13 Lesser-Known Things a VPN Can Do for You

Thuranira John Kobia  - Tech Journalist
Last updated: November 20, 2023
Read time: 11 minutes

Prevent online attacks, bypass traffic shaping, lower support costs, and anonymous downloads. These are only a few of the astounding things a VPN can do for you. Learn other worthy but lesser-known VPN benefits in this guide.

VPNs are generally considered a tool to unblock restricted content. However, that’s not the only use-case of this fantastic tool. Using a robust VPN has numerous lesser-known benefits. For instance, securing your sensitive data during transmission, like your login credentials for websites, preventing online trackers from tracing you back by hiding your real IP address, securing you from government surveillance, and content unblocking. And that’s not all. This detailed guide lists many more benefits you can avail of by using VPNs.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) users can attest that the software is a helpful tool. But most of them, despite experiencing the security features, do not recognize the other lesser-known benefits of a VPN.

Besides providing user data security, VPNs guarantee anonymity while surfing online. The technology even hides user location while online.

That’s the best part of using a VPN service; users get well-encrypted data when online. It prevents common online threats – giving users a remarkable browsing/streaming experience.

A few lesser-known VPN benefits – Quick list

If you are already conversant with VPNs and need to quickly scan the list of their lesser-known benefits to review your knowledge, then here it is for you.