Surfshark Antivirus Review: How Good is the One Bundle?

Samuel Walker  - Technology Policy Researcher
Last updated: November 6, 2023
Read time: 16 minutes
Facts checked by Abeerah Hashim

Surfshark has quickly become a leader in the VPN-verse, thus earning a reputation in the digital security world. Now, the company is expanding with a brand new antivirus suite. Is it even possible, at this time, to imagine competing with Kaspersky, Norton, and the other best antivirus producers, which have held the industry's top for a couple of decades already? Surfshark managed this same feat within the VPN world. Let us see how its antivirus will do.

Surfshark has made a name for itself in the digital security industry in no time at all. The Surfshark VPN service combines the most advanced VPN technologies and high quality with one of the lowest prices in the market. As a result, over the last couple of years, it’s become impossible to find a good list of the “top five VPNs for X task” that excludes Surfshark. And this is a company whose history doesn’t even span a lustrum.

And now, Surfshark is expanding its business into the digital security market by offering SurfShark One, a cybersecurity suite that includes an antivirus.

The software is lightweight and not packed with features. However, it comes with the SurfShark VPN, one of the best VPNs, a private search engine, and data breach surveillance. There are available versions for Android, Windows, and macOS.

This article will review Surfshark’s antivirus in full detail. We will tell you about its features, pricing plans, friendliness, and more.

The Surfshark antivirus: Advantages and disadvantages