PrivadoVPN Review: Is It Worth Your Money in 2023?

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: May 21, 2023 Read time: 14 minutes Disclosure
Facts checked by Abeerah Hashim

As a whole, PrivadoVPN offers a fairly good value for money. However, there are better VPN services on the market.

There are so many VPN providers on the internet today that less popular options like PrivadoVPN hardly get a mention. Notably, their low popularity often has little to do with their efficiency. To determine whether PrivadoVPN is one of the good ones, we decided to thoroughly review everything about it, including its features and functions.

Founded in 2019 and based in Switzerland, PrivadoVPN focuses on security and privacy, which are the basic elements of any reliable VPN provider. Also, the VPN features OpenVPN and IKEv2, both connection protocols that drive efficiency.

No doubt, there is more about PrivadoVPN beyond its key features. Rest assured, our PrivadoVPN review will unpack the VPN provider and give you unbiased insight into what to expect from the software.

A quick look at PrivadoVPN

Key features

Server network 325 servers in 47 countries
Data-logging policy Questionable
Protocols IKEv2, OpenVPN
Encryption type 256-bit AES
Kill switch Yes
Unblocks streaming apps Yes (some)
Torrenting support Yes
Simultaneous connections 10
Starting price $1.99/month
Money-back guarantee 30 days
Free plan  Yes
Customer support Email ticketing system
Compatibility Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Prevents data leak in case of disconnection Kill switch is only active in Desktop apps
Good privacy and logging policy Wireguard protocol is absent
Secure and fast VPN protocols No evidence it works in China
Ad blocker and threat protection
Good streaming performance

PrivadoVPN speed test

Gone are those days when privacy and security are all you demand from a VPN. Today, speed is a vital factor to consider when choosing a VPN. Why consider speed? Technological advancements mean people do more things online today, including playing games, watching videos, and downloading torrents.

Generally, internet service providers (ISPs) limit the download speed for torrents because they know what their users are doing. However, a VPN ensures that an ISP can’t snoop, neutralizing its power to limit torrent downloads. Besides preventing ISPs from messing with your downloads, a VPN boosts your internet speed, thus enhancing streaming, gaming, and torrenting.

Understanding the importance of speed, we decided to perform a speed test to ensure an honest review of PrivadoVPN.

Speed without a VPN

Before testing the speed of PrivadoVPN, we determined our base internet speed. Our base speed was our benchmark to see how the VPN affects internet speed.  

Download speed (Mbps) Upload speed (Mbps) Latency (ms)
352.77 421.32 3.8

Speed on a local server (paid version)

It’s worth mentioning that a VPN slows down your internet connection because there are multiple steps between the internet and your device. So, it is not unusual for your internet speed to reduce after connecting to a VPN. Here are the speed test results for when we connected to a paid PrivadoVPN near our location.

Download speed (Mbps) Upload speed (Mbps) Latency (ms)
350.21 435.32 3.5

We found that the download speed decreased, which was bound to happen. As you can see, the decrease in the download speed is small when using a local server. The most plausible explanation for this minimal drop is that there is a short distance between your device and the server. So, data packets take minimal time to travel.