What is YTMP3.cc Virus and How to Remove It?

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: April 20, 2023 Read time: 10 minutes Disclosure

Got the YTMP3.cc virus while downloading your favorite YouTube video? Don't panic. Here's how to remove it from all your devices.

YTMP3.cc boasts of being a powerful tool for converting YouTube videos to audio. But it isn’t as simple as it seems. While YTMP3.cc is harmless, its website includes many intrusive elements, such as pop-up ads and push notifications, which may contain malware. Therefore, if you have accidentally or unknowingly installed YTMP3.cc on your device, scan it with a robust anti-malware solution. Besides, follow the steps elaborated in this guide to ensure through YTMP3.cc removal from your web browser.

YTMP3.cc is one of the popular YouTube to MP3 converter websites. If you provide YTMP3.cc with a YouTube link, you will get a downloadable MP3 file in return for free, which is often helpful. For example, sometimes you are interested in listening to a lecture and not necessarily in watching it, or you want to have a song in MP3 stored in a local device that you can listen to offline at your leisure.

The manifold content you can find on YouTube indicates the wide range of videos on the platform that many users can enjoy if they have the audio alone. That is why many websites and apps on the internet will get you a YouTube link’s audio in mp3 format.

Undeniably, having options like YTMP3.cc is genuinely helpful. However, the service is not as free as it would seem. The website includes some malicious ads and redirects that can lead to malware installation in your system. Thus, your computer can be harmed and your local files compromised.

So YTMP3.cc is not only a free YouTube video conversion tool. But unfortunately, it also behaves like a virus in many ways. You should be aware of these risks and be able to manage them correctly and, if necessary, get rid of them.

YTMP3 virus removal – Quick steps

So has the YTMP3.cc already ruined web browsing for you on your computer? Here’s how you can get rid of it definitely:

  1. Download and install a good antivirus suite. Kaspersky and Norton are the best ones, and they have a free trial period.
  2. Launch the antivirus.
  3. Perform a full PC scan.
  4. Follow the antivirus recommendations.
  5. Reset your browser settings and disable pop-ups.

What is the YTMP3.cc virus? Why is it such a big problem?

Let’s be fair about YTMP3.cc: it’s not a virus per se. It’s a website that offers a free and valuable service. And there is no malicious code within this web page itself. However, the server hosting of this website is known to contain malware.

So this website will serve you with pop-up ads, push notifications on you, and redirect you to other websites. And these other sites are a big problem because some of them are crowded with Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUA).

So YTMP3.cc is not harmful. But it acts as a gateway to other websites or ads that can install trackers and malicious code on your device.

YTMP3 security risks via pop-up ads

Pop-up ads are annoying; there’s no way to deny it. But that’s not the main problem with them. Instead, the real problem comes from a minority of those ads that are delivery systems for various malware that can end up installed on (or, in some cases, even taking over) your computer.

Once that malware finds its way into your system, it can do terrible things. For example, consider ‘Adware.’ It’s perhaps the least damaging type of malware. But it’s more annoying than anything else. It will keep showing you ads all the time. Then again, through these ads, more malicious software can find a way to get to you.

And what are those worse trojans, viruses, and bad things that can reach you? Well, ransomware is one example. This malware will encrypt all your files and ask you to pay for the decryption key. Then spyware will keep an eye on everything that happens on your device, as the name suggests. Another typical development is for a piece of software to hijack your computer’s resources to turn it into a node in a botnet that performs DDoS attacks.

So, protecting your computer’s security (and even beneficial ownership) requires that you remove the YTMP3.cc from your device and that you have a way to block malicious ads. You can do that by using antivirus browsing extensions or, even better, a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or NordVPN, which have ad suppression technology as part of their services.

Why is the VPN option better? Because the adblocking is the least of it. It will give you total traffic encryption, IP spoofing, and many other features that significantly enhance your digital experience.

How do you remove YTMP3.cc from your computer?

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