy online. Not only does a robust streaming VPN help you unblock geo-blocked content, but it also hides your online identity and conceals your data traffic so that no one can know your online activity.

2. Install an ad-blocker


This article has shown a familiar pattern of free streaming sites featuring too many popup ads. Not only are these ads annoying, but they can also be malicious.

Therefore, we recommend installing an ad-blocker on your device to block the ads completely. That way, you can eliminate risks of malware and spyware, leading to a safe streaming experience.

3. Install an antivirus software

Sometimes, a VPN’s malware protection is insufficient; you need antivirus software to protect yourself from malicious popup ads. A sound antivirus system will stop you from opening a suspicious link, reducing the risks of malware penetrating your device.


Gone are those days when all you had to watch UFC fights was your local cable network. Today, you can stream and watch your favorite fighters on the go, but that often comes with a steep price. Thankfully, there are reasonably reliable free alternatives, and we’ve reviewed the best ones for UFC free streaming in this article.

While some of these sites require you to create an account, others let you start watching with a few clicks. However, you cannot fully trust these free sites because they tend to harbor malicious ads. Also, some of these sites don’t work in some locations.

Therefore, we advise patronizing a reliable VPN provider, robust antivirus software, and an ad-blocker to ensure safety and access to UFC content regardless of location. 


You can stream UFC events for free on several websites, including the ones in this article. We carefully selected 19 fairly reliable options after a thorough evaluation process.

No, you have to pay to watch UFC fights on TV. In some areas, the fights are pay-per-view. Others broadcast UFC events with a cable subscription.

You can maintain your privacy by activating a reliable VPN on your device to mask your online activity. If the VPN does not have built-in malware protection and an ad-blocker, install robust antivirus software and an ad-blocker on your device to keep malicious ads powerless.

There are premium streaming websites such as Sky Sports, ESPN+, Sling TV, and more that you have to pay for to be able to stream UFC fights. These websites are generally safe and reliable, delivering the best user experience.

Free VPN providers often offer weak security features that are not good enough for security and privacy protection. Therefore, we do not recommend a free VPN for free UFC streaming sites because they hardly offer safety or geo-blocking capability.

Kayo Sports streaming service offers ESPN channels, and UFC fights are available to stream via ESPN in Australia. However, UFC is not free on Kayo. You need Kayo subscriptions to access the events on the service.

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