How to Watch CNNgo Anywhere Outside the US in 2024

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: December 27, 2023

No need to miss your daily CNN dose when abroad. Learn how to watch CNNgo outside the US using a VPN and other strategies in this comprehensive guide.


CNNgo is a US-restricted online streaming service, freeing US citizens from the tangling cable wires. However, while it sounds great, its unavailability outside the US is a turn-off for CNNgo fans traveling abroad. Thankfully, numerous robust VPN service providers solve this issue by offering resilient US IP addresses, empowering users to change their online location to the United States from anywhere and enjoy unrestricted CNNgo streaming.

CNNgo is one such service that has expanded the viewership of the long-known and popular CNN. Thus, the media source that enjoyed massive popularity among people for a long is now available online as CNNgo.

However, few of you can enjoy this service as CNNgo is typically available only in the United States.

Does this mean you’ll keep on missing your favorite content?

Certainly not!

This extensive guide lets us learn how to unblock CNNgo outside the US.

A quick guide to watching CNN Go Outside America

  1. Choose and subscribe to a reliable VPN provider. Ideally, your VPN should support fast streaming without compromising your online privacy. We recommend using NordVPN.
  2. Install the VPN app on your device(s). Download the VPN app on your device where you want to watch CNNgo. You can also install the respective VPN clients on all your devices (if your VPN supports multiple device connections).
  3. Log in to CNNgo. Simply use your cable subscription credentials to sign-in.