21 best free streaming apps in 2023

Justice Ekaeze Last updated: March 22, 2023 Read time: 35 minutes Disclosure

Discover the best free streaming apps for movies and TV shows in 2023. Our guide includes top-rated and user-friendly apps with vast content selections.

Sneak peek at using free streaming apps

Free streaming apps offer an excellent alternative to Netflix and its likes by providing plenty of catchy content at no cost. While they’re bliss for binge-watchers, not all free apps are reliable enough to ensure a safe streaming experience. But if you know how to choose the right streaming app, you can enjoy your favorite content without compromising privacy. This guide explains how to select the best free streaming app alongside sharing a comprehensive list of the best apps available today.

Streaming services have become increasingly popular in the past few years. More and more people are ditching cable and subscribing to services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. While these platforms are excellent, they can be expensive.

As we move into the future, many people seek free apps for TV shows. The good news is you can download free movie apps.

This article will examine the 21 best free streaming apps for movies and TV shows. Alongside the essential information you should know, we will also discuss the pros and cons of each app.

Best free streaming apps in 2023 – Quick list

  1. YouTube – Free to use, offers a variety of content, and contains an extensive library of user-generated content.
  2. Streamio – Supports a wide range of video formats, is easy to use with a user-friendly interface, and integrates with various content management systems.
  3. Tubi – Large collection of movies and TV shows, frequently updated library, available on various devices, including gaming consoles.
  4. Crackle – Limited ad interruptions, offers original programming and classic titles and does not require registration.
  5. Amazon Freevee – Exclusive content and Amazon originals, download content for offline viewing.
  6. Redbox – On-demand movies and TV shows, a wide selection of newly released movies and TV shows.
  7. Popcornflix – Occasional ads provide parental controls and personalized recommendations.
  8. The Roku Channel – User-friendly interface, Live TV channels, on-demand movies, and shows.
  9. Pluto TV – Offers a selection of live TV channels and on-demand content.
  10. FilmRise – No subscription or login required, high-quality video streaming, supports subtitles in different languages.
  11. Kanopy – Independent films, documentaries, and educational content, free to use with a library card or university login.
  12. Ocean Streamz – Open-source software, customizable interface, extensive library of add-ons and plugins, and can stream media from local files.
  13. Filmzie – Supports multiple languages, no ads, registration, or subscription required.
  14. Yidio – Comprehensive search engine, receives alerts when new episodes become available, personalized content recommendation.
  15. Vudu – Vast movies and TV shows library, supports up to 4K quality streaming, and offers the option to download content for offline viewing.
  16. Hoopla Digital – Offers users instant access to their favorite titles without any waitlists or holds.
  17. FilmPlus – Simple and user-friendly interface, download content for offline viewing, high-quality video and audio.
  18. Plex TV – High-quality video streaming and customizable interface.
  19. TeaTV – Provides extensive content and compatible with a large number of devices.
  20. Showbox – Offers on-demand content and high-quality streaming.
  21. PrimWire – A vast collection of movies and TV shows and boasts sleek and straightforward interface.

What are free streaming apps?

With free streaming apps, users can access TV shows, movies, and other entertainment without paying for a cable subscription. With these apps, you can stream content directly from smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. These apps are typically free and can be downloaded from app stores.

Traditional cable subscriptions have become increasingly costly and offer limited content options. Thus, the need for free streaming apps has risen in recent years due to the growing popularity of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. However, such options can be expensive and require a subscription.

Free movie apps for iOS and Android devices provide a cost-effective alternative for viewers who want to watch their favorite shows and movies without breaking the bank.

Like a website with free movies, many free streaming apps offer legal and safe content even if some host pirated content. Therefore, it’s essential to research and choose reputable TV apps for movies that comply with copyright laws.

How to choose the best free streaming app

With so many free streaming apps available, choosing the best one for your needs can be overwhelming. Before scrolling through the endless options, take a step back and consider your priorities. 

Are you looking for a specific content genre, or do you want a broad selection? Do you prefer an app you can use seamlessly, even with unsteady networks? 

Below are some core features to look out for in a free movie streaming application.

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Ideally, you should choose an app with HD or 4K streaming options for the best viewing experience. However, adaptive bitrate streaming technology adjusts the quality of the video stream based on your network strength.

Before committing to your show’s streaming apps, watch a few videos and test the streaming quality. Look for an app that provides a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience with multiple streaming quality options and minimal buffering.

HTML5 video player

HTML5 video player is a web-based technology that enables video playback on various devices and platforms. Streaming apps with this technology offers high-quality video playback with support for different codecs and resolutions. This means you can stream videos in HD, Full HD, or 4K resolution depending on the quality and speed of your internet connection.