13 Lesser-Known Things a VPN Can Do for You

Thuranira John Kobia Last updated: May 2, 2023 Read time: 12 minutes Disclosure

Prevent online attacks, bypass traffic shaping, lower support costs, and anonymous downloads. These are only a few of the astounding things a VPN can do for you. Learn other worthy but lesser-known VPN benefits in this guide.

VPNs are generally considered a tool to unblock restricted content. However, that’s not the only use-case of this fantastic tool. Using a robust VPN has numerous lesser-known benefits. For instance, securing your sensitive data during transmission, like your login credentials for websites, preventing online trackers from tracing you back by hiding your real IP address, securing you from government surveillance, and content unblocking. And that’s not all. This detailed guide lists many more benefits you can avail of by using VPNs.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) users can attest that the software is a helpful tool. But most of them, despite experiencing the security features, do not recognize the other lesser known benefits of a VPN.

Besides providing user data security, VPNs guarantee anonymity while surfing online. The technology even hides user location while online.

That’s the best part of using a VPN service; users get well-encrypted data when online. It prevents common online threats – giving users a remarkable browsing/streaming experience.

Few lesser known VPN benefits – Quick list

If you are already conversant with VPNs and need to quickly scan the list of their lesser known benefits to review your knowledge, then here it is for you.

  1. Privacy against web tracking websites
  2. Secure access to home networks
  3. Anonymous downloads
  4. Distance online shopping
  5. Prevent malicious attacks
  6. Avoid ISP tracking
  7. Bypass traffic shaping
  8. Secures public WiFi
  9. Streaming blocked content
  10. Campus internet security
  11. Affordable leased-line options and long-distance telephone charges
  12. Lower support costs
  13. Ensure network scalability

Increased online surveillance and more invasive regulations are the prime factors driving VPN use. In other words, more people have become more reliant on the software today. Whether for streaming, browsing, or accessing restricted sites, VPNs have become kings.

lesser known VPN benefits

Among top VPN users are frequent travelers, online streamers, and torrenters. These groups use individual VPN services for specialized purposes – besides focusing on security. But the software presents more once activated on any device.

With that in mind, VPN services have proven helpful in recent times. But these services seem to offer more online solutions. Unfortunately, most users are unaware of these uses beyond online safety and anonymity.

Amazing things few people know a VPN could do

Most folks think a VPN can hide your location to ‘virtually’ locate them in their preferred country. But that’s only the beginning of what this security tool can do. This guide provides excellent insights into 13 lesser-known VPN uses you probably didn’t know about. Below you go with the hidden benefits of using a VPN service.

1. Privacy against web tracking websites

VPN provides privacy against web tracking websites

Today, several businesses are operating globally. Others are still local-based but continue to attract more customers. These enterprises often market their products to specific target markets.

As to achieve this, they focus on localized advertising. That involves marketing products based on customer needs. That is, businesses use specialized tools to reach their target market.

But how do they know what you need to buy?

With several websites out there, each needs to make money. So, the best way to do this is to track user traffic. It means scanning user IP addresses to identify their precise locations.

It also collects user data regarding search logs on search engines. That gives them an idea of any product you are searching for online.

For example, you search boxing gloves on Amazon. When you visit other websites, you will see similar ads for boxing gloves. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t put effort into browsing boxing gloves on these other sites.