Censorship in Canada and How to Bypass It (Using VPN)

Abeerah Hashim  - Security Expert
Last updated: November 10, 2023
Read time: 12 minutes

This detailed guide highlights the recent risks of internet restrictions in Canada and the best VPNs to bypass such censorship.

Although Canada used to be a privacy-friendly country and is still better than repressive regions like China, it now risks content censorship. Particularly, the recently passed “Online Streaming Act” (Bill C-11) threatens Canadian users with content restrictions from the authorities. Nonetheless, a robust VPN can regain your internet freedom in Canada. And since VPNs are legal in Canada, you don’t risk any legal issues if you use one to bypass content censorship.

You might wonder, “Is VPN even legal in Canada?” Yes, it is. You will not get into trouble for using a VPN in Canada to bypass content restrictions and censorship, as it is entirely legal.

Canada does not top the list when you think of censorship. Still, with the introduction of Bill C-11, Internet Service Providers must monitor your activities online to ensure that you do not breach copyright regulations.

This article explains the meaning of this bill for internet users in Canada and provides ways to bypass this censorship.

Canada and media censorship

Canada believes freedom of speech is essential to a prosperous and safe society. According to Freedom House, an international watchdog organization, “Canada has a strong history of respect for political rights and civil liberties.”