Keeping Your VPN On: Should You Always Use a VPN?

Aliu Isa  - Streaming Expert
Last updated: December 4, 2023
Read time: 13 minutes

In this article, we will let you know whether you should turn your VPN online all the time or not.

Ultimately, a VPN is a valuable and essential tool today. It helps in many ways. For example, you get the lowest price when you use a VPN, and your browsing data and personal information will be protected. Additionally, it unblocks geo-blocked content, such as BBC iPlayer, BBC, Netflix, etc. Furthermore, it is compatible with all known devices and protects your connection when using public WiFi. However, many VPN users have a question. Is it necessary for them to keep their VPN online all the time? It depends on how you are using your service.

A VPN (or virtual private network) is one of the most powerful digital tools to be safe online. Any third party (a government, hackers, your ISP, or other corporations) will not e able to invade your privacy by looking at what you do online.

When you are online through a VPN, your traffic is encrypted, your IP address is hidden, and everything travels in a safe tunnel to a remote server in your VPN’s network. In addition, the VPN will show the world an IP address based on the country in which your server is located. Thus, you are virtually in that country, allowing you to get around censorship and geographical blocks.

The undeniable advantages that top-notch VPNs give their users, which range from enhanced security to expanded options for entertainment, have made this tool increasingly popular in recent years. Again, China is a good example. The censorship is a big deal, and the legendary Great Firewall of China severely limits the freedom of domestic internet users.

Yet, there’s a question for many VPN users. Do they need to have their VPN online all the time? The answer depends on the usage you are giving your service.

We have written this article as a questionnaire so you can find the situations closer to yours and then decide if having your VPN on is crucial for you. So let’s get started.